Hello Bangladesh!

(An analytical guide for the true Bangladeshi patriots)

By Javed S. Ahmad (Dated 12-18-04)


Back home after 19 years! I came for only a couple of months in 1999, but had to rush back. This time, I intend to stick around a bit longer.


Did the country change since my departure? Yes it did, big-time!


In 1987, when I left the country for the US, I was only 25 years old. Now I’m 42. Therefore, when I try to think what was it like back then when I was a young wondering soul, and what it is like today when I’m much older and mature in many ways, I see some hopes and disappointments.


Followings are some of my observations and analyses regarding the issues that are still persist in this country even after 19 years.


Load shading: I find it totally unbelievable that the load shading still takes place here in Bangladesh. Back then, when our government was planning on reaching out to remote and rural areas of Bangladesh with electricity, like many others, I thought it was a wonderful idea. I thought, “Wow! Now we could all watch BTV!” Well, I guess, after all these years, that exactly what has happened. They are not only watching BTV, probably also watching the Indian TV channels through the satellite dish at least sometime if not all the time.


The rural areas did not industrialize as it was expected and predicted by our economists and planners. Most of the industries that developed after the deployment of electricity are in and around the main city areas, namely Dhaka. As a result, due to creation of jobs in these industries, employment seeking people rushed to urban areas leaving behind their own homes and traditional livelihood.


At that time, I thought, our power supply was fully capable of handling the growth. But I was wrong. In reality, the Power Development Board (PDB) could not keep up with the growth that created huge demand for the service. And the result was, “Load Shading”. As time went by, people began to use more and more modern electrical equipments and appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, etc. that uses a lot of electricity. I also thought that the government will be doing load shading to handle the situation temporarily until enough power supply was arranged. But no, I was wrong again! There were no attempts for a permanent solution. However, the power expansion project in the country continued.


In the mean time, even more interesting and stranger things have happened. Seeing no hope from the government, private enterprises introduced generators, IPS, UPS, and what have you to get some relief from this “Load Shading” nightmare. And the government on the other hand, at the request of the privileged few, came up with the concept called “Export Processing Zones or EPZ”. The idea is to keep uninterrupted power supply to industrial areas so that the productions for exports are not hampered. By doing so, they have actually created a discriminatory system depriving the other entrepreneurs that are scattered around the country who also needs that essential power supply to make a living and to develop their business ideas. Unfortunately, not everyone have access to the EPZ’s. Last month, I just wanted just to visit the Comilla EPZ when I was passing by the area, but I was not allowed in. Yes, no visitors are allowed.


Considering the situation, I can only conclude that our government really doesn’t have any clue on how to resolve the problem. If they really had any, they would have done something by now. In that case, please allow me to offer some solutions:


  1. Stop your rural electrification process. Do not move in that directions until you know for sure that you could deliver what you are going to promise.
  2. Roll back the rural power projects where the demand is low. Don’t worry about giving them “power”. Probably they will be well off without it instead of having it once in a while.
  3. Allocate some of your “foreign aids” that you receive from the foreign governments as loans and grants for development of this power infrastructure.
  4. Consider delivering 110 volt of power instead of 220 volts like North America.
  5. Use your own and local power engineers and resources to re-design the infrastructure.


It should be clear to us that, without established and uninterrupted power supply, Bangladesh would not prosper in this modern power based technological world. If our government took this matter seriously, this country would have progressed much further. All the electrical goods and equipments are worthless without steady and uninterrupted power supply. And stay away for gasoline or petroleum  based power generators, because, when the gas price would take a hike, all your gas related power projects would turn into “white elephants” eventually facing closure or permanent shutdown.


Fluctuations in power supply and constant and regular use of load shading causes the electrical appliances to get damaged. Bangladesh government is lucky that Bangladeshis do not know that they could file law suits for damages caused by regular interruption of power supply claiming compensations from the PDB. So, take heed while there is still time.


T & T: Bangladesh Telephone and Telegraph Board is another major but neglected infrastructure. Although in some areas digital system has been introduced that caused the calling numbers to grow longer, but from the performance point of view, the whole system is still in a very poor shape.


The good thing is, we do not get as many wrong number calls as we used to get back then, but it didn’t totally stop though. One could consider oneself lucky if the system works without trouble all year long. Most of the time, our telephone system doesn’t work. And when it does, we get constant radio signals and cross connections, which makes it very difficult to use the service. But, hey! We are all paying for it regardless!


Corruption in this industry had gone so wild that one feels lucky to get repair service done on time and without bribing the technicians. Harassment of subscribers is quite random in this industry. As a result, many are giving up on T & T phones and switching to mobile or cellular phone services. And T & T doesn’t mind losing the customers. They will, when the time will come when the company would have to be closed for not having enough clients to pay for their wages.


Now this same T & T is attempting to take the responsibility of implementing the coming fiber optic network. Oh please, don’t worry about it, fix your own problems first!


The mushroom of new mobile phone companies has created a jungle out there. Now when we call a valid number through T & T, we get a message that goes “This number is available”. Holly cow! How can a number be available for use when it is already in use?!


In two occasions, I had to call upon my ISP tech support to help me to get my dial up internet connection to work. After some long hours of research and investigation, the conclusion was, the problem is mainly due to the faulty T & T phone line which causes the connection to terminate. Gosh! I can’t use the phone, and now I can’t even use the internet?


Seriously folks, this needs to be looked after immediately before the whole situation goes out of hand. Are you telling me that we do not have enough resources and trained telecommunication engineers to solve these problems? Or is it the money that we don’t have? What about the revenues this industry generates without providing any service? Where are they going?


Quite frankly, if the industry cannot keep up with the demand, it should simply be clamped down. We will all switch to mobile technologies. If T & T wants to stay in business, then I guess it is wise to implement a nationwide wireless communication system instead of the old system that is in place that is outdated anyway!


Insecurity: Back then, when I was young and free, once in a while in our daily gossips among our friend circle (it was basically a tea and chanachur meeting) we used to discuss different issues that were the main focus at that time. I still remember, when most of us concluded that, a day will come when the economic disparity between the rich and the poor will be so great that the rich would live in fear in the cities because of the possible threat that would come from the poor due to the wealth gap.


Indeed, after 19 years, this is now coming true. Now people are selling their old private dwellings to move into protected apartment buildings to live in security, guarded 24 hours by trained guards. It is now impossible to live in old styled independent homes due to the increase of thieves, robbery and burglary. Even an unarmed guard is no longer a deterrent to this threat.


This was a threat inevitable. Not just economic disparity, population increase has also greatly contributed to this problem. Do our sociologist, public administrators, economists, and politicians have any remedy for this growing problem? Are they thinking? Do they know what to do next?


Government need to come up with a social program that would pay some unemployment insurance or welfare to the unemployed mass of people. Or else, the situation would soon go out of hand resulting in nationwide chaos.


Acid Attacks: It is sad to note that the Bangladeshis are still throwing acids at each other on silly emotional issues that are not pardonable. Back in 1987 and earlier, it was a trend that took root, and that the tree of hate is still very much alive and well. The concept of acid terrorism probably has found its way into Bangladesh from India; because India is the only other nation on earth that has similar problem. It is very unlikely that the idea would enter there from here.


Only recently, our government has taken serious measures to prevent this crime that destroys lives of individuals. This incident alone shows how barbaric this nation has become that doesn’t care to take measure on time on such an issue that is so criminal in nature that brings shame on the entire nation. Did you hear of this kind of criminal act happening anywhere else in the world, except in India and Bangladesh? I haven’t! What does it makes us? Yes, the most barbaric nation on earth! But are we all barbaric?


Ask the victim of this crime how he or she want the criminal to be punished, I’m sure they would want either death sentence or a similar treatment. I say, they should be hanged in public so that everyone could see what the criminal had done and what punishment he or she received for it. Few public hangings, that’s all is required for people to take notice and abstain from it.


These are the major issues that I could recall from my memory that I still see happening in this poor little country of ours. Now let’s focus on the new problems that our nation is now facing.


Skyscrapers and Urban Development: Elevation has been made easy by the use of the foreign imported elevators; as a result, the buildings are getting taller. On the surface, it looks like a good solution to accommodate the growing urban population. Along with it, apartment dwellers are now enjoying all the western invented costly living facilities and benefits for comfort and ease. These apartments have opened up the doors of luxury living in a third world country that practically survives through international donations and begging. But the reality is, unplanned development of real estate around the country is creating a new threat in our drainage and sanitation system causing environmental pollution. The cities are developing without any proper planning.


Although most of the buildings are designed by the trained professional architects, but those architects and civil engineers involved in a project are not paying any attention to the environmental effects. As such, they are filling up the canals, lakes, rivers, and drainage system that are ultimately causing permanent damage in city drainage and sanitation systems. That’s exactly why we see blockage of water when it rains a lot, and during floods. If, instead of filling up of the ponds, lakes, canals, and drains, the building were built on pillars and columns, then this problem would not have been so severe. Yes, it would be costlier to build a structure on pillars, but that would have resulted in a better living condition, while keeping the landscape unchanged.


A recent trend is stealing of land by filling the river banks. This practice alone would cause a serious environmental imbalance if not stopped immediately.


Now the situation is such that many of the structures that are built would have to be brought down in order to resolve the problems. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be any permanent solution. So what should we do? Should we call up the American bombers to level us up like they did to Afghanistan and Iraq? Or should we call upon the Israeli bulldozers to level the cities as they did to the cities in Palestine? That way, we could not only re-build the country can also reduce some population load! This is a typical “New World Order” strategy of “destroy and re-build” game of the Western world.


Traffic Jams: When a road is shared with ancient slow and modern day speedy transports, the result is bound to be a chaos. And that exactly what has happened to the city streets of Bangladesh. Usually, when a newer transport system is introduced, the older ones are phased out. But in Bangladesh, nothing phases out, they all co-exists.


On the same road rickshaws, auto rickshaws, motorcycles, rickshaw vans, cars, trucks, busses, microbuses, tempos, domestic animals, human beings, bicycles, push carts, pretty much every kind of living beings and transport systems (new and old) are trying to find their way at their own speeds. And the result is a huge traffic jam. In pretty much every intersection of the city roads you will witness this.


In case you are wondering, “Well, maybe there are no traffic policemen there to control the traffic!” Nope, they are there alright, but helpless. Their training and skills are totally useless and ineffective in those situations.


In my observation, the traffic policemen are not really ineffective, but careless. They simply do not care to do their job. Even if they do, after a while they get tired and finally give up to this unending process of jams.


In some occasion, instead of making things better, they have actually complicated the traffic conditions by putting some unnecessary barriers on the streets. In many parts of the city, you will notice that some crossing ways have been blocked, as a result, a transport now have to run few more kilometers just to make a turn to get on the other side of the road. And guess what happens at that turning point, yes, again a huge jam.


Instead, if they left the crossing ways open as they were meant to be (as per the original lane plans) then in fact the jams would be reduced. Because, at that time, a transport would have a choice to make turns and change lanes based on his or her judgment and available options. The simple formula is more turning options means less jams.


Another reason for delays as I’ve noticed is that the traffic police (when they really try to do their job) do not give same time intervals for their halts. Sometime they hold traffics for unusually long period of time in which case, most drivers just shut down their engines and wait. They rule of thumb should be, every street should be blocked for same interval of time as would an automatic traffic signal light do!


It is true that a permanent solution could never be reached until the slow moving transports are separated from the fast transports. And I can tell you this, turning a street into a VIP lane would not solve the problem either. Who are the VIP’s anyway? What does “VIP” mean in a poor little starving country that survives on grants and donations?


Temporarily, we could depend on the traffic lights removing all the traffic policemen from the streets. We could deploy some sergeants with motorcycles to give a chase, catch and give tickets to the vehicle drivers who would break the traffic rules. For that, we need steady power supply. You know! It would probably cost the government less to fix and put up the traffic lights at all major intersections than the salaries paid to the ineffective traffic policemen. Yes, some jobs will be lost. But hey, what can we do? The present system is not working!


Those who say that the rickshaws would have to be removed from the city street, should also think of the unemployment this would create for many individuals who make a day to day living to support themselves and their families. As well as the problem this removal would create to the passenger who regularly depends on these tri-cycles to commute to their work and back to home. The hard reality is, no matter how much of inconvenience this rickshaw contributes on traffic jams, this is still an affordable alternative transport system for many. In order to displace the rickshaw pullers, we need to find a way to rehabilitate them in some other employment options, as well as give an affordable option to the passengers who uses rickshaws as transport on a regular basis.


The funny thing is though, even in this road conditions, people are buying expensive luxury imported cars, but no place to drive them! I’ve heard of someone who bought a BMW just to keep it parked in his garage. Even if you are lucky enough one day to drive, when ever you are caught in a jam, all the poor beggars would surround your car seeking handouts, because they are certain that you are “the rich one”


The first and new flyover at Mohakhali .has been opened recently with the hope that it would reduce the traffic jam there. But what has happened now is, the jam has now moved on the bridge. Few days ago, while I was coming from Uttara to Dhanmondi via that flyover, I was stuck in a traffic jam for almost an hour on that flyover! So, that flyover did not solve the problem at all, it may have complicated the mess even more. Read the article “Eber Ekti Underpass Nirman Joruri” by Dr. Mohammad Ali Akbar Mollik published on December 14, 2004 on page 8 of Prothom Alo newspaper if you don’t believe me.


What we really need is electric Sky Trains that would run automatically without any attendants every ten minutes over the streets. Yes, it has to go OVER our heads and NOT underground. Any underground project is risky for Bangladesh due to the fact that our drainage system is so terrible that the city sinks during rain and floods. These local city trains when established will be the preferred transit option for the general public not because of safety alone but also for timely reach to their destinations simply because there won’t be any traffic jams. But again, for that we need to ensure uninterrupted power supply. IPS and Generators won’t work to run those trains.


Pollution: When I came for a couple of months (between April and June) in 1999, Dhaka city was a total mess. There were a lot of air pollution due to fume emission from old outdated motor vehicles; there were dust pollution as many construction works for high rise buildings were in progress at that time. To top it off, it was extremely hot and dry. I had a terrible time moving around the city through all these conditions.


Now, after six years, the city looks much better. Most of those construction works are now complete, therefore, not much of dust flying in the air. Old gasoline run baby taxis are no longer in the streets that used to cause the emission of deadly poisonous fumes. And the dry heat, well, can’t help it, that’s the climate here during the time of the year. Overall condition has greatly improved compared to the situation I have seen in 1999. Okay, I’ won’t discuss the mosquitoes here.


Now we have Compact Natural Gas (CNG) run metered baby taxis made in India, which suddenly stops in the middle of the street for no reason whatsoever. And to refill the gas cylinders, one has to stay on a big queue with no end in sight. But still, no one seems to complain, thus life goes on.


This year it has been raining a lot, as a result, due to clogged or blocked drainage systems the water found no way out. As such, the level of water had risen causing flood in the many parts of the cities as well as in the rural areas. The economic loss has been huge.


Many crops have been destroyed due to heavy rain, resulting in shortage in vegetable supply. The short supply of vegetable and rice caused the price to go up immensely. But the price of fish got lower as they managed to swim across their boundaries only to get caught in the mosquito nets of the joyful crowd who tried to make a way for survival in this adverse situation.


What is the outcome of all this? It was an environmental pollution. The next wave of terror that followed was the spread of feared Dengu fever, diarrhea, skin diseases, hepatitis, etc. The city water supply also got polluted transmitting the diseases at every home in the city through the water supply system. What a way to spread terrorism, eh?


Terrorism: A new breed of terrorists have been born and raised in this country whose background can be traced to a group of people who are identified as poorest in the society. Some among them are educated terrorists, who have chosen this way to make a living due to not finding any other legal means for survival.


But soon, to counter that growing threat a new breed of counter terrorist group has also been created who are now chasing the so called terrorists to death and in hiding. The government supported and funded groups called the RAB, Cobra, and Cheetah are doing their job with bravery following the Napoleon motto, “Leave no enemies behind.” At times, the Rapid Action Battalion fails to perform rapidly due to our traffic jams in and around the city. In some occasion, on their way to action, they often got into fights with common people during their “rush hours”. What these folks really need to jump into action rapidly is some helicopters. Only with the help of helicopters this battalion can reach their destination rapidly. Otherwise, it would be more fitting for them to change their name from RAD to SAD, meaning Slow Action Battalion.


In the past, many high ranking police officers indicated that catching the criminals and terrorists is not at all a big deal for the police department if they are allowed to perform their duties independently without any political influence.


In many occasion, the police department caught the criminals red handed, yet they were released on bail and never had to go for a trial due to the secret backing of the powerful filths in the society – governmental and private, both. The systems of bailing out the criminals haven’t changed in Bangladesh. Even today even when the RAB folks send a criminal to the jail some influential people releases them free on bail. Therefore, the RAB folks have adopted a strategy called “Crossfire” downing the criminals on spot in action.


Today’s RAB, Cobra and Cheetah are said to be an advanced version of the police department, but in actuality are a composition of highly trained military personnel (or commandos) geared toward civilian protection. These agencies are meant to remain out of control and reach of the societal ill systems and without any kind of interference. But some are now seeing them as “Rokkhi Bahini” or a legal terrorist group armed and supported by the government currently in power, and is challenging their legitimacy. No matter what, the common suffering people are in support of them. This arrangement would work well until corruption catches up with them too. Now the question is, do we still need the frail, corrupt and outdated police department that cannot function in today’s political system? Probably not, right? Because, when the RAB, Cobra, and Cheetah close their operations and hand over the duty to the police department again, the result will be the same. Yes, new terrorists will be born right under the nose of our police department as it did before. A cycle that never stops in a third world nation.


I don’t think these newly formed agencies will be able to operate or meant to operate for long. This is probably a short term strategy to clean up the mess (mainly from the opposition party) quickly especially before the election. Am I right?


Ex-General Hossain Mohammad Ershad after coming to power following the coup of President Ziaur Rahman did the same thing to deal with the terrorists. But at that time he used the armed forces creating offices of “Chief Martial Law Administrators” or CMLA’s around the country to handle the crisis. It worked well too for the first term of his rule. But on his second term, he too ended up creating some terrorists to replace them.


Before killing the criminals on “crossfire’s”, our law and enforcement agencies should collect the information to create a list of their sponsors. Because, the process would remain incomplete if the sponsors are left free to create and fund more terrorists down the road. They need to be dealt with and eliminated too. Our law and enforcement agencies should not over look the fact that some folks among their employers who are currently in the government also creates and funds the terrorist. Their “list” should include all the terrorists including their own.


It is not uncommon to see a counter terrorism organization like these go out of control every now and then. In an organization where secretiveness is a nature, things are bound to go out of control once in a while. We see this happening even in CIA, FBI, MI5, MI6, Mossad, Shinbet and many other worldwide secret agencies, where acting upon false flags and false information is random. Most of the common folks automatically assume that these organizations are engaged in good and moral activities. But the reality is quite the opposite. They are mostly engaged in espionages interfering in freedom of other people and nations. If you get a chance, read Bill Moyers’s “The Secret Government”. Many other audio video materials are also available that documents the secret activities of CIA, FBI, MI6, etc. worldwide defying human rights and destroying independent foreign nations. Remember what happened to Panama few years back? The country was invaded by the US (a CIA covert operation) to over throw the government that opposed the US government policies. Now that country is now run by the American puppets, with a permanent American military base. Yes, these secret agencies are used to make their way in the countries that are strategically important for them to have military bases to ensure a smooth transition to their absurd concept called the “New World Order (NWO)”. Like it or not, the process of NWO is already underway.


Controlling a secret agency is not an easy task. The secret nature of the agencies gives ways to different illegal activities without any accountability. Our directors and controllers of secretive and detective agencies should keep this in mind. Because, some silly mistake could result in complete cancellation of the project with a possible backfires form the general public.


Not just internal terrorism, our borders are at risk too! According to one of our military analyst retired Brigadier General M. Shakhawat Hossain, only 10% of the smuggled weapons are captured and recovered. Weapon trading is a multi billion dollar business. Usually the weapon manufacturing countries are involved in this trade. In third world countries they get involved in this trade through local proxies. In other words, some big and powerful weapon manufacturing countries are behind this arms trade supported and managed by rich and powerful local people, which is not at all good news for Bangladesh when it is openly taking place near its borders at the neighboring states. Bangladesh should be extra cautious regarding the activities at the borders and should identify the activities as a possible threat for the entire nation. In one way it is good that Bangladesh is getting some modern weapons at free of cost through occasional raids, but the country may have to pay a heavy price later if all of the smuggled weapons and the people behind this trade are captured.


Remember the grenade attack on the Awami League meeting in Dhaka? Still the criminals are at large and have not been caught. And the commission report have already identified that some foreign forces are involved in this attack who managed to escape without any trace. This is indeed an Al-Qida style attack, and this Al-Qida is not the one run by Osama Bin Laden from an Afghan cave with a laptop computer on his lap which uses a battery that never needs to be re-charged updating the Al-Qida websites claiming responsibilities of all the terrorist attacks carried out in the name of his network. It is more like the one run by the one that carried out the 911 attack in the US (Amazingly, Osama DID NOT claim responsibility of this attack!). Mind it, there are many different kind of Al-Qida’s run by different governments. There is American Al-Qida run by CIA, British Al-Qida run by MI6, and Israeli Al-Qida run by Shinbet and Mossad, having secret cells in different countries carrying out terrorist attacks and blaming it all on Osama who is believed to have died of kidney failure on the mountain of Tora Bora during the US bombings couple of years ago. Of course, the US needs to keep him alive to justify their presence in the Afghan. Therefore, according to their media, Osama is very much alive and well and thus still a wanted man. Occasionally, their “Hollywood” releases some “Osama Tapes” to tell the public just that. But the reality of Al-Qida is, some Al-Qida cells operated by Israeli secret service Mossad has already been found in Palestine and in the US. A large network of Israeli spy ring was discovered immediately after the 911 attack in the US. Read Dr. Albert D. Pastor’s “Stranger than Fiction: An independent investigation of 911 and the war on terrorism” for an alternative view of the whole drama.


 Intolerance & Human Rights: Unlearned prejudices have caused an increase in intolerance. In other words, people here in Bangladesh are no longer attentive to other people’s rights and feelings.


In a civilized and a free democratic society, all inhabitants are ensured their basic civil rights. But in Bangladesh it is still not the case. People here constantly abuse one another openly in public. For instance, it is a common scene to see a traffic policeman verbally and physically abusing the rickshaw pullers and common people in the street openly. What they need to know that putting on a law enforcement uniform does not automatically grant them permission to abuse common citizens. In fact, it is quite the opposite; they should pay extra attention and care in dealing with the citizens while in the uniform and while on duty, because it is them who pays their salaries through taxes. A nation can never claim to be civilized by ignoring the basic civil rights of its people. We need to learn to pay attention to individual respect and honor to bring tolerance in our behavior. And the lesson must begin at the kindergartens spreading out through all levels.


When we see a poor person begging in the street, it only tells us that how badly our nation has failed in its mission as a free nation and a democratic society. Otherwise, why is that person begging in the street even after 33 years of independence?


In fact, I’ve always pondered on the democratic system that we have, and often asked myself, does this system really work? From my observation and understanding, I do not have a shadow doubt in my mind that the democratic system that we practice is quite false and unworkable. The whole system is hypocritical and conspiratorial.


This system creates bureaucrats, burgeons and terrorists leading toward chaos. It is NOT meant to maintain peace and harmony of a nation and between nations. It creates divisions instead of unity. It maintains hate instead of love. It exploits unsuspecting innocent citizens in manipulating their minds. This system simply doesn’t work.


I know what you are thinking! You are thinking only US style democracy would work in Bangladesh! WRONG! American democracy is another crap. Look at the USA today, the people living there have lost all their freedom. The government does whatever it likes in the name of “War on Terrorism” and “National Security”. George W. Bush came to be the president by vote fraud in 2000. Again he did the same thing against John Kerry by using the electronic voting machines. People in America are demanding a through investigation, but the administration is paying no attention. Just visit http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/ to learn what is actually going on in that country which your favorite TV news channels CNN, BBC, ATN, Channel I, NTV, etc. are not reporting. America is now held hostage by the Zionists, and they tell the media what to report and what not to.


Now you all know who Donald Rumsfield is, right? But did you know that he has been in the government since the Nixon Administration or even earlier? Yes, both Kissinger and Rumsfield were the advisors to the president during Nixon time. And they are still in the government! Yes, US democracy is such a democracy where once a person enters the government he or she remains in the government till death! Only the president and the senators changes through public voting (who are basically puppets), but rest of the members remains in power forever! If you worked for the government, wouldn’t it be nice to work under such a democracy? Knowing very well that you will never lose your job? Oh, indeed! No wonder why they are so eager to export their democracy around the world. They would do it at any cost, even if they have to level the country to dust by sending in their bombers to establish their form of “Democracy”.


To add further, you should also know that both Kissinger and Rumsfield were behind the mastermind of Apollo 11 Moon Landing hoax. The world has been told a big lie about the “Man on the Moon”. The truth is, Apollo 11 never landed on the moon! This truth came out from a documentary prepared by Passionate Eye program shown on Canadian TV channels under the title “Dark Side of the Moon”. Recently, Star World TV channel also showed a similar program which has also been seen in Bangladesh. In that program, both (Rumsfield and Kissinger) along with Alexander Haig admitted the matter with laughter as if it was a funny matter. They have no remorse on the fact that they have bluffed the world for decades and still trying to do the same as if the event actually took place! Now you can guess what kind of people are in the US government running its affairs. The American administration is now run by the “thugs and assassins”. Yes. America today is the country that represents the one eyed Dajjal (find a US one dollar bill and take a close look as the official seal of the US with an eye on top of a pyramid) as foretold by our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) 1500 years ago! Amazingly enough, the eye on the picture is of the left side just as we were told in the prophecies! How much more evidence do we need to accept this fact? Their worldwide activities too are proving all their dajjalic activities. Therefore, getting into any deal with the US is now a risky business.


What makes America so great? Taxes! A resident there pays taxes on their income as well as on their expenditures! When an income is made, they pay an “income tax”, when they make any purchase using their tax paid income; again they pay another tax called the “sales tax”. And of course there are other taxes too, like the social security tax, local government taxes, employment insurance taxes, etc. US is a basically a tax country! Fifty percent of income of a resident in the United States goes to different kind of taxes. But the funny thing is, according to their constitution, the US government is NOT allowed to collect any income taxes! See http://www.paynotaxes.org/ for more information.


Now coming back to the main point, what kind of system would work for Bangladesh as well as other countries around the world? The answer is a simple one, a true democracy. What is a true democracy? A true democracy must consist of direct people’s involvement in the process; an option that would be readily available to any concerned citizen to take part in at will. According to the survey of Transparency International, the political groups around the world are the most corrupted organizations! Read the news entitled, “Bishye Rajnoitic Dolei Shobcheye Durnitigrosto Shongstha” on the last of December 14, 2005 issue of Prothom Alo.


What we really need is existence of public councils and forums. People of different walks of life should automatically become part of the appropriate council based on their academic background, experiences, and interest. For instance, there should be a Council of the Economists, where all the economists and those who are interested in contributing in this area would be members. They will discuss and debate issues nationally to come to a solution when a problem arises. Similarly, there should be a Council of Public Administrators, where the public policies would be analyzed and created. And so on.


Yes, we do need a national representative or a leader or a president, but we definitely DO NOT need any prime minister, or a long line of ministers for different departments; plain and simple. Only the experts in the respective fields and areas will deal with issues in question in open public forums, not in secret board meetings.


All participation would be on volunteer basis and no one will get paid to participate. Now tell me, in a process like this would there be any need for elections? Or Strikes? Political groups? Yes, there will be no need for any political parties. The whole nation would work as a single force aiming at improving their conditions nationwide.


Bangladesh is actually a small country, which is about the size of Wisconsin state of the USA. We need to treat this country as a single unit. There is no need for Village Government (Gram Shorkar), or Districts, Upazilas or Pauroshovas. Just divide the nation into five parts for the sake of administration, like Dhaka, Rajshahi, Sylhet, Chittagong, and Khulna, keeping the capital Dhaka as it is.


No need for village chairman, or what ever. Just eliminate those posts and positions; as too much of power delegation means too much of corruption. Spreading and channeling of power results in creation of too many terrorists around the country. Bangladesh can simply do without it. Late Ziaur Rahman made big mistake by moving into that direction. In order to keep things under control, public administration must be kept small. Spreading the power structure too much means spreading corruption channels. This concept simply does not work in a third world country where poverty is a norm and a way of life.


Our “Henry Kissinger of Bangladesh” Mr. Saifur Rahman is following the American foot steps in making the economic policies for Bangladesh. By doing so, his is taking the country to the same direction where the US is heading. If the American economy is doing so great, then why have they gone to Iraq to steal their oil and resources? Why have the United Kingdom (UK) joined them? What is the present state of their economy? Why has the US been involved in arms and drug trade in South and Central America? Why did the CIA revive the Golden Triangle drug trade business in Afghanistan which was closed by the Taliban after freeing the country from the Russians? Paying close attention to all these should give us some answers. The bottom line is, US and the West have NOTHING to teach us anymore. Today they are the examples of total failure. Following their foot steps would only bring disaster for Bangladesh. Let them fix their own problems (failing economy, democratic and human rights process, etc.) before telling us what WE should do. Today’s Judaists and Christianists are the descendents of the Gog and Magog (Yajuj and Majuj) tribes; a kind of people who are brutal and heartless in nature. They are NOT the “People of the Book” meaning the Jews and Christians our Qur’an talks about. The nations of Gog and Magog have destroyed them and created their new religion adding and rejecting only the things they liked changing the “Books” (Taurat and Injeel) entirely. They are NOT the followers of Prophet Musa or Isa (peace be upon them). Read Imran Hosein’s “Pobitra Koranae Jerusalem” for more clarification.


Another side of intolerance is the religious intolerance. When fanaticism takes root in a religion then it allows breeding of intolerance.


Although majority of the citizens of Bangladesh are Muslims, yet the country is NOT an Islamic republic. Due to Indian influence at the time of inception, the country was established as a secular state free from any religious dominance.


The situation can be compared with Pakistan. The struggle for Pakistan was initiated with the concept of re-establishing the Islamic Caliphate through Khilafa Andalon, but the end result was a creation of another secular state inhabited only by the Muslims. They took the Arabic alphabets, but kept Hindi as their base language calling it Urdu! Same thing happened to Turkey, when Kemal Ataturk (a Jew) changed the alphabets of Turkish language to English instead of Arabic. So you see, the Muslims in the non Arabic speaking countries DID NOT accept Islam wholeheartedly. Then what makes them Muslims? In the name of Islam, what they have actually done is hypocrisy picking and choosing only the part of Islam they liked. Bangladesh is no different in that game.


Just pay close attention to all the troubled spots in the so called Muslim world, what you will see is most of the religious problems are in the countries which claims to be Islamic but did not integrate Arabic language as one of their languages of preference. As a result, we find Ahmadia groups with its roots in Pakistan, Bahai with its roots in Iran, Shiai with its roots Iran, Aga Khani with its roots in Pakistan, Nation of Islam with its roots in the USA, etc. When we look at Afghanistan, again we find groups and division in among the Muslims on the basis of their ethnicity. And the point to note is that, none of these countries are Arabic speaking. All their foundations of beliefs and understandings are based on “translations” of the original Arabic sources. And all their arguments are also based on the translations they read; therefore, leading to incomplete understanding of Islamic teachings that eventually results in misunderstandings and divisions.


The Qur’an was revealed in Arabic and it is preserved in Arabic, the Prophet (peace be upon him) of Islam was an Arab and spoke Arabic, all his sayings and traditions have been recorded in Arabic. Then on what argument and understanding we the so called non Arabic speaking Muslims earned the right to learn and practice Islam ONLY on the basis of translations? What if the translations and its interpretations are wrong? Who would correct us? How would we know which part of the teachings are NOT influenced by our old traditional practices and cultural rites mostly of Hindu origin?


Due to this very reason, the Islam that we practice today in Bangladesh is far different from the Islam we find in the original Arabic books. We simply misinterpreted many of the teachings of Islam and introduced or kept many of our old ways and rituals. As a result, we are now a hybrid breed of Muslims who could read Arabic, but DOES NOT understand a thing we read. And we are comfortable with it thinking it is okay. But is it okay?


When I inquired about the response to the Arabic language programs at different institutions in Bangladesh, most of them told me that they had to close that department due to not having enough students. But hey! The English language departments are a full house!


Bangladesh, being a Muslim majority nation, should take Arabic as ONE of the major languages after Bangla and English. Otherwise, our Hasina and Khaleda will continue to take turns in becoming the Prime Minister of this country, whereas Islam clearly declares NOT to take a woman as the leader of a Muslim nation. Well, I guess they have got an excuse which is a valid one; Bangladesh is NOT a Muslim or an Islamic country. Therefore, all the Islamists should stop their foul religious cries.


Bangladeshi Muslims should leave the Ahmadias and the Hindus alone in peace. Islam teaches tolerance, where is that tolerance if you all claim to be Muslims? If you are so certain that they are wrong then why not invite them in a fair public debate in an open forum? If you can’t take them out intellectually and peacefully, then just leave them alone. Let them practice their religion in peace the way they understands it, as you do. Being a Muslim is NOT an open license to threat others beliefs. Religion is a personal and an intellectual matter. As the Qur’an declares,


002.256. Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error: whoever rejects evil and believes in God hath grasped the most trustworthy hand-hold, that never breaks. And God heareth and knoweth all things.


Public Education: The process of dehumanization comes through ignorance and intolerance. We have an education system that doesn’t pay attention to moral aspects of human rights.


Our government has privatized the education to an extent that the education has now become a business. Instead of serving a needful right of a citizen they are capitalizing on it. As a result, we are creating a mass of degreed people with no proper knowledge base.


The difference of tuition rates are so varied that only the privileged few can afford to go to a private school. For the low income populace, the old and frail schools are the only alternative.


Undoubtedly, the quality of education in Bangladesh has gone down remarkably. Our educational system no longer creates “thinkers”, instead it creates “confused slaves”, who are not sure of themselves. The University of Dhaka, which was once known as the Oxford of the East (as recognition for quality education) is now a political training and play ground. No one has any control over it; so much so for most of the other government universities around the country.


Some, if not all, private schools are doing well. But the opportunity is limited only to the rich who could afford to send their children there. Otherwise, in most cases, the public schools are on the verge of extinction. The teachers of the public schools are working for awfully low wage with no future in sight. Yet, in many occasion, they do not get paid on time sometimes for months!


Bangladesh is one of the few nations in the world that could take pride for still subsidizing education for its citizens. But that scenario is rapidly changing. Through privatization, education is now becoming a privilege only for the rich. And those who cannot afford to enter a private school have to go through a rigorous admission competition in order to enter a public institution. Therefore, getting a higher education is no longer a right but a matter of luck too!


In some European countries and in Australia, education is still seen as a right of a citizen, as such education is free at all levels. In contrary, in the UK, Canada and the United States, education is free at the primary and secondary level, but it is a business at the college and university level. However, they do have some system in place, where some form of subsidy (loans, grants, and scholarships) is available to some students. But then again, one has to be lucky to take advantage of them.


In Bangladesh, the entire educational system was once subsidized by the government making it affordable for all class of people. It is remarkable and commendable step of the government to continue on this process even being one of the poorest nations of the world; an envious step that many of the richest nations also can’t afford to take.


Many of our so called scholars are the products of this very system that allowed them to move up the ladder and become VIP’s of the society. Many also took advantage of the discounted educational system and foreign scholarships by betraying the nation to settle in a so called developed country after completion of their studies abroad. It is probably true (as they like to argue) that most of the people who betrayed the nation received training and education in such fields that have no prospect in Bangladesh. In other words, they were stolen from us by the western world to serve their needs and requirements. A brain drain, that is. But the point they missed is they were trained on those grounds BECAUSE we didn’t have those expertise!


It is okay for a privately sponsored student to choose to settle down in a foreign country, but it is betrayal for a publicly sponsored student to settle down in a foreign country after receiving all the support, services and privileges from its government. Some however, wants to pay back the amount they have used to get the education as compensation, but what they do not realize is that it is not the money alone that is in question, but his or her integrity as well. He or she also failed on their commitments and honor to return to serve their country. The question is what good of a slave that person is in a country that accepted them?


It was good to notice that many new private schools have popped up to educate the growing population, but it turned out to be that most of those schools does not meet the minimum requirements laid down by the University Grants Commission. Out of 59 such schools, only 9 turned out to be in compliance with the UGC requirements. This proves the dire condition of our education system. What about the students who are attending those schools in question? Will their degrees get recognition? Will they find jobs with those degrees?


Adverse economic conditions can cause one to be hateful, jealous, and greedy. Bangladesh is now a ripe place for all that. Uncontrolled population growth is pushing the nation to destruction. If our government do not take necessary actions on time, this country will self destruct. The country will become totally unlivable.


The Submarine Cables: I found some people in the IT sector in Bangladesh are very excited about the coming of submarine laid under the ocean fiber optic cables that would bring speedy cable internet system in Bangladesh. But one thing that they are not realizing is that, along with that cable, it will also bring a social threat.


What is that threat? It is the threat of immorality through pornographic materials.


The Internet is now the database of pornographic materials. From a technocratic point of view, Bangladesh may be called a backdated nation for not having the high speed affordable internet service yet, but in fact; due to that very reason Bangladesh is still a safe nation through its moral strength. Those dial up internet connections are not just good enough for pornographic activities. You could also thank your power interruptions for the interruptions you get while on the net.


With a high speed uninterrupted connections one can download pretty much anything from the net. Now a days, pornographic audio-visuals are freely available for free downloads. And this would allow anyone with the facilities to watch a hardcore sexual movie or “blue films” in his or her own bedroom in privacy.


What’s wrong with it? This would create addiction to sexual transgression at individual level, and then will spread in the entire society. Sex could become an addiction if it goes out of control. Availability of immoral sexual films, videos and other materials would result in promiscuity in the nation. Sex would become a common recreational factor like it is today in the Western world and neighboring India.


Sexual crime is still under control in Bangladesh. Although sexual materials are freely available in storage media’s like CD’s, VCD’s and DVD’s; but the materials are still in a limited circle bought and sold secretly.


We are already experiencing an increase of sexual perversions in our movie industry. FDC is now openly making sexually illicit movies to compete with the foreign imported pornographies from Hong Kong, that are openly shown in public movie theatres around the country. It didn’t stop there, along with it, the prostitution industry is also flourishing around the country (say Narayangonj for instance). What a way to liberate women in Bangladesh, eh?


If this continues, you can rest assured that the deadly virus HIV will freely spread in this country and would soon go out of control. Recently, Michelle Cedebe, Director of UNAIDS program in Bangladesh acknowledged the fact that the spread of this deadly HIV AIDS disease is still in control in Bangladesh due to the conservative nature of the nation (meaning Islamic practices). But this is not the case in our neighboring nation India. In India, AIDS is one of the fasted spreading diseases. Wonder why? Like the West, India is also a promiscuous nation, which you can clearly tell by looking at their TV programs. Thanks to Islam for teaching us the moral habits that is now working as a deterrent of the spreading of the AIDS.


What Bangladesh needs now is a strict IT (aka Information Communication Technology or ICT) regulation to have a control over the use of this technology as the Chinese government has in China. With proper rules and regulations, IT can be used in a positive way geared to national development.


It is true that in today’s world of information super highway, Information Technology or IT can play a major role. Due to not having the proper internet service facilities Bangladesh has fallen behind in competition with India and China. These two countries have progressed much further in use of IT and are now commanding as major players in the region in handling IT development projects from Europe and North America. It is still not too late for Bangladesh to catch up with them and become a part of the process. A lot of foreign currencies can be earned just by handling outsourced projects from the first world nations, if the industry is managed properly. Few companies in Bangladesh are already in this business and are doing quite well. But there is room for more growth.


Export Processing Zones: I don’t know who came up with this idea, but it turned out to be a good idea to solve some of the problems at least temporarily. No matter how much of load shading is going on in the rest of the country, but in EPZ’s the power supply is uninterrupted and steady. This is done to help the manufacturing industries to continue their commercial manufacturing activities that would benefit the economy through exports. Good, but it is a discriminatory plan.


Industrialization is a bad idea for an agrarian country like Bangladesh. I have never been in favor of industrializing this country. This concept may bring temporary solution by creating some employment, but in the long run it would be the major cause of destruction of our economy. One needs to think deeply to understand the matter.


Large countries like India and China with vast natural resources can move in that direction, but not Bangladesh that needs to rely on imports of raw materials. In competition in industries, one who holds control of the raw materials controls the whole game. At the time of resource crisis, like increase in price of oil or raw materials, the industrial countries that rely on imports of raw materials are likely to suffer the most, in some cases resulting in a total halt of the entire industry. And when that happens, mass number of people would become suddenly unemployed causing a serious economic burden on the nation. Take the industries in Khulna for example; most of them are now closed due to many different reasons, leaving many people unemployed.


Not just that, industries pollute environment too! Some areas in Savar, Dhaka are becoming polluted due the industrial complexes that were built in the nearby areas. The crops are dying in the fields and the fish are dying in the ponds, because of chemical pollution coming from the manufacturing plants.


Next year, when the garments quota system will be eliminated for Bangladesh, this country will immediately lose a privilege that guaranteed some business. After that, they would have to directly compete for business around the world. And how does Bangladesh expect to compete with large industrialized nations with vast natural resources and cheap labor like India and China at their disposal? I hope some of you are paying attention to what I am trying to say here.


 International Monetary Fund (IMF) has already given a warning signal to Bangladesh clearly indicating that the country would suffer a huge blow next year economically when the quota system is removed. To add to this coming threat, they even hinted on devaluating the currency even further making the value of Taka next to nothing. This is how international organizations like IMF destroy a nation. Tell me, what strategies are they offering to Bangladesh to avoid this tragedy from happening?


Another trend that is taking its root in Bangladesh is the introduction of the concept of personal loans. Tell me, in a country where people have a hard time in their day to day living with the money they make, how can they possibly pay off their debts though loans with interest? Is Bangladesh a good market for this business?


002.275  Those who devour usury will not stand except as stand one whom the Evil one by his touch Hath driven to madness. That is because they say: "Trade is like usury," but God hath permitted trade and forbidden usury. Those who after receiving direction from their Lord, desist, shall be pardoned for the past; their case is for God (to judge); but those who repeat (The offence) are companions of the Fire: They will abide therein (for ever).


003.130. O ye who believe! Devour not usury, doubled and multiplied; but fear God; that ye may (really) prosper.


004.161. That they took usury, though they were forbidden; and that they devoured men's substance wrongfully; - we have prepared for those among them who reject faith a grievous punishment.


For Muslims, dealing with Riba or Interest is a not allowed. By introducing the concept of credit and loans what they are doing is giving people false hopes that they won’t be able to fulfill. They are trying to induce the unsuspecting common innocent folks into a trap which will suck them out completely for good, just like the IMF and World Bank does to a nation. The idea is, “Here, take this US$100.00 and pay me back US$120.00, in a month and I don’t care how you do it. If you fail, you are in trouble”. This is exactly the concept of this loan business. Yet, many will walk into this trap willingly. And that’s exactly what they want because that’s where the money is for them! Even after losing some money in defaults, they will still make huge amount of money through incredibly high interest rates. And the people taking these services would have to work harder just to pay off those loans.


US dollar is not worth the value it enjoys. Realizing this fact, Iraq’s Saddam Hossain switched to Euro (other than oil and gold, that was one of the reasons for removing him from power), Mayalsia’s Mahathir suggested dropping of the US dollar in international trades, and most recently Cuba’s Castro also announced not to deal with the US notes anymore. Yes, US dollar is a risky currency that can drop in its value any moment. So, beware! We must look for an alternative international currency to depend on. US dollar is NOT the only international currency. Bangladesh must understand that the time has come when we should drop the US dollar before it’s too late. If the dollar is dropped, the influence that the Americans enjoy in our country will come to an immediate end. They won’t be able to buy us out that easily anymore. At that point, they have to pay us in Euros, which would cost them more! Got it?


Recently I have read some of the articles of Professor M.M.Akash of the department of Economics, University of Dhaka. From his articles it seems to me he is one of the few individuals who really understand what the UNO’s are up to and how they really operate. Those of you do not have a clue on what is going on in international politics should go and see this gentleman to learn all the secrets.


Bangladesh should seek other avenues and strategies for survival in the global economy. Food, agriculture and service industries should be considered seriously to keep Bangladesh going.


TV and Media: Some new TV channels have showed up on the horizon in Bangladesh media industry, and the Indian cultural invasion has been initiated to brain wash the mass living here. People are now glued to the Indian soap operas without a miss that is promoting Hindu religion, songs, music and dances, Indian fashions and language, promiscuity and of course creating a market for their cosmetic products. As a result, beauty parlors are doing amazing business, not just in the cities, but also in rural areas. People are now more into fantasies than realities.


Hindi language is now understood by majority of the people here in Bangladesh; and some Hinglish, but not English. Not just in Bangladesh, this abnormal phenomenon is also observed in many countries in the world, especially the Middle East. Through the movie industry alone, India managed to infiltrate the heart and minds of the people around the world positioning themselves securely in many areas of the economies of many foreign countries. It is a strange take-over, but clearly noticeable. Bangladesh is also not spared.


But no one pays any attention to the fact that this same India has already taken away its waters that naturally flowed into Bangladesh violating the international laws when they created the Farakka dam, took away the Talpotti islands creating naval bases there that falls within the borders of Bangladesh. Now Tata is looking for a way to get into the economy in a big way to exploit our coal and gas resources.


No one in Bangladesh gave a shit when they massacred thousands of innocent Muslims in Gujarat burning them alive including women and children, not once, twice! And now they are keeping quiet about the massacre that is taking place on the Muslims in neighboring Thailand. If I were the prime minister of Bangladesh, I would have sent a strong message to Indian and Thai government saying, “Stop massacring the Muslims, or else we are moving in with everything we have to stop it!” Does our prime minister have that much of guts? We have noticed the same thing when the murderer and the architect of Muslim genocide Donald Rumsfield came for a short visit to Bangladesh. There was a little protest at the public level, but NO protest at the government level at all. Our government officials shook his blood soaked hand and held secret meetings just before the election at the OIC. I wonder, how could anyone shake hands of a person who is a known and proven planner of mass genocide around the world? In contrary, when monkey Bush visited Canada, the whole country erupted in protests! There were even rumors that the Canadian government arrested Bush after arrival in Canada for being the war criminal for an international trial! This is exactly what should happen to bush and the people in his administration!


We must not forget how we lost the Indian sub-continent to the English folks. They also came to do trade with us in the name of East India Company, but later they gradually took over the entire continent to rule for over 200 years. And before leaving the continent, they divided it into several independent countries. Even that they didn’t do properly, India and Pakistan is still fighting over Jammu and Kashmir!


I guess I can understand the excitements that Bangladesh is now enjoying due to the interests shown by many foreign governments in investing in developing infrastructure and other industries in Bangladesh. But we mustn’t fail to analyze their hidden intentions. Why suddenly Bangladesh? Why now? Why after 33 years?


The answer is a simple one. Now Bangladesh appears to be a resourceful country with a lot of reserve of oil, gas, coal and other natural resources. Next, Bangladesh now has a good amount of foreign currency reserves. Their intention is to take those foreign reserves by selling you the things you really do not need. And don’t forget those higher education recruiters that are showing so much of interest in our children, it is also for the same currency reserves we have. Once you send your kid overseas for higher education, you will need to send those foreign currencies to keep him or her going. Don’t expect that your kid will find a “job” to support his or her education and living expenses, because that is not what they want to see happen. Besides, after 911, most of the jobs are disappearing anyway! Once that reserve is gone, Bangladesh will be trashed again.


What brings those foreign reserves to Bangladesh? Most of the sources are, remittances by Bangladeshis living abroad, foreign investments, trades and exports, foreign aids and loans, etc. Considering the present world trend, we must take caution on the fact that this flow of foreign currencies may not stay the way it is now. The war on terrorism has created the world very unstable and insecure. People are losing their jobs and livelihood which will hamper the remittances. Foreign investors will not invest in Bangladesh unless they feel that they would benefit in a deal. Once the quota is removed, the major exports (i.e., garments industry) will suffer. Due to weakening world economies, foreign aids and loans will be reduced to the third world nations. So we need to be careful in our dealing and the contracts we sign with foreign investors. Any mistake could result in total enslavement of the whole nation.


Super Malls: Bangladesh is becoming the next Singapore through expansion of huge malls and shopping complexes. But with one exception, Singapore is a well recognized tourist destination, and Bangladesh is not. In Singapore, tourists are the main shoppers, but who will shop in Bangladesh? No wonder why we are seeing the malls empty and the shops or businesses there are worried due to not having enough businesses.


Recently I went to see the Bashundhara City, the new mall that popped up near Hotel Sonargaon on Pahthapoth. It’s a huge multi storied shopping mall (very much like the Queens Center Mall in New York City) with rows of shop locations, but mostly still empty. Although they are mostly sold out, but they have been purchased by its owners for rental income, not to run a retail shop of their own. Now think of this scenario, if this mall really picks up as a choice of shopping by the shoppers (which I think would be the case soon), then how would the other shopping malls survive?


The city shoppers are already having a lot of choices to shop from! A shopper in Uttara no longer comes to Dhanmondi or New Market to shop or vice versa. The customer base is now divided as per their residence and the shopping facilities available there. And this economy does not produce the number of shoppers needed to support all the malls that are coming up everyday. Most working people in Bangladesh are underpaid, therefore, are not good spenders to support the retail economy.


That’s not it; most of the products available in the market are imported. Meaning, a huge sum of foreign currency is now stuck in these products that need to be sold ASAP. What a waste of hard earned foreign currencies. And how much of foreign aids has been invested to erect those shopping malls? How will they be recovered? Yet, our power supply is insufficient; our water supply is polluted, our drainage and sanitation system is improper, our traffic control system is outdated, our employment growth is coming to a nil, human rights conditions and life security is at risk, etc., etc., etc. But the priorities are elsewhere.


General Post Office (GPO): GPO was once a profitable project of the Bangladesh government. I still remember the days when the government used to announce the margin of profits to the public. But what is the situation of this enterprise now? I don’t think it is a profitable enterprise anymore. Most of the time, a mail dropped in a GPO mail box does not reach its destination anymore. There is no way to trace a mail if a regular service is used. But the cost is similar to those who would ensure delivery and its traceability.


Yes, I’m talking about the private courier business. They have taken over most of the domestic courier services in Bangladesh and our GPO doesn’t seem to care at all. For as little as Tk.10.00 we can now send a package anywhere in the country to be delivered the next day with a receipt that could be used to track the delivery. Now tell me, how much would our GPO would charge for the same service? Will it be worth using that service? Then how does the GPO survive? Do we need the postal department anymore? If it doesn’t serve the purpose it was created for, if it is a losing concern, then we might as well just close it! In order to keep it functional, we need to revise the whole system and the way it operates.


Jute Mills: What ever happened to our golden fiber, most of our jute mills are now closed. One of the main exports of Bangladesh is now a legend long gone. The last news I had about this industry was that India was importing our fiber to re-export them with the label “Made in India”, taking the name and fame of the jute that was originally produced in Bangladesh. Some experts say, India used our produce to capture the market only to replace the supply with their own productions! Well, I don’t know for sure how true it is as a fact, but I do see such a possibility.


No matter what India has done, my question is, “What were we doing then knowing it all?” Nothing I suppose, that’s why we are now a loser in this game. Even if we handed over the management of these jute mills in private hands, the industry may have survived.


R.A., C.A., and I.A: R.A. used to stand for residential area, and C.A. stood for commercial area; and I.A. for industrial area. Now tell me, what does those RA and CA stands for today? I can no longer make any distinction in the areas when I move around the city. They all look the same; busy, noisy, full of markets and apartment buildings. There are no so called residential and commercial areas as it used to be once. Now they are all hybrid areas, combined RA’s and CA’s. Then why still use RA and CA? This signifies another blunder of city planning. It’s chaos everywhere!


Manpower Export: To replace the worldwide aging population, demand for young people is growing in many developed countries. As a result, “immigration” is now one of the top games. Bangladesh can easily tap into this growing market by exporting trained and skilled people. Although this is nothing new for Bangladesh as this country have been exporting human resources to Middle East for many years now. However, after the entrance of the Indians in the Middle East market that opportunity is now diminishing. Now the Indians are dominating the trades and businesses in the Middle East. Today, Bangladeshis are the lowest paid foreign workers in the Middle East.


By some silly moves, Bangladesh has lost the grand deal with Malaysia. Things are not going on too well with South Korea, Japan and some other countries where some human resource exports used to take place.


Why are we losing the opportunities in human resource exporting? My analysis tells me that we could blame our big shots in the government who are extremely poor in diplomacy and ignorant about the international affairs. Listen up folks, Bangladesh need to wizen up to stay in business, or else, big trouble ahead.


The Muktijoddha Craze: Another recent noticeable craze is about the Muktijoddha. Government has suddenly gone crazy in building and erecting sculptures and parks at different places in the country. After 33 years of independence, why this sudden craze?


The government is investing crores of taka in these projects that should go in developing the failing and badly needed infrastructures of the country. What return does the government expect from these investments? Will the freedom fighters come back to life because of these investments? Will the surviving Muktijoddha’s and their family member benefit in anyway because of them? How many of those freedom fighters are alive today anyway?


You may want to pay a close attention to this news, “Dokhol Dushon Ar Nodibhangonaer Kobolae Duti Buddhijibi Sritishoudho” published on December 14, 2004 on the front page of Prothom Alo newspaper. The highlight of this news has two fold: 1) The area is now under threat of destruction, and 2) The place is now mostly occupied by the spoiled brats of our country.


If keeping the memories alive is the main objective for creating these monuments and sculptures, then it needs to be done through education by incorporating all the historical information in our history books and literatures, and NOT by creating new worshipping places. This Hindu idea should be rejected in the Muslim majority nation. The money could be well spent in many developmental activities for the well being of the entire nation, instead of spending them in these meaningless projects. However to make these locations as historical sites, we could “preserve” them as they were in their original form for the sake of preserving our national history. And for that we do not need a lot of money.


Oil, Gas and Petroleum: We are witnessing two major wars of the century that are directly related to oil, gas and petroleum (war on terrorism is just a pretext) in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now we are getting to know that Bangladesh too is rich with oil and gas resources, which means trouble.


UNOCOL is already here, which is mainly an American oil company of which Hamid Karzai, the president of today’s Afghanistan used to be president. The trouble began in Afghanistan when UNOCOL decided to run an oil and gas pipeline through Pakistan to Caspian Sea through Afghanistan. Wonder why Karzai has been made the president of the new Afghanistan (which is basically only Kabul area at this time)? Think, think hard folks.


Next was Iraq. Again it was about oil, reviving the Haifa oil pipeline that went to Israel, as well as the gold mines under the Tigris River near Baghdad. This time it is the Haliburton Company (owned by Donald Rumsfield, Dick Cheney, et.al.) who is looking for some business there. In case you didn’t know, the Bush family has been in business with the Bin Laden family for decades now! Yes, it’s all about greed. To achieve their goals they will stop at nothing.


We have been enjoying our freedom and independence for over 33 years now. Oil has been discovered in Bangladesh for over 25 years now. Even after all these years we haven’t been able to produce enough local petroleum engineers in that country to engage them in oil extraction and refinery productions. We are still dependent on foreign investments and expertise to do the job for us! Just imaging how hopeless we are! We can’t operate without Unocol or Naiko!


Conclusion: In a global village, competition for survival is intense. It is an undeclared war ground where everyone is struggling for a piece of the pie. For a poor country like Bangladesh, it is entirely a new ball game for which the nation is not at all prepared. Even India which appears to be a friend is a strong competitor when it comes to world economic market place.


Today, Bangladesh is seen as a potential market due to its increase of foreign currency reserve that came into the treasury. Therefore, other countries are eying on that reserve to get them transferred into theirs. That’s why you are seeing them coming to Bangladesh with great interests wanting to establish their industries here. But their actual interest is to take advantage of the opportunities available in Bangladesh, may it be the natural gas, oil reserves, thorium in Saint Martin’s island, or the black gold or the coal reserves, not to mention the foreign currencies through exports of their products in Bangladesh. The bottom line is straight exploitation. They are not interested in the well being of the people of this country. Only a Bangladeshi feels the pain of another Bangladeshi.


Another factor that is important to note is, no matter how much we say we are a “religiously neutral country”, Europe and America sees us as a Muslim majority nation. As such, they would definitely see us as a threat even if we are 100% innocent. As an example, just pay a close attention to the following quotation taken from Muhammad Aminur Rahman’s “Bishayan, Tagut, Khilafa”, page 195, which is a copy of a letter by John Major to Dauglas about Bosnia during 1992-3:


“…a possible “ISLAMIC STATE” within Europe which will not be tolerated, we will continue to follow this policy…we must at all costs make sure that no state that can be deemed “Muslim” is allowed any say on the West’s policy actions in this area, especially that of Turkey…in best interests of a stable Europe in the future, whose value system is and must remain based on a “Christian-Civilization” and ethic. This view I must inform you is also felt in every other European and North American government…The Muslims in the West must be made to see that they can not oppose our view of the world in the “New World Order” and that by the inaction of the “So-called” Muslim governments of the world, in doing nothing to oppose the destruction of the Muslims…we control their governments.”


Considering the above quote, it should now become easy for us to understand why EU and the United States are offering secret deals to open up the borders for them as reported by Action Aid and Alliance for Food Sovereignty (reported on Prothom Alo on Dec. 9, 2005 on page 11). Now it also makes sense why Allah has warned us by saying the followings in the Qur’an:


005.51. O ye who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends and protectors: They are but friends and protectors to each other. And he amongst you that turns to them (for friendship) is of them. Verily Allah guideth not a people unjust.


005.55. Your (real) friends are (no less than) Allah, His Messenger, and the (fellowship of) believers,- those who establish regular prayers and regular charity, and they bow down humbly (in worship).


005.57. O ye who believe! take not for friends and protectors those who take your religion for a mockery or sport,- whether among those who received the Scripture before you, or among those who reject Faith; but fear ye Allah, if ye have faith (indeed).


005.80. Thou seest many of them turning in friendship to the Unbelievers. Evil indeed are (the works) which their souls have sent forward before them (with the result), that Allah’s wrath is on them, and in torment will they abide.


060.001. O ye who believe! Take not my enemies and yours as friends (or protectors), - offering them (your) love, even though they have rejected the Truth that has come to you, and have (on the contrary) driven out the Prophet and yourselves (from your homes), (simply) because ye believe in God your Lord! If ye have come out to strive in My Way and to seek My Good Pleasure, (take them not as friends), holding secret converse of love (and friendship) with them: for I know full well all that ye conceal and all that ye reveal. And any of you that does this has strayed from the Straight Path.


Bangladesh needs to play carefully in this game identifying the real intentions of every foreign proposal it receives. Because, a slight error could result in a huge disaster from which this country may not be able to recover. Look at Ethiopia today; it is now a house of one of the most expensive hotels and the largest and newest airports in the entire Africa, with a starving population on the other hand. Is that what Bangladesh wants to be too? The country has already been marked to be the most corrupted nations in the world two years in a row! Is it a matter of pride or shame?


Bangladesh, considering its size and population, is actually a resourceful country. But alas, very few Bangladeshi’s knows or believes this fact.


I still remember the day I went along with a cousin of mime to talk to a bank official to discuss the possibility of getting a loan for a paper tissue producing industry. But when the time came for actual process, both of us thought, does Bangladesh really have any need for this? Or are we going to create some disposables that would cause an environmental hazard? At that time we didn’t think of this idea as a feasible one. But now, after 19 years Bashundhara is manufacturing the tissue products with a huge market share. Did they think of the possible environmental pollution like we did? I don’t think so.


Then again, with a friend, I looked into the possibility of exporting fish to foreign countries. But then our conscience objected, should I really export the fish that could feed your own people? But does the fish exporters today care about its own people? I guess not.


Alas! Bangladeshis today do not have any heart or conscience. They would export anything for foreign currency even if there is a shortage of it at home. Greed has taken over our conscience; we no longer care about our country. All we care about is me, me and me. Unfortunately, this is the case for most nations today not just Bangladesh. Bangladesh is merely following a worldwide sickening trend. That is why all the nations are collapsing one by one under the supervision of IMF, World Bank and other similar UNO’s; because if it doesn’t happen, the New World Order would not materialize. The one-eyed devil (Dajjal) is at work to ensure the coming of that day. And it will surely come. I strongly encourage one to read “Bishayan, Tagut, Khilafah” by Mohammad Aminur Rahman available at Katabon Islamic Book Store at Katabon Masjid, Dhaka to learn more about this phenomenon.


In order to protect Bangladesh from the influence of the Dajjal, the country needs to get closer to Islam and its fundamentals. Not in a negative way, but in a positive way. And this can only be achieved through properly educating the Muslims using the original sources, namely the Qur’an and the Sunnah. No, not the translations, but the actual original sources in Arabic. Trust me there is no other way out. A nation like Bangladesh would not be able to defend itself from the invasion of Dajjal and its followers without the help of Allah and proper Islamic knowledge. Only through Islam we can create a shield that would protect us from the evil that is trying to infiltrate our system and way of life. Or else we will be lost like the other nations that have fallen victims to the plague.


For instance, India once was a patriotic nation boasting that “India is capable of producing everything, from needle to airplanes!”  Indeed, they did achieve a lot, only to loose it all later. Take Japan for example, this country was known for its conservativeness. Today, Japan is a pop nation losing all its originality to the West. And China? It too has now got the rots after opening the doors to the West. In all these countries, AIDS and immorality is running amok. In other words, they have reached a point of no return, they are pretty much finished.


Only the so called Muslim countries are still resisting the invasion of the Dajjal system. That’s why we see the system of Dajjal using all their powers to crush the resistance. Afghanistan was attacked under a false flag claiming that the Osama’s Al-Qida team carried out the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York; but could not produce a single proof to prove the accusation. Next they attacked Iraq saying the Saddam Hossain was getting ready to strike Europe and America with Weapons of Mass Destructions (WMD’s), which were never found. Now they have engaged Pakistan against the Talibans in neighboring Afghanistan. Iran is now on the spot for having the nuclear capabilities. And yes, rest assured, Bangladesh too will be on spot soon if it has not been yet, simply because majority of the populace are Muslims. Making it clear that this so called “War on Terrorism” is actually a “War on Islam”, make no mistake about it.


It is now time for you to choose your sides just like US President George Bush said “You are either with us or against us.” So, which one will it be? George Bush or Allah? Think about it before it’s too late.


002.209. If ye backslide after the clear (Signs) have come to you, then know that God is Exalted in Power, Wise.


009.071. The Believers, men and women, are protectors one of another: they enjoin what is just, and forbid what is evil: they observe regular prayers, practice regular charity, and obey God and His Apostle. On them will God pour His mercy: for God is Exalted in power, Wise.


002.111.  And they say: "None shall enter Paradise unless he be a Jew or a Christian." Those are their (vain) desires. Say: "Produce your proof if ye are truthful."


Recommended readings: (Most of the following books are available at Katabon Islamic Book Store at Katabon Masjid, Dhaka)


  1. Pobitra Koranae Jerusalem by Imran N. Hossain.
  2. Yahudi Chokranto by Abdul Khaleq.
  3. Dajjal by Ahmed Thomson, UK.
  4. Muslim Bishe Agrashon by Iqbal Kabir Mohon.
  5. Bishayan, Tagut, Khilafah by Muhammad Aminur Rahman.