Zionism: The Root of All Evil

Compiled by Javed Ahmad

The following article inspired me to compile this page. Before we begin exploring the topic, let first read the article that appeared on Kavkaz website. This is the true copy of the article.

Jews: Zionism is cause of instability in the world

This coming Sunday a group of anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews will be rallying against Zionism and the Zionist State that will be celebrated by marchers in their so-called Israel Day Parade.

The Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews will proclaim their loyalty to pure Judaism and their opposition to Zionist heresy, which violates every principle of the Jewish religion. These people believe that the idolatrous Zionist ideology has nothing to do with Orthodox Jews, and that Jews are obligated by Judaism to live in peace and harmony with all other nations throughout the world, including Palestinian natives of course.

Pure Judaism proclaims that we are to accept the decree of Exile of G-d and live among the nations in every corner of the Earth, and we must not establish a State thus attempting to end the divinely ordained Exile.

Pure Judaism forbids uprooting the natives of the Holy Land, it proclaims its principles of humanity and justice and demands total restoration of all human, civil, economic and political rights of the Palestinians, including the right of return of all Palestinians to their homes in historic Palestine, thereby enabling Palestine to be governed by its original native inhabitants», – their group’s statement says, which was published on Khilafah.com internet edition.

«These principles are essential ingredients of Judaism, and no amount of Zionism brainwashing of many Jews throughout the world and Zionist media propaganda can ever do away with these eternal principles. We declare to all non-Jews who believe that support for Zionist idolatry and ethnic cleansing demonstrates sympathy for the Jewish People that this is a grave error!!

We beseech all well-meaning non-Jews to understand the truth of what Judaism teaches, and we encourage our fellow Jews to resist the incessant hysterical and paranoia-filled propaganda of the Zionists, their heresy and their xenophobia, and learn the truth of what Judaism is and what Zionism is.

The statement also says: «Zionism is the cause of bloodshed in the Middle East and hatred of Jews throughout the world».

Department of Cooperation and Mass Media,

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Now let's see what people are thinking and talking about. On June 11, 2003, the following letter appeared at http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/letters.html page:


Mike, the link to Kavkaz on your website www.whatreallyhappened.com was referring to the last demonstration with the photos from last Sunday in NY. Keep checking the websites below, especially the first, which will provide updates for the demonstrations upcoming. Perhaps attach a link to the websites in your daily news list on your website: 






I was watching BBC World yesterday evening (always do when I am ironing the clothes because it gives me a lot of aggressive energy, CNN does the job even better, but aside from that...) the anchor man said that it had been a Palestinian disguised as an orthodox Jew who had had the bomb on his body. The Palestinians must have a specialist for weaving in hair locks because most Palestinians don't have long forelocks. So watch out all you Palestinian hairdressers the Shin Bet are after you too. 

They are bringing the orthodox Jews into this quite a lot lately, maybe they are planning on cracking down on them too because a lot of them are against Zionism and the occupation of Palestine. 

The "event" looked very stage-managed with people running around and gesticulating and somehow managing to keep the cameramen a long way away from the bus which rather looked as if it had been bashed up a bit by a bulldozer. There were no firefighters around, I didn't see any blood, although there must have been a lot of glass and nails flying (this was a nail-bomb, they said), didn't see much glass either. Most of the victims were decidedly un-bloody around the face, one lady on a stretcher, who was just being unloaded from an "American Magen David" ambulance, did have lots of blood all over her face but there was none on her clothes or on the stretcher. 

Why don't the Palestinians use remote-controlled trolleys with bombs on them to attack the occupiers, that shouldn't be too hard to do, and then they would live to fight another day, which is much more in keeping with the doctrine of Islam. It is also pretty obvious which religion/dogma prefers to commit suicide or to suicide others to prove their point, remember Massada and the zealots. 

Have a nice day (as you Americans say) 
There has always been a great deal of hostility between the orthodox Jews and the Zionists. Israel is probably eager for a way to weaken them politically as well. 

Yes, that's indeed is the case. "Pure Judaism" is quite different from the Zionist Judaism. I've dealt with it in a separate article "When Religion is Just a Label". So, I would not repeat anything that I've already covered there. Instead, I'll focus on the area I've haven't covered elsewhere.

Americans and the British have given the Zionists too much of credit. They even went as far as calling them the "brilliant breed of people". What I would like to ask is, if they are so 'brilliant' then why did the USA, UK, USSR, and most of European nations had to help create, support and maintain Israel? If they are so 'brilliant' then why those countries even after 50 years still support Israel with military and economic aid? If they are so 'brilliant' then why do most of the Zionists still have to live in the supporting nations instead of Israel?

You know what? The answer is simple. They are not as 'brilliant' as you might think they are. Zionists are the back stabbers. They capitalize on deception. They are incapable of living independently on their own. In the past two thousand years or more, they never had a country or nation of their own. They always lived under a foreign power. Without the help of the USA, I don't think Israel would last even a month.

2/25/03 Israel urges U.S. help to bolster economy. Israel claims to be an independent Jewish state. Measured against that Claim, Israel is a total failure. It has never been independent, never able to stand on its own feet. Every time Israel asks for more money from the US (now totaling four times the entire cost of the Apollo Moon Program) Israel advertises to the world that it is a DEPENDENT state, unable to survive without massive infusions of cash and weapons from the US. And, so long as the US keeps sending such vast amounts of wealth to Israel, Israel's government will never be motivated to learn how to be self-sufficient. Like an overage child still living at home with overindulgent parents, Israel will never grow up to be the independent state it proclaims itself to be. 

And that's the whole trick. Israel knows this very well. That's why they are still living in the Western world and some resource rich African countries, and will continue to do so to exploit the wealth, resources in those countries to continue to support and maintain Israel.

Now the question is, how do they manage to do this? It would appear to be a complex thing if I leave the matter to you to figure out yourself. So here are some hints.

Hollywood: Who controls Hollywood? Who are the producers, directors and actors there? What are their background? What kind of movies do they make? What are the messages there?

The Zionists have used and still use motion pictures to brainwash the public, big time. They have created movies like the Schindler's List, Jacob the Liar, Life is Beautiful, and many more to use and re-use at the time of crisis. Haven't you noticed that whenever there is an out cry of so called 'anti-Semitism', the TV stations continuously and randomly plays those movies to develop and maintain public sympathy for the Jews and the Zionists? If you haven't, then pay close attention next time.

The whole point of the "anti-Semite" screech is that it is designed to have no reply. It's just a way to dodge the facts in a debate, given that the facts are against Israel. Your UN example is a typical case. Like it or not, and even with the US vetoing Security Council Resolutions as fast as they can be typed up, the fact is that Israel has defied more UN Resolutions than Iraq did. There is no answer to that fact, so Israel's supporters just scream "anti-Semite" and act like they have won the argument, hoping you'll be so shamed you will shut up. The good news is that Israel's supporters have pulled that "anti-Semite" crap so much lately that it has lost its effect, and the best way to deal with such a smear is to ignore it like it didn't happen and just keep addressing the facts. Israel has define more UN Resolutions than Iraq. Just keep repeating it over and over and over until it becomes obvious that the "anti-Semite" smear is being used to avoid the facts and to try to shut you up. Just ignore it and those around you will take the cue that smears are something unimportant compared to the facts. Being called an "anti-Semite" matters only if you act like it matters. If you shrug it off and go back to the facts, Israel's supporters have lost their most effective censorship weapon. 

I want to add to the comments of the reader who said: 

"This administration seems to be mass marketing terrorism, just as Disney mass markets their movies. Speaking of movies, remember in “Back to the Future”, when Marty McFly watched Doc get riddled with bullets by crazy Libyan terrorists hanging out of the windows of an old blue van, carrying rocket propelled grenades and fully automatic machine guns?. We all knew terrorism existed back then but we weren’t losing sleep over it, hell, we were able to laugh at it occasionally. " 

Finally someone else noticed that besides me! When I was 11 that movie came out, but before I went to see the movie, my mother had bought me the Berkley Publishing Inc. tie-in book, by George Gipe. I didn't notice it then, but when I rediscovered the book in an old box in my closet and re-read it this year, I noticed that the book has quite a few chillingly obvious Zionist propaganda passages! 

EXHIBIT A: Beginning of Chapter Four, describing the Libyan terrorists, conspiring to kill Doc Brown (This part wasn't presented at all in the movie version): 

"Shortly after three o'clock on the afternoon of October 26,1985, the swarthy man who was known only as Sam received the coded message from his superior officer. As he read it, his anger grew, until his dark moody eyes flashed vengefully. 'We've been taken in,' he said simply to the four men and one young woman who sat in the dingy motel room, awaiting instructions. As he spoke, he slammed back the bolt of the AK-47 submachine gun, put the weapon on the table next to him, and began searching his briefcase. 'We're always being taken in,' said the young woman. 'We're not ruthless enough. If the world knew we killed those who oppose us instead of negotiating and weaseling, we'd be unstoppable. Instead, we're looked upon as clowns with guns.' Sam had heard it before. His own career as an international terrorist dated back nearly thirty years and there had always been one member of the organization who wanted nothing but killing. Sometimes it was the youngest member, anxious to show the others how tough he was; now, it was Uranda, a twenty-five year old ex-fashion model from Damascus who got her kicks pumping bullets into other people's bodies...He pulled the pages from the briefcase. The folder showed a color head shot of Doc Brown...Sam put the color photo on the coffee table and indicated that the others should study it. 'What's he done?' Uranda asked. 'Not that it matters. He looks Jewish.'..." 

Hmm, Uranda's clowns-with-guns quote sounds like PNAC-speak if I ever heard it. And that last part forces a stereotype on the gullible reader, implying that typical terrorists are all "Jew-Hating-No-Good-Arabs, Who Want Nothing But Killing." But wait, it gets better! 

EXHIBIT B: On the very next page, the Libyans attack Doc and Marty in the parking lot of the Twin Pines Mall at 1:20 AM: 

"Now Marty watched as the blue van hurtled toward them. His terror was complete, even though he had no idea who or what was heading their way. At that inopportune moment, something terribly perverse stirred in him - he was determined to know, if this was death unfolding, who was behind it. 'Who's in the car?' he shouted. Doc Brown had no time for an elaborate explanation. Marty's hand gripped his sleeve so tightly he had to spin like a top to get away. As he did so, he yelled over his shoulder, 'The Libyans I ripped off!' Marty didn't understand but he did know that, to date, few Libyans he had heard of had been involved in anything but dark and dangerous business. The effect was of someone yelling 'Fire!' in a crowded theater. Marty believed and acknowledged that there was trouble without further investigation. Hurling his body to one side, he looked for the nearest solid object that would provide cover. The only two choices were the step-van and the DeLorean. Doc Brown was already headed for the step-van. 'Run for it, Marty!' he shouted. 'I'll draw their fire!' Simultaneously, he hustled into the truck and appeared a moment later with a revolver. By this time, the side door of the blue van had slid open and a swarthy character resembling Yasser Arafat leaned out. He threw up an AK-47 submachine gun and opened fire...." 

Where to start? 

1: "His terror was complete...who was behind it...no time for an elaborate explanation..." -- That sounds like the mainstream media on 9/11!! 

2: "...few Libyans he had heard of had been involved in anything but dark and dangerous business...Marty believed and acknowledged that there was trouble without further investigation." -- in other words, the message is: Don't ever question what the news tells you about Libyans! And what a coincidence, 1986, the very next year after the movie came out, was the year Israel tricked the US into bombing Libya! Dog successfully wagged!! 

3: "...a swarthy character resembling Yasser Arafat..." -- Need I say more? Spielberg must have gotten a big bonus check from the CIA! In the movie, the actor even wears Arafat's black and white head covering! 

No doubt about it, Hollywood was REALLY trying to sell us not only the concept of Islamic terrorists, but how we "ought" to react to them. 
Hollywood is rushing to do movies about Hillary and Jessica. See any movies being made about Irv Rubin, or Dr. Robert Goldstein, or how the ADL lost a $10 million lawsuit for smearing people as anti-Semitic, or the lady who started the lawsuit by listening to her neighbors' phone calls with a scanner and tape recorder "hunting" for anti-Semites? How about a movie about ex-Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky story about how the Mossad used fake radio messages to trick the US into bombing Libya? Seen any movie planned about that? Or the Lavon Affair? Seen any movies about that one? 

Media: Who owns and control the media? Radio, Television, you name it. Most of the stations are owned by the Zionists. Why? Because, you have developed so much faith on those media that you can't go to sleep until you sit in front of those media instruments for few hours to get brainwashed everyday. And it works! But of course, you don't know it. It's an addiction from which you are unable to come out. Try living without a TV for few days. I guarantee, you will come back to it crawling. Newspaper, magazines, same thing.

A couple of weeks ago on "Law and Order" on NBC they had a case based on John Walker Lindh story but they twisted it to say that the Lindh-type guy joined the Taliban in reaction to him being impotent (This guy was accused of killing someone during a house robbery). On the last night's show, they had the case of a Jewish bookie who killed another bookie who had found out that the first bookie was stealing from him. His defense: I stole because I was sending the money to Israel to help protect them against murder by Arabs as no one else will. What followed was long speeches by witnesses about how terrible the Arabs were for killing children going out to buy candy and a long one about how there was no such thing as Palestinians before 1967. Yes, that is what they said. The prosecution certainly did not challenge even one of these lies. Of course the jury was shown to be mostly Jewish as was the judge and I knew where it was going :) I knew they would convict him to show how good they were that they would convict one of them helping Israel. But the last two statements of the show were interesting. The show ended with the defense lawyer saying that he supported everyone sending money to Israel in any way possible short of killing and that this jury in New York had gotten weak and but the higher power i.e. God would certainly forgive him (for the killing). 

3/2/03 THE LIE Study this. This is how the US Government sells you wars. "when a research team from the communications department of the University of Massachusetts surveyed public opinion and correlated it with knowledge of basic facts about U.S. policy in the region, they drew some sobering conclusions. The more television people watched, the fewer facts they knew; and the less people knew in terms of basic facts, the more likely they were to back the Bush administration." 

Economics & Trade: Where do you work? Who owns the company you work for? What do they do? What else do they own? Most of you would be amazed discovering the answers to these questions when you would attempt to find the answers. Yes, most of the fortune 500 companies are directly or indirectly owned by the Zionists.

Rothschild Money Trust 

On April 29, 2000, the headline on the front page of the New York Daily News read "Rothschild Heir Dies Of O.D." "Member of famed banking family dead on street" and on page seven of that same edition, the headline read "Heir dies of heroin OD" "Bank scion de Rothschild found on Chelsea sidewalk". Within the article, written by George Rush, Alice McQuillan, and Dave Goldiner, the following was found; 

"He was born into one of the world's wealthiest families and lived a gilded New York life of parties at downtown restaurants and dates with beautiful models. . . De Rothschild was discovered unconscious on Tenth Ave. last Saturday afternoon and was later pronounced dead, a police spokeswoman said yesterday. . . De Rothschild was descended from the French branch of the famous banking family that has dominated European finances for more than two centuries. . . 'They're trust fund babies with a ton of money to spend,' said one acquaintance.

In the book "Rothschild Money Trust" by George Armstrong (publisher unknown, 1940), the following is written in the Preface; "We do not know the extent of the founder's fortune at the time of his death in 1812, nor do we know the present magnitude, but apparently it represents about one-half of the wealth of the world." Who can really deny that a family that controls one-half of the wealth of the world must be a preeminent influence in all the important matters in the world today, instead of simply being an advantageous agent for the plans of people whom they supposedly represent? 

Rothschild Money Trust - http://www.hiddenmysteries.com/cartwebtv/af/be11/index47.html 

Rothschild Money Trust - http://www.rightbooks.net/rb99029-ee.htm 

Research into the Rothschild family reveals that the Rothschild fortune was initiated by Mayer Amschel Bauer (1743-1812), who embezzled the original funds used to establish the fortune which funded the trust. Mayer Amschel Bauer was also responsible for changing the family name from Bauer to Rothschild (from the German for "red shield"), and many people throughout the world today with that surname are members of the same family first started by Bauer. Just one look at the picture taken in 1940 of past Rothschild "king" Jeroboam Rothschild (aka Georges Mandel) on page 33 of the book "Rothschild Money Trust" will tell you all you need to know about a Rothschild; "He appears to be a crafty, cruel, mean man, with not a single redeeming quality" (page 32, Rothschild Money Trust). 

Additional research into the Rothschild family reveals that in 1773, when he was only thirty years of age, Mayer Amschel Bauer invited twelve other wealthy Europeans to meet him in Frankfurt-on-the-Main in Germany (the Rothschild base of operations at the time), where he gave a speech that proposed a plan whereby Rothschild and his conspirators and collaborators could gain control of the majority of the resources of the world, and control all the people of the world (page 26, "Pawns in the Game" by Commander William Guy Carr, National Federation of Christian Laymen, 1955 - http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0913022349/  , and verified by Jewish researcher Len Horowitz at Conspiracy Theories - http://www.freeamerican.com/conspiracytheories.htm ). Author Carr, who fought on the side of the Allies during both WWI and WWII in the Royal Canadian Navy, further claims that in 1785 the Bavarian Police captured the text of that Rothschild plan in the original "Protocols" discovered in the possession of the Illuminati courier Lanze, who was struck down by lightning en route from Frankfurt-on-the-Main to Paris with the Bauer speech "Einige Original-Scripten" on his person, which had been put into writing by Adam Weishaupt and which was eventually published by the Bavarian Government in 1786, and which was followed shortly thereafter by a raid of the houses of Illuminists Zwack and Bassus by the Bavarian Police. These incidents have been mostly ignored by the authors of history, but it is these incidents that identify the public origin of the infamous "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" ( http://abbc.com/protocols/indexen.htm ) and the beginning of the modern-day communist movement. 

So then, the true origin of the "Protocols" is not to be found in the infamous "Dialogue aux Enfers entre Machiavel et Montesquieu" published in Brussells in 1864 by Maurice Joly, nor is the true origin of the "Protocols" to be found in a conspiracy on the part of Sergei Nilius in cooperation with the Russian Czar's intelligence police in the beginning of the 20th century (this misinformation is clearly an effort on the part of the conspirators to somehow validate the execution-style murder of that progressive monarch and his family by vicious, brutal thugs). However, knowledge of the agenda of the Rothschild protocols was obviously the reason why many Americans such as General George Patton, Charles Lindbergh Sr., Charles Lindbergh Jr., Joseph Kennedy Sr., Henry Ford Sr. ( http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/intern_jew.htm ), Father Coughlin ( http://www.diac.com/~bkennedy/Coughlin/FrCoughlin.html ), Father Fahey ( http://stormfront.org/truth_at_last/books/The-Rulers-of-Russia.htm ), and William Randolph Hearst, were opponents of a "Zionist-American" agenda ( http://www.diac.com/~bkennedy/Zionist_plan.html ) which they felt was destructive to American interests, and which has since resulted in the continued historical persecution and demonization of many well-known and staunch Americans. 

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion: Proofs of an Ancient Conspiracy - http://www.vegan.swinternet.co.uk/articles/conspiracies/protocols_proof.html 

Complicating the matter for some Jewish people is what is both said and inferred by a speech delivered by Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovich to the Emergency Council of European Rabbis in Budapest, Hungary, on January 12, 1952 ( http://www.sweetliberty.org/issues/hoax/rabrab.htm ), the content of which is claimed by some people to have never been challenged, and which can be found beginning on page 147 of the book "Mullins' New History of the Jews" by Eustace Mullins (The International Institute of Jewish Studies, 1968 - http://www.universalway.org/denile.html#Mullins ), and beginning on page 105 of the aforementioned book "Pawns in the Game." The speech is a summary of the results of the Rothschild protocols up to that time and outlined the future expectations of some of the leaders of the Jewish people for the Rothschild plan. 

That the Rothschilds are Jewish and that their commitment has always been fully towards Judaism is of no doubt. Reports of Mayer Amschel Rothschild consulting and debating the Talmud ( http://www.hoffman-info.com/talmudtruth.html ) on a regular basis with Orthodox Rabbis are recorded in Rothschild history, and subsequently, the Rothschilds became the primary moving force behind world Zionism (see the "Balfour Declaration" - http://www.bibletoday.com/events/balfour_text.htm ). Furthermore, in addition to all of the above, the pattern of historical Zionist successes in the 20th century clearly proves that the Rothschilds and their conspirators and collaborators are in control of the plan of the Illuminati for one-world government under the New World Order, and are the prevailing influence in the world since the beginning of the 19th century. And what better government to control could there be in the world for intrepid international financiers such as the Rothschilds and their conspirators and collaborators, than a government that is itself controlled by Freemasons and Illuminists? 

The question must be asked; what nation or people in the world have ever chosen communism freely and without violent revolution or world war or totalitarian political control to impose and enforce that doctrine upon them? And the question must be asked; can anyone name any nation or people in the world today or throughout history that has ever made the choice of communism of their own free will? And the question must also be asked; has there ever been any nation or people that, given an accurate comparison of the political and social systems, would actually freely choose to remain under a communist form of government when offered freedom as an alternative? And who would use as a response the situation in Russia after the apparent fall of communism? It is true that many Russians have lamented the conversion to democracy, but is it not also true that the sad conditions under which so many Russians have existed have really been caused by the Russian Mafia, which is essentially a remnant of the former Communist Party ( http://www.hoffman-info.com/communist.html ) ? 

It is a sad truth that all throughout the world today, many people consider Jews and Zionism as the source of all their problems, while it is the plan of the Rothschild protocols that has brought this situation and this stain upon many good Jewish people, and which is really the true source of many of the problems of many people in the world today. And it must be acknowledged that not all Jewish people are involved in the Rothschild plan, that some Jewish people are good people, that some Jewish people actually oppose the Rothschild plan, and that many Jewish people have died for the Rothschilds and their conspirators and collaborators as part of that plan, all of which is consistent with the nature and intent of the Rothschild protocols

Rothschild Money Trust - http://www.universalway.org/responsible.html#RothschildMoneyTrust 

Politics & Government: Just watch and look around, who are in power? All Zionists. You work hard and pay almost 50% of your income as taxes to the government, it goes straight to the Zionists for their play and disposal. A huge percentage of it goes to the military that they need to expand and protect Israel. And part of it goes to Israel as economic grants on a regular yearly basis as well as on demand basis. The public services, schools, hospitals are closing down due to shortage of funds in the US, but Israel is going strong. Wonder why?

"If it were not for the strong support of the Jewish community for this war with Iraq we would not be doing this. The leaders of the Jewish community are influential enough that they could change the direction of where this is going, and I think they should." Rep. Jim Moran, D-Va. 

Great site and great interview on Today FM I heard here in Ireland...I've been visiting for a couple of years now. What has been rather intriguing me lately is the notion of an alternative to the personal income tax e.g. sales tax, etc. Would you be able to direct me to a site or documents that explain in a functional way how this might work practically? Keep up the good work. 
The United States functioned quite well without any income tax for its first century. Indeed a personal income tax was banned by the Constitution up until the 16th Amendment (which may not have actually been properly ratified). These days income tax is only a tiny part of the problem. There are tariffs excises fees, hidden taxes on taxes on taxes to where the aggregate taxation of Americans now exceeds 50% of what they earn for the middle and lower classes (and on top of that, there is another 22% in taxes employers pay over and above the salary for each worker. All those corporate taxes and import fees eventually become (along with the $200 billion a year in direct tax compliance costs) part of the retail price you pay for everything you ever buy. A rough estimate is that 1/3 of the price of anything you buy is tax pass-through. The reason for the high taxes is that the US Government has borrowed itself into a hole too deep to get out of. They will go on soaking the population for as much money as they can any way they can as long as they can until the system totally breaks down. IMHO we are near that point as the excessive taxation drives businesses out of this nation and into more tax-friendly locations, and drags the economic engine of the US to a halt. 

The first step to having a fair and workable tax system is to have a government that only spends the money it has on hand. 


Concerning the above, where is WBAI radio station? I've never heard of it up here north of your border, and how can one find out more about this particular incident? This is quite serious! I knew Israel had something up its sleeve. It's been calling the shots in this war from day one. And now with all these provocations... especially the flights over Lebanon and God only knows what atrocities it is perpetrating against the Palestinians, since the world is conveniently focused on Iraq, which was Israel's main strategy from the beginning. 

If this is not proof enough that the Zionists are a thousand percent behind all these wars in order to dominate the whole the world, I don't know what is. 
WBAI is a New York station, but so far the story that the Syrian pipeline was bombed remains unconfirmed. The story that Israel wants Iraqi oil to go to Haifa is confirmed many times over. 

Textbooks: Altering the history and other important contents of school textbooks is another way to control the public. You learn only the things they want you to learn. Thus, when you get a degree, you are fully prepared to serve the Zionist masters.

What else is left. Trust me, that too has gone under their control. Yes, you all are now the slaves of the Zionists. Entrapped, and can't make a move.

How to get around bans, etc on Free Republic and other such censoring sites. 


...that system is our enemy. ...you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters, the very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are part of that system, and that makes them our enemies. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged, and many are so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it. - ‘The Matrix’ 

"Most people prefer to believe their leaders are just and fair even in the face of evidence to the contrary, because once a citizen acknowledges that the government under which they live is lying and corrupt, the citizen has to choose what he or she will do about it. To take action in the face of a corrupt government entails risks of harm to life and loved ones. To choose to do nothing is to surrender one's self-image of standing for principles. Most people do not have the courage to face that choice. Hence, most propaganda is not designed to fool the critical thinker but only to give moral cowards an excuse not to think at all." 

I am a 19 year old male in college and I am studying to become a history teacher in high school. When I go in there, in the public schools, I want history to come alive for the students. History always repeats itself, you can link today to what has happened 2000 years ago, its not difficult. I don't want to fill the kids with pointless facts (yes, they should know some, but its not the basis) I want my students to question EVERYTHING!!!! That's why I have come to this site, I am sick of the bullshit bias that you get in history books and news, I plan to write my thesis on Zionist terrorism. I can make a difference, regardless of my shitty pay. Thanks Bush, I am going into a very important field and will only pull down around 30,000 a year. Weren't you supposed to raise the pay of teachers? Just know that some of us want to change the system. Thanks for reading this, all hope is not lost for public schools, though the fact that 87% of the people in my age group can't find Iraq on the map and 70% can't find New Jersey. Sick, but you got to start somewhere. 

It didn't happen in one day. It was a gradual process that took years to achieve. And how come you didn't know? You wonder, eh? The truth is, partly you knew, and partly you ignored. And it was mainly due to way the Zionist works. 

In case you are still unsure, let me clarify what "Zionists and Zionism" means. In short, supporters of Israel are called the "Zionists", and their theory and practice is called "Zionism". Got it?

Zionist are not all Jews. Nor all Jews are Zionists. There are Jews, Christians, Atheists, Hindus, Satanists, as well as some Muslims in the world wide Zionist team. No, they aren't religious. But they do carry a 'label of a religion' and some even attend their religious institutions regularly to avoid suspicion and detection. That's why you all were confused, had doubts. In fact, you are a Zionist too! Simply because, you are a part of the system and support the system, that supports Israel. But of course, it doesn't matter to you or bother you as long as you get your weekly or monthly pay checks. Right?

BBC TV Schedule: Road To War: The Inside Story Sat 26 Apr, 8:05 pm - 9:05 pm 60mins 

Tense phone calls, covert arm-twisting and late-night, last minute deals - such was the fraught arena in which the world's decision-makers fought over the fate of Iraq. Ed Stourton exposes the inside story of the road to war. 

Based on the first hand testimony from those at the heart of the crisis, the documentary examines how the key players across the globe defined and re-defined their positions; why America decided to take on Saddam Hussein; how President Bush was persuaded to operate through the United Nations and the world forum; and how British efforts to win support for the war were received. 

In a world where everything is weighed up and probed, where frantic diplomacy is set against counter-intelligence, alliance and re-alliance, the programme analyses the journey to war - from the events of September 11th 2001, through negotiations in London, Washington, Paris and the UN in New York, to the night the bombs finally fell. 

Contributors include Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin, Chief UN Weapons Inspector Dr Hans Blix, as well as influential members of the Russian, American and Arab administrations. 

***CHECK OUT THE LAST SENTENCE!************* STRANGER THAN FICTION .CHAPTER 15........The New York Times broke a story in February 2002 which revealed that the Pentagon has plans to deliberately provide false stories to the press as part of an effort to influence policy. The Pentagon set up the Office of Strategic Influence (OSI) for this purpose. A Zionist Air Force General named Simon P. Worden was chosen to head this criminal effort. (6) Worden's boss is Douglass Feith, another dedicated Zionist who serves as Undersecretary of Defense for Policy. How dedicated of a Zionist is Feith? The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) honored Feith and his father at an award dinner in 1999. 
There you have it! The Zionist Air Force General who runs the Pentagon’s media disinformation department, reports directly to a Zionist Pentagon boss Remember this the next time some new “video” or “tape” that seems to implicate Muslims surfaces out of nowhere. 

Zionists think of themselves as 'brilliant breed of people', simply because they have after all managed to dodge you and rise up to the power to take take control over everything. In that way, yes they are brilliant.

But if you ponder deeply. You would realize that there is nothing brilliant about cheating and deceiving unsuspecting people. Imagine this. You have put your trust on someone and given all your help hoping that you will receive similar response from him or her. But instead, the person turns around and stabs you on your back while you are not paying attention. Is that a sign of brilliance? Or is it a sign of treason and betrayal? If you still think they are brilliant in doing so, then go ahead, give them a Noble prize! Not that you really have a choice on this matter. They get to keep the prizes for themselves anyway. Now Bush and Blair, both are attempting to get Noble prizes for "Peace". Imagine my shock! But then of course, who cares? Right?

I have just seen on TV that George W Bush and Tony Blair have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. In light of the fact that these two individuals led their countries into an illegal, immoral war, in spite of literally millions of objectors, and objections of the United Nations and NATO, the fact that they could even be considered for the Peace Prize is abhorrent. It is a disgrace to the world, literally, that these war mongers, who lied and used false documentation to back their reasons for starting a war which was about, very simply BLOOD FOR OIL. 

There is something very wrong with this world, and especially this nation, (America) for an honorable award to even be considered being given to two very dishonorable men. Bush has dishonored this nation and it's citizens by waving a democracy for Iraq, flag, when he destroyed the word democracy for Americans in the 2001 election. The one right democracy gives us is the right to vote and be counted. He destroyed that right and the word democracy with it. While the marines guarded the oil wells the museums and hospitals and many other artifacts were destroyed. Obviously their top priority was to protect the oil wells. Why can't so many Americans see something that is sooooooooooo obvious. The Afghanistan War was planned and the date set before 9/11, to destroy the Taliban and install our selected government, (just as the Supreme Court selected George W. Bush ) so that Unocal could begin building the oil/gas pipeline through Afghanistan, through Pakistan, to the Caspian Sea area, without fear of the Taliban destroying it. That pipeline goes thru Afghanistan, thru Pakistan to the Caspian Sea Area where (again) there is a big oil/gas resource. The lies that have been told to America regarding both of these wars and the reasons thereof is appalling. If a Nobel Peace Prize could even be considered to be given to this lying, cheating, dishonorable, Supreme Court selected George W Bush, this country has a much more serious problem than even I thought it had

Now let's check out on what is happening with the so called "Road Map" game. As far as I'm concerned, Israel would never make peace with the Arabs or the Palestinians. And the reason is simple. If they do make peace, then they would be on their own. Then they would have to worry about minding their own business and take care of themselves, which they are not yet ready to do (and I doubt if they ever will). Once the borders are set and established, then they would have to give up on their "Greater Israel" dream. Thus, they will be stuck with whatever land they have grabbed so far. Therefore, the Zionism agenda would remain unfulfilled. Even if they do make peace under pressure, it would have to be broken. There we go.

British intelligence, the plaything of British Oligarchs, have teamed up with The NeoCon Crazies. No where is this alliance more apparent than in Richard Perle's deep involvement in Sir Conrad Black's Hollinger Group. The Prime jewel in Black's Crown of Thorns is the Daily Telegraph. The Daily Telegraph, known in some circles as British Intelligence News, recently came up with the infamous Saddam Papers,widely recognized as forgeries designed to destroy the careers of any statesmen who dare oppose The Perle/Wolfowitz/Sharon Perpetual War on Islam. Another War crazed outfit ,Sir Rupert Murdoch's News Corp, Ltd, deployed his Ghastly Fox News , New York Post, and Weekly Standard to whip the American people into a frenzy over Saddam's" weapons of mass destruction". One should not be surprised that this axis of greed-joined by our own Tory Eastern Establishment Traitors- are targeting oil rich nations that pose a threat to Sharon's Plan for Greater Israel. http://www.guardian.co.uk/Print/0,3858,4496483,00.html 

I saw a post on Liberty Forum, the two stripes on the Israeli flag stand for the Nile and Euphrates

I then started a prolonged google search, using all kinds of combinations of words and phrases. 

What I came up with is this. 

In one Jewish page the Israeli flag, sans the Mogen David, is the prayer shawl, or tillit. 

In another page, searching tillit, I find a Jewish Instructional description of the tillit as the beading represents the 613 Commandments (don't look for 613 knots though, the knots are like the quipu of the Inca's), the two stripes have a more important meaning, however the meaning is never given. 

I then found another link flags online (google expression) that the two blue stripes on the Israeli flag (or tillit) do indeed represent the Nile and Euphrates, thus the real meaning of Eratz Y'srael far exceeds the miniscule territory outlined by Hsing Lee in Renses. Two faces, no brain. 

A whole lot of Arab countries are in for a brutal and bitter awakening, the only way they will survive is on bended knee in a position of subservience and supplication to their rightful genetic masters. 

Check the following recent dialogues regarding the "Road Map" situation as found at What Really Happened Dot Com's reader's letter page:

Just a comment about the Middle East peace "roadmap." Having looked this over I wonder why the Israelis even would bother trying to bury it. I don't see any concessions on their part, and the "future" Palestinian "state" is just as vague and undefined as ever. I have to wonder if anybody in the press has actually read it. 
Probably not. 

5/26/03 Israel adds riders to peace plan This is an old Israeli tactic we have seen before, to publicly accept a peace proposal, then to start demanding added concessions, and then, no matter how many are agreed to, to demand more concessions, until the other side realizes Israel is not bargaining in good faith and quits, whereupon Israel points the finger and screams, "It's their fault this failed!" This road map is doomed, it's only purpose to once again swindle the Arab nations and the American people that a peaceful solution in Palestine is possible if only they will sit still for the invasion of Iran. But Sharon is, I guarantee you, not going to allow the formation of a Palestinian state. "Everybody has to move, run and grab as many hilltops as they can to enlarge the settlements because everything we take now will stay ours... Everything we don't grab will go to them." Ariel Sharon, Israeli Foreign Minister, addressing a meeting of militants from the extreme right-wing Tsomet Party, Agence France Presse, November 15, 1998. 


"Hey, you, Arab person. I'll pay you $100 to deliver this box of, um, cookies. Yeah, that's it, cookies, to my grandmother across town. Here are the cookies. Here's a bus ticket. I'll pay you when you get back. Thanks." 

I note the almost orgasmic glee the mainstream media has with something to distract from the fact of Bush's like to start the war in Iraq. 

Interesting how the Israeli media reported it was a suicide-bomber before the pieces of the bus hit the ground ! 

Israel just did another helicopter attack on Gaza, seems they were prepared ! 
Yes. It takes a while to arm and fuel a military chopper. These were ready to go even before the bus exploded. Sharon found his way out of the roadmap. 

The missile attacks in Gaza yesterday sure didn't get this much media coverage. 
You're supposed to forget that Sharon fired the first shots. By this time next week the failure of the roadmap will be blamed on the bus bombing and not the gunship attacks that provoked it (if in fact the bus bombing was really by Palestinians). 

Re: Sharon unapologetic despite sharp rebuke from US 

Sharon doesn't apologize, he blows up busses instead ! 

http://famulus.msnbc.com/FamulusIntl/reuters06-11-075426.asp?reg=MIDEAST  The Israeli media knew it was a suicide bomber even though they have no information !

6/11/03 Gaza Attack Planned Before Suicide Bombing As I stated earlier today, those who understand military helicopters would know that arming and fueling had to start before the bombing occurred. How lucky for Sharon that, following the global criticism from yesterday's attacks, a bus bombing happens just when Sharon needs it to take the heat off of TODAY'S attacks. 

Hmm...interesting... I wonder why SS has rejected de Villepin's suggestion?! 

BTW, in this case SS = Sharon Slaughter 

Because Sharon does not want peace. He wants war and to maker it look like it is the Arab's fault. This has been Israel's traditional game plan all along going back to the Lavon Affair, and most recently exposed in the Al Qaeda cell in Palestine that turned out to be a Mossad front. 

Question: Why is there so much heat on Iran concerning nuclear activities when there is zero attention toward Israel? Why should Israel use nuclear weapons for political and defensive purposes when Iran or any other Middle Eastern country cannot? 

I bet many wars wouldn't have taken place if *both* sides had nuclear capabilities. 

In fact, I think every country on this planet should have a nuclear weapon. Don't get me wrong, I'd rather no one country have a nuclear bomb or any other WMD. However, all countries having those weapons is better than just a few countries having them. No country will fuck with its neighbor! Or even faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar away neighbors, like in our Iraq-US case. 

Just venting, man. 

Keep it up

Go ahead, visit the page to read more if you have time after your work, and after watching your favorite TV shows and movies. To visit the site, you will be needing a computer though with an Internet connection. Because, all these news and activities are on the Internet. Which you don't get to see or hear on your TV, Radio, Daily Newspapers or Magazines.

Whenever the Palestinians get some attention on their favor, there is a "suicide bomber" blowing himself or herself up in a public bus or in a market place or restaurant or somewhere inside Israel, where Palestinians do not normally have easy access. Even after all the segregation, armed check posts, etc., the Palestinians manage to enter the Jewish public places and detonate bombs so easily. Not just that, they know exactly who the bomber was (with name, address, and photographs!) even after there is nothing left of the bomber after the explosion. Strange isn't it?

Remember Elohim City, where Tim McVeigh and Andy Strassmeyer hung out prior to the OK City Bombing? Touted in the press as a "White Supremacist" haven, it later came out during Carol Howe's trial that the founder and director of Elohim City was an FBI informant. The people living at Elohim did not know who their leader was really working for, and quite probably that applies to the lower ranks of HAMAS itself. So, the person delivering the cookies (half way) across town may know he is helping HAMAS, but not that HAMAS is helping Ariel Sharon. 

Don't forget the Mossad's brag, "By way of deception..." Israel needs fragments of dead Arab near the bomb blasts. It doesn't matter what trickery is used to get them there. 

"That they had Israeli driver's licenses and expired passports made him suspicious. " 


From the By Way of Deception, by Victor Ostrovsky 

The Mossad uses four kinds of ID's 

1) sets of cheap forgeries that can be quickly expended, from the states or countries in order to use against locals who will not check them. 

2) Sets of valid forgeries from various nations to pass more rigorous inspections. These will pass more extensive checks. 

3) valid passports for several identities that will pass muster because they also have extensive background stories and can pas most stringent background investigations by federal authorities. 

4) Valid documents that are true in most sense for the identities, used as a last resort and usually cause the user to have to "burn all bridges" and leave the country permanently, and are readily supported by the Prime Minister and the top Israeli agencies. 

The Mossad keeps a large warehouse of various countries stock passport and identity blanks and papers to create documents and machines to "age" the documents appropriately. They prefer Canadian passports due to the quality they can and the smug ease they can get the blanks. 

Incidentally, the Mossad under the guise of Interpol, are the clearinghouse for security LOCKS from common car and door locks to the most extensive bank vault locks and electronic lock systems. 

That book is invaluable in figuring out WHY those stories "bug" you so much. Every story you have posted links to has been covered in Mossad operations detailed in Victor's book. A MUST READ! 

So whenever there is an explosion you believe that a Palestinian suicide bomber was responsible. Why? Because your TV told you so. You do not doubt for a moment that it could be a planted bomb detonated and set by the Zionist themselves to keep their propaganda alive not just internationally, but locally as well. To keep the image of constant war with the Palestinians in the heart and minds of the Jewish settlers living in occupied Palestine. Something like the "Wag the Dog" story.


 I think it more likely that it was one or more of those Israeli sleeper cells that Israel has said they have in Saudi Arabia !

Naturally I condemn this morning's (UK time) suicide bombing in Saudi Arabia. However, I find it perplexing that, without waiting for an investigation to even start, let alone report its' conclusions, Secretary of State Colin Powell can claim with assurance that it is the work of Al-Qa'eda. 

Let's look at the facts: Al-Qa'eda has only two stated goals that I know of: the withdrawal of the American military from Saudi Arabia and an end to America's blank-cheque support of Israel. Look at the current situation: America is withdrawing from Saudi Arabia and is putting pressure on Israel to commit to a timetable for peace with the Palestinians. With both of its' goals so nearly achieved, what possible reason does it have for engaging in an act that would only delay or even prevent their goals from being met? 

Creation of Israel was a mistake. If there were such an urgency to create a new country for the Jews, it should have been created in a neutral area with full consent of the people living in that areas prior to the creation. A place within the boundaries of the United States of America would have been the best solution. America and Israel could have lived in peace and prosperity side by side protecting each other all the time.

Unfortunately, peaceful solution was not the purpose of creation of Israel. Israel has been forcefully established to create more problems. There is a huge secret conspiracy behind creation of Israel. It is sort of an experiment.

As far as my understanding goes, Israel has been setup for destruction. The intention is to annihilate the Jews completely from the surface of the earth. Zionists are trying their best to encourage the Jews around the world to migrate to Israel and establish residency there. And what would be the purpose? To blow the hell up in one shot. Thus, solving the "Jewish Problem" once and for all. Perhaps, seeking revenge for killing Jesus Christ.

Whatever the case maybe, I've no intention to venture into it in details here in this article. Simply because it is far more complicated and requires more research, and a whole new book can be written on this topic. Instead, I'll just point out to few things to help you to conduct your own research on this topic.

To begin with, let me quote some passages from "Israel: Our Duty...Our Dilemma":

"Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchers, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men's bones, and of all uncleanness. Even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity. (Matthew 23:27, 28)" (38).

Here Jesus Christ has spelled out the true nature of the Jewish people. No wonder why and how the secret service of Israel "The Mossad" got their motto, "By Way of Deception, Thou Shall Make War."

"Because of its humanism, the Jewish media has repeatedly demonstrated the strongest attachment to promoting all the pet projects of liberalism, which include radical feminism, radical environmentalism, abortion, sex education in the public schools, forced busing, the banning of prayer in the public schools, gay rights and "free speech" (especially the rights of the media to impose non-Christian values on a supposedly Christian nation). In addition, the media has consistently given respectability to the largely Jewish-influenced American Civil Liberties Union in its tireless efforts to hamstring the effective apprehension and conviction of criminals...has any institution in the history of the world ever taken upon itself the prerogative of glorifying the criminal element as has Hollywood- especially over the past 20 years? In film after film, the macho sex symbols such Burt Reynolds and others are cast not only as unabashed fornicators and adulterers but the cleverest liars, cheats and thieves...even if it is only "make-believe" by a person who is nearly worshipped by millions of youngsters, has a strong subconscious effect of encouraging such behavior in his admires." (176).

In the above quote, there are some truth in it, if not all. If Jews are responsible for removing the Christian influence from the society to cause the ultimate separation of Church and State, then I would say that was probably a good thing. Because, without the separation of Church from State, the Western world would still be living in the "Dark Ages". So, that was a good thing. But then, how come we have returned to Dark Age again? Isn't it because of the Zionists? 

American Christians likes to believe that the nation was built on Christian faith. It is just a wishful belief. The reality is, the founders of the nation were not at all Christians. And there was no indication of such notion in the constitution when it was written. The word "In God We Trust" was added much later by the Christians to justify their claims. America was created by the European Freemasons to fulfill their utopian dream called the "New World".

3/1/03 Court Lets Stand the Ban on 'God' in Pledge And they are correct to do so, since the Constitution prohibits laws showing respect to any one religion over any other. The original pledge of allegiance, written in 1892, did not mention god even though it had been written by a Baptist minister. The phrase, "Under God" was added in 1954, and is legal for voluntary recitations of the pledge. But for a legally mandated recitation, the phrase "under God" violates the First Amendment which forbids any laws respecting an establishment of religion. 

The funny thing is though, where were those Christians when all of that had happened? Where were they when "Common Law" was legalized that ultimately promoted promiscuity? Where are they now, when some of the Churches are moving forward legalizing Gay and Lesbian marriages? What kind of Christianity are we talking about here? Have the Bible been re-written again? Isn't King James the standard version anymore? Where does in the KJV Bible say legalizing common law, gay marriages to be okay? Whom are they bluffing?

"Israel thus has a unique and dreadful mission: to bring in the Antichrist. Just as Israel, Jehovah's chaste bride, was ordained to engender Christ, so in her whorish condition, Israel will make possible the opposite - Antichrist. Because the Jews were uniquely chosen as vessels for God in this world, since their crucifixion of Christ they have become unique vessels against Him. In its apostate condition. Rabbinical Judaism constitutes the "synagogue of Satan" (Revelation 3:9), an institution of which no longer Christ but Lucifer is the high priest...Satan will one day incarnate himself as Antichrist." (199-200).

If we take the above passage seriously, then it is clear that a sincere Christian is not supposed to tolerate the Jews. But in reality, we notice the contrary! More and more Christian evangelists are supporting Jews and Israel toward their cause. So, who is the hypocrite here? The Jews or the Christians? In one hand they are calling them "Satan/Lucifer" and on the other hand they are giving them unconditional military and economic support! What is going on?

"The present experiment in Palestine is headed directly for the kind of world control which necessitates that every other rival become impotent before it. For the Jews will someday live in such a utopia that "none made them afraid", and yet are wicked, it can only be because those who might make them afraid are powerless to do so. There is no other way to make sense of these Scriptures." (225).

Thus the "experiment" began by creating Israel in Palestine. And according to the grand plan, I think we are getting to the point of achievement as detailed in the "Scriptures". Iraq is already down, next is Iran and Syria!

"This is the period when God will utterly forsake the sinners of Israel, just as Christ was forsaken because the Jews delivered Him into captivity and death." (236).

So, the Christian world is eagerly looking forward to witnessing the punishment of the Jews by God for assisting in capture and death of the Christ. If that's the case, then they should also know that it were the Romans who crucified Christ, not the Jews. It was the same Roman soldiers that engaged in genocide against the followers of the Christ, not the Jews. The same Roman empire that later established "Christianity" through Paul. And talking about "sin", isn't it a sin to plot against Jews to set them up for ultimate destruction? What makes you think that the God who would "forsake the sinners of Israel" would love the plotter? What's wrong with you people? Have you lost all your common sense, reason and logic?

"We are now ready to ask the inevitable question: does modern Israel really have a scriptural basis for its occupation of Palestine? The answer is- it does not." (272).

So, the Christians knows it. Yet, they blindly support Israel! Why? What is the secret?

Recently I saw a show on the CBC (I'm Canadian) where the public gets to ask their correspondents questions. Someone asked Neil MacDonald, former Middle East correspondent, about the new road map for peace. He thought their was nothing to it, that right wing Israelis wouldn't go for it and Palestinian terror groups wouldn't buy it, but more importantly the right wing Christian groups in America, one of the most powerful lobby groups would never let that happen. I had never heard that before and it was quite interesting. I'm not Christian or particularly religious and I found all this talk about the second coming in Jerusalem and all this other stuff to be interesting. Then I recently read that article you posted about the Olympics bomber being part of this extremist Christian movement, as well as another interesting story linked in http://www.gnn.com about Christian lobby groups titled: The Family. It all came together when I watched a weekly documentary series here called The Passionate Eye, this weeks was on the wall being built around the West Bank. What was amazing was that in these Jewish settlements were regular American Christians opening up burger stands and mini-golf courses and the such! They were encouraging more Christians to move to the West Bank settlements because of the prophecies in the bible. They were openly not pro-Jewish in anyway, it was just that their religion meant more to them that. One man said that: Some of the Jews want peace with the Palestinians but we think that this is wrong and we tell people to never make peace because of what it tells us in the bible. It was amazing! Now when I piece this all together with all the Israeli reports of links to 9-11, Odigo, Mossad and moving companies, art students etc. it makes me wonder if these connections are Christian based. It seems to me that the right wing Christian groups have the most to gain from all of this, 9-11, the middle east wars, everything! Could it be that it is not the Israelis framing Arabs for terror attacks and justification for this New World Order but that it is the Christian right-wingers who are using sympathetic Israelis to advance the entire plan! This would explain why Sharon is so confident that he has America in his back pocket because the Christians are supporting him to advance their biblical ideas in the Middle East. These are just some ramblings but maybe they make some sense, something to chew on. Thanks for taking the time to read it. 

"...with the rise of Nazi persecution in the early '30s many noncommunist Jews emigrated to Palestine, becoming a flood after British restrictions were removed. Yet communist support of the experiment in Palestine continued, as was evidenced by the provision of massive Soviet arms." (277).

Not just Christians, even the communist Soviets were also involved in this grand "experiment"!

A reader said: 

"More proof that the Ashkenazim are acting on behalf of themselves, NOT the Jewish people. They were stripped of their right to being Jewish 2000 years ago. " 

Problem is that the Ashkenazim are not even 2,000 years old. Arthur Koestler covered this in The Thirteenth Tribe. The Ashkenazim, so called because they are supposedly descended from Ashkenaz, grandson of fictional Japhet, the third son of Noah, didn't exist until around the 10th Century. They were Khazars, a Turco Mongol people, who were converted to Judaism at the behest of their King Bulan, as a tactic to keep his people out of the Islamic - Greek Orthodox war of conquest going on at the time. Khazarstan sat on the Northwest shores of the Caspian Sea and was caught between two hostile movements, Islam and Christianity (Russian Orthodoxy). Each was trying to convert him and his people. He asked emissaries questions as regards the origins of their religion, he discovered that both claimed descendancy from and recognized the authority of the Jewish faith. In a tactical move he had some Rabbi's come into his kingdom, teach and convert his tribe. The Rabbi's, needing to prove the Noah myth, and descendancy from Noah, claimed that they were descendants of Ashkenaz, Son of Gomer, Son of Japheth, the third son of Noah. The other two being Ham "father" of black people, Shem the "father" of Semites. 

This Noah scam surfaced a thousand years later in England, with British Israel (the Royals of England have go sucked into it as well), and we have the Christian Identity movement, which is in itself viciously anti Jew, who claims that Europeans are the true descendants of Israel. 

There is also some Rabbi's in Israel who are further perpetuating the scam under the cover of British American (britam) Israel. Cooking up myths about the non existing twelve tribes, being the ancestors of Celts', Danes, Viking's, etc, etc. 

It is twisted. 

"...Zionist Jews over the past century have shown themselves at least as cantankerous as their Arab neighbors, whom they have dispossessed and restricted as cruelly as their Gentile oppressors who confined them in ghettos. At the very least the atrocities of such Jewish terrorist organizations as the Stern Gang and its offspring, Urgun, once led by Menachim Begin, with its avowed purpose of assassinating high British officials, prove that modern Israel cannot constitute that pure remnant "...in whose spirit there is no guile." (psalm 32:2)" (278).

Now we find that "terrorism" is actually a Zionist strategy, which is even used today. With one exception, now it is used all around the world, not just in Palestine.

"...at least 40 years of Israeli belligerence in the region, alienating the Arab world, the chronic strife and instability of the Middle East today would not exist. Right or wrong, no one can deny that Israeli occupation of Palestine remains the single greatest reason why the Middle East has become, and remains, a political tinderbox." (279).

As of today, 55 years have passed, and yet no sign of peace in the Middle East. How can there be peace while Israel is sitting on the chest of Palestine?

"Throughout the course of this book we have been confronted with a number of perhaps unpleasant, yet compelling realities. We have discovered among other things that present Israel is not the "seed of Abraham" as the New Testament defines it; that Jews throughout the centuries have not necessarily been the innocent victims of senseless persecution at the hands of Gentiles and Christians; that modern Judaism is not scrupulously attentive to the ancient laws of Moses and exhortations of the Prophets; that few religions possess such racist undertones as does Judaism; and that Judaism's most venerated scriptures, the Talmud and Zohar, indicate that Israel will never be content with mere ownership of Palestine but aspires toward dominion of the entire world...To our amazement we find that Israel is not that trusted, familiar friend we thought we had known...We are at last confronted with a monstrous system of evil which, if unresisted, will destroy us and our children and bring the entire world into such darkness, oppression, and satanic dominion that only the coming of Jesus Christ can make it right again." (280-1).

It seems like, if things go the way it is going, then eventually Bush and Sharon will have to decide who is going to rule the world.

I know there's a lot of Christians that read your site...for those that might be somewhat inclined to a Zionist perspective I offer the link below entitled "An Open Letter to Evangelicals and Other Interested Parties: The People of God, the Land of Israel, and the Impartiality of the Gospel" to challenge their understanding and hopefully make you realize that not all who proclaim to be Christian think alike. 


The Israel issue is a complex one. The specific desire for that particular piece of land is primarily a religious one. 

History has shown that theocratic states tend to be the bloodiest and most ruthless, because while civil governments must to some degree respond to the needs of the population, theocracies justify everything in terms of the word of some god or gods. The result is usually a great deal of bloodshed directed at those declared to be not favored by that god or gods. Check the history of Southern France in the early 1200s for one example. 

Personally, I had hoped that the same human race that had put men on the moon and sent robots to the outer planets would have evolved beyond the need to whack each other over the head over whose mythology has the bigger gonads, but sadly, most people are still ruled by fairy tales than by logic. 

One thing we must note here that the author (Ted Pike) although a Christian, do not support the "Palestine experiment". That's why he is pointing out the risks involved in the experiment of trying to force Jesus Christ to return. He thus proceeds to dispute with the Zionist Christians by making his point as follows:

"Since it is our right and spiritual duty to refuse to assist Babylon the Great in its formative stages, we must forsake any idea that there is a slumbering Biblical "curse" on those who decline to support the Jews. Incredible as it may seem, fundamentalist Christians are unbelievably prone to this superstition. The truth of the matter is that if anyone is worthy of incurring a curse it is those who misguidedly encourage a system of apostasy and ruthless ambition which will someday enslave their children...As we have ruefully experienced over the past 30 years, an unwillingness (or inability) to separate ourselves from Israel has not "blessed" America and the Church, but has in fact hindered our mission. By ignoring God's definition of what constitutes their prophesied return and, instead, joining with the Jews, in ramming an un-biblical return down the throats of the Arab world, Christians, as well as Jews, have immeasurably fostered bitterness and instability in the Middle East. This has sullied the basic integrity of the Bride of Christ, bringing the Church in the United States to the disgusting point of supporting arrogant and bloody men like Begin, Sharon and Shamir- all in the name of blessing God's Chosen People...It is no exaggeration to say that the agony and humiliation of dissolving the present Jewish nation in Palestine would be infinitesimal compared to the consequences of perpetuating it until a full two-thirds of world Jewry will die under the judgment of both God and the Antichrist." (282-3, 287).

No matter how unrealistic the suggestion may sound, returning Palestine to the Palestinians would be the best solution for everyone. If Jesus were to return, he will find a way and the appropriate moment to do so. So, it is wise to leave the matter to him to decide. Because if we don't, then the author predicts the following:

"If the Third World War erupts in the Middle East, a central issue over which it will be fought could be the survival of Israel. Of course, Israel will be depending upon American evangelicals to encourage our nation toward such a "holy war", saying that a war in defense of Israel cannot be lost- that God will certainly bless any war fought in her defense. If Israel intends to involve America in war, we may be sure that, unlike ourselves, the international Jewish financiers and militarists will know in advance what is supposed to happen. At present, the two remaining barriers of Jewish world ambition ate the forces of Christianity to the west and the Islamic empires of the east. If the Arabs were supplied with weapons by the Jews through the Soviet Union and Americans were convinced that they must fight a holy war not only in defense of Israel but probably also to protect our oil resources, a third world war could be very effective toward exhausting both the Christian and Arab worlds, leaving the Jewish experiment called communism intact." (289).

Note the mastery and accuracy of the author. I'm quoting from a book that was printed in the year 1988. And incredibly, all that he has predicted above have pretty much come true. Today, in the year of 2003, America is fighting a war in the Middle East. First to "protect Israel", and then to "protect the oil resources". In other words, the "Third World War" has already begun.

Response to a reader

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