Response from a reader:

In response to a reader I wrote the following email. I content of the email is something I felt I should share with other readers as well. Because it explains few other areas of my thought influences.

Carol Valentine < > said:

> Yes, I realized that . . . I just wanted you to be aware that the 
> "We're just nice Jews, not Zionists" is the biggest load of bull yet. 
> Theodore Hertzl was a saint compared to LORD God of the OT.

> :-)

> Take care,

> Your supporter,

> Carol


Dear Carol:

Thank you for being so supportive. We need to be supportive to one another to keep going on exploring the truth by correcting each other.

Yes, I do understand what you are aiming at. Personally, I at this point in time, I also think some Jews are using this notion to find an easy escape. Otherwise, Why now? Why after 55 years? After all, it were the common Jewish folks who have been helping the Israeli Mossad in the US and around the world to achieve their goals, as we read in Victor's "By Way of Deception".

But still, we need to give some benefit of our doubts to some Jewish individuals. While I was living in New York City. I was employed by an Israeli Jew. I worked under two owners and they both treated me with respect and trust. I'm a Muslim, but yet, they and their families always liked me and trusted me. One time, one of the bosses even told me, "Javed, when you are here I can sleep at home peacefully." They knew very well that I would never betray them, and would look after their business as if it was my own. And that's exactly what I've done as long as I was with them during my student years, and even after.

In many occasion, we used to talk about politics and used to discuss many international issues with them during our free times. In many occasion, often times, they both admitted that what is going on in Israel is "not good". And they personally do not approve of it. In fact, they even said that they moved to US "because of" what was happening in Israel. They were also in favor of "peace" with the Palestinians.

Personally, I never felt discriminated or hatred from them for being a Muslim. In fact, often times, I felt they understood me better than a Christian! They were always understanding and supportive when I needed time off for my religious rituals and festivals, or school finals, etc.

Therefore, after my experience and exposure with them, I'm certain that there "are" some Jewish people who are like them. They are truly honorable and peaceful people as we are.

New York City is like a melting pot of human race. A great experiment that proves that "people" really do not have any problem with each other, it is their governments that have all the problems. People, regardless of their differences, gets along just fine. I had friends from many different countries, cultures, race, religion, and nationalities. And we all got along fine with each other. Yes, there are good and bad in every race and religion, but in general they are all good and peaceful people minding their own business. Except those who are in charge and control. Which we have now identified as "Zionists".

Today I've updated the article further. You may want to check it out again! Thanks. :)


Carol Valentine <> said:

> Javed: I was born in Brooklyn, NY and lived some of my adult life 
> there, had many Jewish friends, went to Jewish weddings, went to 
> seders, the whole nine yards. Jews loved me.

> I am quite sure that many Israelis hate what is going on there. In 
> fact, I know personally that many young Israelis are getting out. Of 
> course there is opposition to Sharon. All the more reason to suspect 
> the Israelis in control are setting up fake opposition groups. Even 
> American intelligence is smart enough to do that . . .

> If a "religious" Jew tells me he is opposed to Jewish world domination, 
> I would be incredulous. The Chosen People thesis is clearly expressed 
> in the OT and the Talmud. If a religious Jew does not believe in the 
> holy books of Judaism, in what sense is he a religious Jew?

> I've been to some of those websites allegedly run by religious Jews who 
> oppose Jewish world domination. Went to one about a week and a half 
> ago. I searched and searched for a OT or Talmud cite so I could learn 
> how on earth a religious Jew could oppose Jewish world domination. I 
> finally found a cite, so I looked it up in my Talmud here at home. I 
> use the Soncino. Guess what -- the cite was bogus. It did not say 
> what the "religious" Jews said it said.

> I suspect that most of the Israelis who oppose what is going on are not 
> very religious.

> How does this compare with your experience? Were your Jewish friends 
> Orthodox Jews who followed the Talmud, or just regular Jews?

> Carol

**Your arguments are strong. No counter argument is possible. Yes, you assumed it right, they were not 'religious' Jews, just regular folks. To them, like many, religion is just a label. :)

You have made a very important point. Which makes me to wonder, "What good is a religion that cannot be followed? What good is a religion that do not allow peace and harmony among nations?" If a religion is the cause of all trouble, then that religion ought to be dropped.