Why I left US ?

by Javed Ahmad

Many people ask me this question. And it is now becoming a matter of irritation for me. Therefore, I'm now seeking a way to answer all inquisitive quarters which will be accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week. And the solution is - The Internet!

I'm posting this article on the internet for the people who want to know my reason for not choosing to live in the US. As always, I welcome arguments and comments from anyone who wants to probe further into this matter. But as far as I am concerned, my this article is more than complete.

Reason # 1:

Freemasonic America: Like Britain and France, America is also a Freemasonic country. What is Freemasonry ? If you are really curious, just find some time to visit your local public library and try to find some books and articles on "Freemasonry". However, to enable you to understand the message of this article, I'll present a little bit of information about it.

"Masonry, or Freemasonry, is the largest and oldest of the secret societies, and still today is one of the most powerful groups on earth. Certainly in the past it was difficult to hold a position of power in most nations without having undergone the initiatory rites of Masonry, or one of the related secret societies" (Still:21).

If you happen to have a US one dollar bill in your pocket, please pull it out now and pay close attention to the other side of the image of George Washington. What is the history behind the Great Seal of the United States ? What does that symbol with an eye in a triangle on top a pyramid signifies ? Simply, they signify the power and control of the Freemansory. The symbol of an "eye" inside a triangle has a meaning. And the meaning is, "The secret mission of Freemasonry". "The strange and fascinating history of the Great Seal of the United States has been included in this study because, One, the symbolism of the Meditation Room mural centers around the All-Seeing Eye which also appears above the pyramid on the reverse side of the Great Seal; Two, both sides of the Seal are prominent features of the mosaic window in the Prayer Room in the United States Capitol; Three, the All-Seeing Eye is symbolized in the Temple of Understanding; and Four, both sides of the Seal appear on the one dollar bill because of the same occult influence as was involved in the establishment of the Meditation Room, Prayer Room and the Temple of Understanding" (Spenser:23).

The triangle mania is out there. Take AOL's symbol for instance, the triangle and the "O" which looks like an "eye" inside the triangle...see what I mean ? Do your homework to learn more about the messages of these symbols if you care.

Freemasonry is an anti-humanitarian and anti-religious cult. Its motive is to dehumanize people and to exploit them as "slaves". "Lies and Deception" are the maneuvering methods of this cult. "It is right to lie, if necessary, to protect the "secrets" of the Lodge, or to protect another Mason by concealing his wrongdoing. It can even be "right" to deliberately deceive sincere Masons seeking to learn the lessons and "secrets" of Masonry" (Shaw:137).

It is a secret organization supported by atheists. The members of this organization comes from different backgrounds and color. Today's Freemasonry is multi-cultural and multi-racial. "New World Order" is their motto, which aims at full control and dominance of the world. "Although Masonry claims members in every corner of the globe, the vast majority of the six million members world wide reside in the United States and Great Britain. Masons themselves are proud of their influence. One high-ranking Mason, Manly Hall, wrote, "It is beyond question that the secret societies of all ages have exercised a considerable degree of political influence...Hall then urges his readers to, "...join those who are really the living powers behind the thrones of modern national and international affairs."" (Still:21).

Freemasonry traces its roots from the legend of the Atlantis. "According to Masonic sources, the most important mystery of secret societies is an ancient plan, passed down for thousand of years by oral tradition, for the establishment of a world government - a "universal democracy" - a "New Atlantis"...Most people believe that the legend of Atlantis in only a myth...Whether or not one believes in the Atlantean legend, it certainly exists in literature. There is only one source of the Atlantis legend outside of Masonic circles - the account written by Plato about 400 BC This account is said to be derived from an earlier oral account originating with a Greek philosopher named Solon, known as the father of the Greek democracy.

Solon was told the story of Atlantis around 595 BC while studying with the priests of the Temple of Isis located in Sais, Egypt. The legend was passed in oral tradition for several generations before Plato heard it and wrote it down in the traditional form of the day, called a "dialogue". This dialogue is known as the "Critias".

Although the account in the Critias is the oldest available reference to the legendary kingdom, it seems that additional information about Atlantis is still possessed by the highest initiates of the secret societies. Hall, a thirty-third degree Mason, the highest publicly known Masonic ranking, gives us a detailed account of his own concerning just how Solon acquired his knowledge of Atlantis in his 1944 book, The Secret Destiny of America" (Still:41-2).

Freemasonry is based on fantasy. The dreamers of Atlantis has/had no knowledge on Geography. As per their claim, the great continent Atlantis was located between today's North America and Europe. In other words, it was in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean somewhere. Which is impossible! The land curves of North America, South America, Europe and Africa shows clearly that those continents were joined together as "One" main land. And there is no room for the so-called Atlantis. If it was truly a lost continent, then the landscape would definitely show that missing land piece. Which fortunately doesn't appear to be so. Besides, many expeditions were carried out under the ocean to find traces of the lost Atlantis. And nothing has ever been found. Therefore, the concept of Atlantis is nothing but a myth or imagination. However, it could very much be an ancient prophecy, foretold by the seers of the past. Which is passed on to the generations orally till written down by Plato. And today's America is the fulfillment of that prophecy.

If that is the case, then as per the prophecy, this New Atlantis will be destroyed and will sink. "Solon was told that the mysterious columns were all that was left of the ancient Atlantean culture to guide the future "government of nations". However, what Hall and Masons fail to point out is that this supposedly "ideal pattern of government" led to the destruction of old Atlantis. Can there be any doubt that if such a government is ever reinstalled, it will bring about the same tragic result?" (Still:43).

"The One Eyed Dajjal", as prophesied by our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) signifies the uncontrollable power of a group which were to take control over the world dominance: The One Eye over the Pyramid. The power of the "American Dollar" is now undisputed. "The US Dollar" has already become a standard in world finance. Today money can buy anything. "Kufr is at war with Islam. Islam is at war with Kufr. Dajjal will fight the Mahdi. The Mahdi will fight Dajjal. The prophet Jesus, who was not crucified, but taken by Allah out of this world into the Unseen, and another who looked like him crucified in his place, the prophet Jesus, on him be peace, having returned to this world, will kill Dajjal" (Thomson:4).

With the help of another secret organization - The CIA, US has secretly created the groundwork over the years. It is the CIA which masterminds all the plots and implements them around the world. And once the "situation" is created, US government deals with the problem publicly to create its "Good Guys" image. And the people around the world accepts the "bluff" happily without even knowing the background history. And considers America a "Hero and Savior". "We fought what we called a "quasi-war" with France, but France had been our ally and then Napoleon practically gave us Louisiana - and there was French food and French fashions to admire. We fought wars with Mexico and with Spain, and took what we wanted - Texas, California, Puerto Rico and the Philippines - but our enmity was short-lived. We fought two wars with Germany and then, although her crimes were "unforgivable", rebuilt her both times and made her our ally. We dropped atomic bombs on Japan, but made her our ally, too, and our protégé until she became our economic rival. We never went to war with Russia. Indeed, she had supported the American War for Independence and sided with the Union during the Civil War and practically gave us Alaska; and how much longer might World War II have lasted if it were not for the Soviet Union siding with the Allied powers? But then it was not the Soviet Union alone became our national enemy, but rather communism - an enemy easy to conjure up and to hate. Fear of communism, hatred of the national enemy, united all parties, all religions, and above all, all interests. And so the Cold War deepened and spread from Europe to Asia to Cuba and Nicaragua..." (Moyers:xxi).

Freemasonry is pushing the world to an utmost danger. And I just could not accept the notion that, I'll live and work hard in the US, pay more than 50% of my income as taxes, which would go towards all the evil activities, as explained below:

a. Part of my tax contributions would go towards the evil Foreign Policy which uses CIA as a tool and which aims at nothing but world control.

b. Part of my tax contributions would go to Israel as part of the $10 billion "Grant", not a loan, per year officially. As per the pamphlet, "US taxpayers subsidize killing of Palestinians" distributed by American Council for Palestine Affairs in New York, the total aid to Israel is US$10 million a day! Not to mention the other grants that goes unofficially from the private individuals and corporations. "Many believe that our biblical obligation to support Israel pays off not only spiritually, but financially. If Israel did not stand in the gap in the Middle East, warding off Soviet aggression, the US military would have to do the same thing, at staggering cost. Thus, they claim, the roughly three billion we give Israel annually is one of the best "defense contracts" imaginable" (Pike:279).

c. Part of my tax contributions would go the "Star Wars" - the secret military project. The project that aims at destroying "Islam" and "Muslims" around the world. In other words, I'll be paying for my own destruction!

d. Part of my tax contributions would be used for "Corporation Bailouts", the corporations which acts as tools for CIA. "...the Enterprise was designed to make money" (Moyers:23).

e. The same corporations which supports the "Media" to propagate the Freemasonic immoral and dehumanizing ideologies as a method of "Public Brain Washing". Aiming at destroying Family Values, and moral fiber of the societies around the world. Freemasonry was innovated by a group of "bastards"!? "If one man can be singled out as the person most responsible for the colonization of America, the honor would certainly fall to the head of both Masonry and Rosecrucianism of his era, Sir Francis Bacon. In the early 1600's Bacon authored a novel entitled "New Atlantis", which laid out the idea for a utopian society across the ocean from Europe where mankind could build a new civilization based upon the principles he believed to be those of the legendary lost continent of Atlantis...Born only sixty-nine years after Columbus "discovered" America, Bacon's parentage is very controversial...Bacon's father, Dudley, was secretly married to Elizabeth before she became Queen in 1558 at age twenty-five. It is well known that Elizabeth wanted to marry Dudley openly, ...Throughout her reign, Elizabeth was haunted by this persistent rumor that she had given birth to bastard children, Bacon being the most prominent" (Still:46-7).

Therefore, they want to pave a way for more "bastards" to be born by people's immoral behavior. So that it would become easier and faster for them to reach their objectives and ancient goals. Take the internet for instance, just look at the pornographic and obscene web sites that are popping up here and there all over the internet. And where are these computer servers located ? Majority of them are in the US of course. Their aim is to flood the world with pornography!

Judeo-Christian societies around the world has been made to accept the concept of "Common Law" opening the door to "promiscuity". The institution of "marriage" has been mocked and discouraged. This concept now allows people to change partners at will without seeking "divorce", simply because they aren't married! Marriage is an "open permit" for a couple to start a conjugal life, recognized by the civilized societies. It carries some duties and responsibilities. And the "Common Law" challenges this very concept. Common Law has no religious base. The Bible or the Torah does not support it. Therefore, it is a Freemasonic concept introduced by them to demoralize people and create menace in the society. This is the root of the concept of "Free Sex".

This is just one example of intrusion of Freemasonry in the Judeo-Christian religions. They made every possible attempts to change and concoct the religious teachings. The concept of "Crusade" is another one. This concept of "crusade" was innovated and applied to motivate and organize the mass in Europe against Islam, as Islam was the only philosophy in the world that opposes their concept and intentions. "Dodd concluded from his study that these tax-exempt foundations - by virtue of the fact that they pay for these studies - lay at the heart of a group determined to destroy the United States. These educational changes were applied very gradually, so as not to alarm the general American populace, but they have been documented...Masonry is still very active in the area of education. An excellent book on the subject is Paul A. Fisher's "Behind the Lodge Door""(Still:181).

See! It is a Great Chain Reaction at work!! And you all are not even aware of it.

Reason # 2:

Israel - The son of America: America's blind support for Israel signifies the power and influence of strong Jewish lobby in the US political arena. It also signifies that the majority leaders of the Freemasonry are either Jews or from Jewish background.

Without America, there is no Israel. Israel is surviving on America's grand donations and blind military support. Now the fifth largest military power in the world, equipped with over 100 active nuclear warheads. "It is hardly a secret that Israel possesses nuclear weapons, Experts now generally focus their discussion about circumstances under which that country will publicly admit that, and what delivery systems she has developed by her own, besides missiles and aircraft provided by the US. Paul Jabber writes, "A sophisticated and, regionally, very significant means of delivery has been developed together with a nuclear weapons option that can be converted into a capability at short notice." (Not By War Alone, University of California, Berkely, 1981, p.30)" (Sharfi:5).

How was Israel created ? And why ? Israel was created forcefully on Palestine immediately after the end of the Second World War to solve the "Jewish Problem" of Europe. Along with the US, Britain, France and former USSR took active part in this process. Since then Israel has grown as the 5th largest military power of the world.

"The first time the Mossad came calling, they wanted Victor Ostrovsky for their assassination unit, the Kidon...The next time, he agreed to enter the grueling three-year training program to become a Katsa, or intelligence case officer, for the legendary Israeli spy organization...Penetrating far deeper than the bestselling "Every Spy a Prince", it is an insider's account of Mossad tactics and exploits...In chilling detail, Ostrovsky asserts that the Mossad refused to share critical knowledge of a planned suicide mission in Beirut, leading to the death of hundreds of U.S. Marines and French troops. He tells how they tracked Yasser Arafat by recruiting his driver and bodyguard; how they withheld information on the whereabouts of American hostages, paving the way for the Iran-Contra scandal; and how their intervention into secret UN negotiations let to the sudden resignation of ambassador Andrew Young and the downfall of his career.

By Way of Deception describes the shocking scope and depth of the Mossad's influence, disclosing how Jewish communities in the U.S., Europe, and South America are armed and trained by the organization in secret "self-defense" units, and how Mossad agents facilitate the drug trade in order to pay the enormous costs of its far-flung, clandestine operation. And it portrays a network that has grown dangerously out of control...This document is possibly the most important and controversial book of its kind since "Spycatcher" (From the introduction of the book called, "By Way of Deception - The Making and unmaking of a Mossad Officer")

The injustice that has been done to the Palestinians and the Arab world has still remained un-judged. There is no way America can justify its creation and support of Israel other than being a "bully". Thus the oppression of Palestine continued for more than 50 years now. This is not only an insult to Islam and Muslims, but also to all peace loving people of the world. "We are now ready to ask the inevitable question: does modern Israel really have a scriptural basis for its occupation of Palestine? The answer is - it does not" (Pike:272).

Reason # 3:

Anti-Islam: The Holy Qur'an commands Muslims to "Enjoin good, and forbid evil...", whereas Freemasonry dictates just the opposite. Therefore, they are open enemies to each other. The Saints against the Devils, the Good against the Bad.

It doesn't take long for the Freemason controlled film industry to produce a film "as per their need". Film industry has been effectively used as a method for public brain washing to achieve a desired goal. How many films have been produced on the theme if "anti-Islam" ? And what are the messages ? In all the movies produced in connection to Islam, portrays Islam an ancient Arab religion, whose followers are barbaric in nature, uncivilized, and militant. The sincere followers are therefore nothing but a bunch of "Terrorists". Have you seen the movie called "Terminator" ? What was the message of the story ? A "love child" (bastard) is to be the leader of the future world ! Show me a single great man or woman who is a bastard. A person born in "guilt and sin" cannot be great. He or she is bound to have some serious problems - emotional or mental, if not physical.

Yes, it is true that Anti-US sentiment is present in the Islamic world. But does anyone care to know why ? It is due to "Israel". The atrocities that is going on in Israel over the Palestinians has caused anger and grief towards the founder of Israel - The US. Instead of doing justice, US has stepped up their anti-Islamic propaganda to gain public support for their continued oppression there. And the rest of the world is also blind towards it - a great achievement for the Freemasonry indeed!

How can I live and work in country where I being a Muslim will be identified as a potential "terrorist" just because I practice "Islam" ? I realized that the freemasons would never leave me alone as long as I'll live in the US. They will always keep their Big Brotherly "One Eye" open toward me with full suspicion as a "potential danger".

As far as I am now concerned, US is the biggest terrorist in the world. They want to continue their terrorist activities around the world without facing any retribution. They do not like anyone who criticizes their system and methodologies. They say, "In order to live in Rome, one must be like a Roman". I ask, "Even if the Romans are wrong ?"

America do not care about the Muslims who do not care about Islam. If you are one of those Muslims who do not practice Islam, this message is not for you. You can continue to live like a hypocrite ignoring all the facts presented here.

Reason # 4:

Immigration: In America, one can live for decades and still be "illegal". American immigration system encourages lying and falsification of documents to earn permanent residency - which is popularly know as the "Green Card". This Green Card project of the US Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) is geared towards producing criminal immigrants, in order to have the option to black mail them later in need. Therefore, the people who have earned their Green Cards by falsification are at risk. Even if they have become US citizens now. Thanks to computers which reveals all data with a press of a button.

And those who are unwilling to play by the rule are living there in tremendous hardships and mental agony. For not having proper documentation, they cannot hold good responsible and permanent jobs. They do not qualify for any benefits like, Unemployment, Medicaid, Welfare, Student Aid, etc. Thus they live a very insecure and a miserable life there. Many of them haven't seen their families for years, just because they do not have the freedom to travel. For them, their travel is only one way back home. Their personal and economical conditions back home do not readily allow them to go back home at will. As a result they live a miserable life with no rights and freedom. They make living on low paying odd jobs which doesn't take them anywhere. Most of them send their hard earned money back home to support their families having left with next to nothing for themselves.

I've witnessed all these miseries myself, and I just could not take it anymore. It is absolutely inhuman.

Reason # 5:

Dangers of US citizenship: On the surface it may look very lucrative to carry a US passport. But in actuality it is quite dangerous.

a. US citizens are also required to enlist in the Selective Service. which means, at the time of war, they might get drafter or called. And at that time they will have no choice but join the army.

b. Due to CIA's worldwide secret terrorist activities, US has earned a bad reputation. Especially in the Middle East and the South America's. Which makes a US citizen very risky to travel around the world. They are likely to become the first targets by their enemy terrorists.

Reason # 6

Demoralization: It appears to me that America has a secret agenda of demoralizing innocent and good unsuspecting people. Often times I wondered, why all these good people, when they come and live in USA lose their goodness ? What causes them to become bad and immoral ? And the answer is simple, it is the system that changes people. And if the system fails, then secret plots and conspiracies are played against the person (s) to set them up in traps. Once they fall into the trap, then they tend to give up their ethics and morality. They tend not to care about anything good anymore. I have seen many good and one time pious people have gone bad, became unethical and immoral after living in the US for sometime. These people seems to have lost their hearts and feelings. And they have become hard hearted, selfish and greedy. How many truly good people have you seen in the States?

Reason # 7

America- the land of the spies: In America, anyone who critizes the system, i.e., the politics, economics, or the government, becomes a target of the FBI. No matter how well one mean, no matter how constructive the criticism may be, once they lay their eyes on you, that's it, you'll become their prey for life. On the 10th of December, 1998, the editorial entitled "Snooping On Old Blue Eyes" appeared on The Hartford Courant newspaper published from Hartford, CT, USA; which says, "...Chilling, but not surprising. The nation's top law enforcement agency has files on citizens great and small, from Mr. Sinatra and Martin Luther King Jr. to students who protested against the Vietnam War to anyone who looked threatening to the agency...the FBI at times acted as our KGB- the old Soviet security agency that made citizens' private lives their business...Needless to say, government's collection of personal information unrelated to crimes is profoundly undemocratic. Citizens can see their own files, though the material may be edited to protect the FBI's informants and methods of collecting information. The files become subject to freedom-of-information requests only upon a persons death. That's how we now know that the FBI loved to collect trivia and personal information on people even if the data were not related to any federal crime...The public already knows that the FBI recorded the bedroom activities of Mr. King, the civil-rights leader...Release of the Sinatra FBI dossier is a reminder that intrusive and paranoid government officials can trample liberty, even in a democracy. Americans must resist the temptation to excuse law enforcement agencies from overreaching..." The agency itself is not the only worry, it becomes worse when the agents becomes jealous against someone for personal reasons. The July 1999 issue of Vancouver Computes! reported on page 20 under the title, "They're listening", "Australia is the first country to admit that it intercepts and monitors the private and commercial international communications of private citizens and companies. The disclosure was made by Martin Brady, Director of the Defense Signals Directorate (DSD) in Canberra...DSD has also linked the United States, Canada, Britain, and New Zealand in the surveillance." No freedom and privacy in the so-called Free Countries!

The great democratic model "America" is actually a great prison where no one is safe and spared. Every intelligent person who is aware of his/her surroundings is bound to become a victim of paranoia. The fear of "Big Brother" has finally become a reality. They are actually watching you everywhere you go as prophesised in the novel "1984". Would any sane person accept this knowingly ?

As I can see, America is digging it's own grave. The fear of the "Bomb" which was predicted by Nostradamus caused a serious impact on the American Foreign Policy. The Jewish backed Freemasonry has managed to brain wash the American people that the implied bomb is a nuclear bomb and will be used by the Muslim terrorist group. Therefore, all the brains and wealth are being used to destroy the Muslims and Islam. They suspect that Islam is the only force, which is capable to stand up on their way. But they don't seem to realize that all these will happen due to oppression against Islam and Muslims, which started the day Israel, was established.

If ever, any Muslim country manages to drop a nuclear bomb in the US, the action will be fully justified and understood. But that is very unlikely. Because, none of the Muslim countries possess such capabilities. Those who managed to create a bomb do not have the technology to launch that bomb up to that range. But can they develop such capability? Yes, they might; but not without help.

United States, which was considered "lucky" for being geographically apart from the rest of the world, has now become a "curse". Today America is a "beautiful" and "safe" target for nuclear testing for being geographically isolated. And for being a Military Superpower, the only practical option left for its enemy is to attack US with nuclear bombs. Because, US cannot be won by conventional military war techniques. America today is too well prepared for that with established and fully functional military bases all around the world.

My best guess is, it would be Israel who would bomb US. Israel is the only country, which has the capacity to launch nuclear attack against US. Now why would its son initiate an attack ? Eventually, the "Super Power" struggle will erupt between these two countries. In order to claim Israel's military supremacy, Israel would have no choice but to seek to destroy US by nuclear attack. And in a thermo-nuclear war, size of a country doesn't matter. All that matter is who pushes the button first. "The greatest power in this world is not a Jewish conspiracy to attain world control but the power of the Holy Spirit to restrain the full expression of Antichrist until his time is come" (Pike:293). Therefore, I'm not the only one who thought of this possibility.

Israel like America, also shares the same dream of world domination. The Israelis being Jews, considers themselves to be the "Chosen People". Which gives them a sense of pride and a desire to dominate and control the world. To seek revenge on age old events that took place some generations before. The Dajjal or the One Eyed Devil - whom they will adhere as a "Prophet" when it will appear. This promised Messiah (as they will suppose and approve) will take over the leadership of that nation. And with its magical powers, will terrorize the world. He would claim himself to be a God; and would demand total submission of all mankind to his service. People of all faith around the world will shake in fear.

In America, however, Freemasonry is not the only cult in play. There appears to be another great cult in action which is identified as the "Roman Catholic Church". Mr. Tony Alamo of Holy Alamo Christian Church of California in his booklet called "The Setup" tries to tell us so. "The impact of Catholic Hitler's seizure of power on the German judicial system was swift and drastic, but not nearly as drastic as the same tyrannical power of Rome and the UN in the world's courtrooms today. Then the Enabling Law of 24 March 1933 authorized the executive to issue decrees with the force of law and provide that these "decree laws" could deviate from the Weimar Constitution. (This is being done with all of Rome's energies today by Vatican controlled judges, endorsed by US Presidents, who ignore the Constitution and Congress' permission, and rely solely by order on the Vatican controlled UN for permission to declare war abroad, or domestically, on those that don't see eye-to-eye with the Pope's regime and the incredibly brutal nature of its religious, insatiable, relentless effort to rule the world in the name of false peace and safety which the Vatican deceptively preaches.) True Christians have never in history started one war. Catholicism is the exact opposite of Christianity...The Roman Catholic church in the book of Revelation is spiritually called Jezebel, which in the Greek language means "false prophet, false doctrine."...Today's American citizen believes that the Constitutional safeguards are still intact and functioning. They don't know (as do all judges, attorneys, and some of the local police officers) that very gradually, behind their backs, the citizen's lawful right to a fair trial, and their power as a juror, has secretly been removed...The Catholic media makes light of the possibility of a Catholic Nazi revival's existence in the midst of today's shambles...Today, American police officers say, "Those 'in the know' understand clearly that we, the US citizens, are facing the Vatican's new Fourth Reich. Let's compare the five aforementioned judicial guidelines which were to have guaranteed a just and free system in America, with the manner in which today's secret injustice system works."...Law enforcement officers know that if any of these type individuals come before the court, it is assured, with few exceptions, that the jury decision in those select cases will be expertly, precisely, and secretly controlled (and decided) by the government agent/judge...Historically the Vatican has tried to silence the Bible so that seekers could not find salvation or read the prophesies of the anti-Christ's evil deeds, so no one can tell that she is Satan's church, and that the UN is Satan's government. The fact that the Vatican has tried to destroy the Bible is well-known now. That's why she has viciously come up with all the new versions of the Bible which totally pervert the truth...Father Jeremiah J. Crowley, in a book he had written entitled "Romanism. A Menace to the Nation", available in the office of the librarian of Congress, Washington, D.C. states, "It would require a large volume to contain even part of the evidence manifested regarding, both by declarations and by acts, of Roman Catholic persistent policies to suppress all knowledge of the Sacred Scriptures. In 1198 Pope Innocent III issued a decree that all who read the Bible should be put to death. This death penalty for having or reading a Bible was echoed to the fourteenth century. In the reign of the 'Bloody Mary', tons of Bibles were used as fuel by the Catholics to burn the Christian martyrs, and it was said by the Roman Catholic hierarchy that 'no burnt offerings could be more pleasing to Almighty God.'

This same sentiment for the sacred, Holly Word of God was echoed by Pius VII in 1816, Leo XII in 1825, and in 1830, Pius VIII said yes to the same blasphemy. Gregory XVI, in 1844, ordered the priests to destroy the Bibles. Pius IX echoed the same sentiment toward the Bible, Bible-believing Christians, and Bible societies."...There's thousands of pictures in hundreds of books and movie reels of Catholic nuns, priests, bishops and cardinals wearing Nazi swastika armbands and carrying Nazi swastikas on poles marching in parades with Ustashi stormtroopers for bodyguards, running along-side the parade with sub-machine gunsin their hands, exactly as you see the Pope using today wherever he goes. Only today, they call the Catholic Ustashi storm-troopers "Swiss Guards", and today, they use "uzzies" instead of the old guns. These are the ones behind the scenes demanding gun control. They want to be the only with guns to control you. Nice set up ? They and the deceived think so! If you'd like to have some of this material, we'd be happy to tell you how to acquire it. Dozens of the pictures I am describing can be found in the book, "The Vatican's Holocaust", Avro Manhattan, Ozark books."

Don't buy Tony Alamo? Okay then consider this, the news published in the Vancouver Sun on July 15, 1999 entitled, "Satan has entered Vatican, prelate claims", which says, "An Italian prelate who co-authored a book about alleged widespread sex, power and cronyism inside the Vatican said Wednesday that Satan has "entered the Church"...The book accuses the Vatican of careerism, Freemasonry, sex and corruption. It has sold 100,000 copies since its publication in Italy in February".

Freemasonry, which actually evolved secretly during the time of brutal oppression by the Roman Catholic Church (under the leadership of Roman agent Paul) on the true followers of Jesus the Christ ( believing Jews or the early Christians). In the passage of time, became a major rival against the Roman Catholic Church. The rivalry which caused two World Wars. Ironically, today, they seemed to have found a common goal and a common enemy (after creation of Israel), which is "Islam".

That's all I will tell you now. Rest of it will follow as the events unfold. I guess it is pretty much inevitable, nothing much we can do now. Let the mystery unfold itself in the passage of time. The Muslims whom you all have identified as an "enemy", will appear as the "savior" someday. And those Muslims will not be the ones you see around you (as they are not Muslims anymore, rather hypocrites), they will be the "band of new group of Muslims" who will revolutionize the world. After that the world will not know war anymore, the whole of mankind will unite to live in "Peace", i.e., "Islam". The secret preparation for the Armageddon by the US and the West will eventually face a fair trial. And the war which they are hoping that "cannot be lost", will be lost severely.

Under the circumstances, I was left with no choice but to leave US without any hesitation. I now cannot return to America (as many of my well wishers are wishing) unless and until United States does something about the accusations presented above. Secret plots works well against the disbelieving people, but it is ineffective against the saints. As saints are the friends of God, and they are protected by Him. Do not declare war against God, else you will all perish.

My dear reader, please take this message as a warning. As you too will be asked questions on this matter on the Day of Judgment if you are a believer. "O Allah, please bear witness that I've shared the mystery of the past, present and the future with my best ability as you have shared with me, Amen."

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