Greed and its consequences.

Javed Ahmad


Among all the activities we do in this life we spend most of our time in livelihoods trying to accumulate wealth and fortune as much as we can. Next we spend most of our time for friends and families. The least amount of time is spent on charity and good deeds.


Now imagine the consequences. Upon our death, all the wealth and fortune are left behind immediately that come to no avail to us anymore. The friends and family come to the grave yard to burry us in a grave and then leaves. What basically remains with us after death are the good deeds and rewards for the charities given. But alas! The amount is too small to count on as we never really bothered about it when we were alive.


Greed is a major problem in this life in all countries, cultures and religion, except for in Islam. Islam advocates for charities more than any other religions. The economic concept of an Islamic State is based on state charities. In Islam, believers are encouraged to live a simple or rather a poor life. Our Prophet (SM) and his companions gave away all their riches and wealth to adopt a simple life style to live an Islamic life to its fullest. Yet, under this condition Islam flourished around the world attracting people to adopt this simple life. Islam as a religion, culture and ideology flourished for over thousand years putting mark on every aspect of human splendors – literature, arts, sciences, expeditions, commerce, etc that was later absorbed by the West without any acknowledgments.


The glory of Islam began to fade after the decline of the Islamic empire (i.e., Khilafah) that ended in Turkey in 1924 following the WW1. The existence of the empire was already shaky and the control of was almost out of hand by then anyways. It was meant to die and fade away for a while.


What we have today is a ‘secularized Islam’ that has no resemblance to the original Islam as it used to be. The State is gone so has the actual practices of the religion. In this situation, the influence of Western culture and ideologies are rampant and accepted among the Muslims today compromising largely with Islam and its teachings; “greed” being one of them.


Western culture and ideology is based on ‘lust’ and ‘greed’. Their disbelief in Islam has kept them in darkness making them to forget about the after-life and meeting with their Lord. As a result, they forgot that they would die one day and they would be resurrected again to face their Lord for accountability. Many do not believe in resurrection and after life and see this life as the only life they would live. Therefore, they seek to live this life to its fullest even if they have to deny and ignore others rights to achieve it. Their lust and greed for enjoyment in this life causes them to do pretty much anything to get what they want.


Muslims, following the Western culture are also victimized by the same illusions, dreams and expectations. As a result they no longer read the Qur’an and follow the Sunnah, instead they have chosen a midway between Islam and west thinking it is okay to be so. Thus hypocrisy has become their way of life – knowingly or unknowingly. The timeless Qur’an therefore declares -


“Say: "If the last Home, with God, be for you specially, and not for anyone else, then seek ye for death, if ye are sincere." But they will never seek for death, on account of the (sins) which their hands have sent on before them. And God is well-acquainted with the wrong-doers. Thou wilt indeed find them, of all people, most greedy of life,-even more than the idolaters: Each one of them wishes He could be given a life of a thousand years: But the grant of such life will not save him from (due) punishment. For God sees well all that they do. Say: Whoever is an enemy to Gabriel-for he brings down the (revelation) to thy heart by God's will, a confirmation of what went before, and guidance and glad tidings for those who believe,- Whoever is an enemy to God and His angels and apostles, to Gabriel and Michael,- Lo! God is an enemy to those who reject Faith.” (2:94-98).


Islam liberated mankind from many ill ideologies and deceptions of Satan. It showed mankind to make direct contact with the Lord Himself without any mediator like the priests and rabbis. The imam in Islam is just a leader who is also an independent being like others, just better than others, that’s all. He does not mediate for anyone between them and God. He himself also does not need one. Therefore, a Muslim is in full control of his or her life establishing direct contact with God through their five regular prayers, or even outside the formal prayers. Many organized religion therefore do not like this concept as it does not allow them to manipulate people and usurp their wealth through donations that they receive. As a result they do not like Islam and hates it more than anything. Whatever hate and cruelty against Islam and Muslims we witness today as a result of that inherent hate. These folks would do anything to demonize Islam and Muslims to keep people away from accepting Islam as a way of life.


“Fain would they extinguish God's light with their mouths, but God will not allow but that His light should be perfected, even though the Unbelievers may detest (it). It is He who hath sent His Apostle with guidance and the Religion of Truth, to proclaim it over all religion, even though the Pagans may detest (it). O ye who believe! There are indeed many among the priests and anchorites, who in Falsehood devour the substance of men and hinder (them) from the way of God. And there are those who bury gold and silver and spend it not in the way of God: announce unto them a most grievous penalty- On the Day when heat will be produced out of that (wealth) in the fire of Hell, and with it will be branded their foreheads, their flanks, and their backs, their flanks, and their backs.- "This is the (treasure) which ye buried for yourselves: taste ye, then, the (treasures) ye buried!"” (9:32-35).


Many deprive the orphans and the poor from their rightful shares out of greed around the world -


“Nay, nay! But ye honour not the orphans! Nor do ye encourage one another to feed the poor!- And ye devour inheritance - all with greed, And ye love wealth with inordinate love! Nay! When the earth is pounded to powder, And thy Lord cometh, and His angels, rank upon rank, And Hell, that Day, is brought (face to face),- on that Day will man remember, but how will that remembrance profit him?” (89:17-23).


Their limitless greed causes them to forget that this life would end one day and they would have to leave behind pretty much everything forever.


“But he who is a greedy miser and thinks himself self-sufficient, And gives the lie to the best,- We will indeed make smooth for him the path to Misery; Nor will his wealth profit him when he falls headlong (into the Pit).” (92:8-11).


Believe it or not, a believer or not, the Qur’an declares in the above verse what would be the ultimate consequence of greed; would you not reflect and revert while there is still time? The Satan that deceives you was himself was a worshipper of God. He too believes in Allah and confirms that He exists. It was his rebellion that got him the curse, a curse he willing took for an open enmity against mankind knowing very well that he would never win the war against Allah. Do you consider him a better guide than Allah who whispers into your hearts and mind to follow his desires?


“God did curse him, but he said: "I will take of Thy servants a portion marked off; "I will mislead them, and I will create in them false desires; I will order them to slit the ears of cattle, and to deface the (fair) nature created by God." Whoever, forsaking God, takes Satan for a friend, hath of a surety suffered a loss that is manifest. Satan makes them promises, and creates in them false desires; but Satan’s promises are nothing but deception.” (4:118-120).




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