What is love?


Javed Ahmad


Is it a bird that flies away in the blue?

If so, then how do we know which bird it is?

How do we catch that bird to keep it in a cage?


Can love be imprisoned?

If so, then why do we feel the need for freedom?

Then it is not a bird, nor should it be imprisoned.


Is it a flower that yields in the green?

If so, then how do you know which flower it is?

How do we pick the one to keep in a vase?


Can love be picked and kept in a vase?

If so, then why does the petals fall and die?

Then it is not a flower, it is more than that.


It is a feeling that goes out of control;

It is a joy that knows no bound;

It is a fantasy that never ends.


It is a fear that overtakes our mind;

It is a pain that squeezes the heart;

It is an emptiness that makes us cry.


It is a goodwill that knows no reasons;

It is a risk that we do not mind taking;

It is an honor for which we fight.


It is blindness that knows no color;

It is a dream we hope would materialize;

It is a passion that never dies.


It is a tide that floods the emotions;

It is a hope that keeps us alive;

It is a gift that we treasure in our hearts, until we die.