International Politics & Economics:


Spoiled by Oil

By Javed Ahmad



Discovery of oil has made the Arabs lazy and unproductive. In fact, the glorious days of Islamic civilization have died after the discovery of oil.


With only oil resource, the Arabs have managed to control a large share of the world economy. Their economic strength is totally oil based. Whenever development and progress they have done, is done due to oil.


Realizing the power of this resource, they have become greedy, immoral and power hungry. They have become so proud that they began to look down upon the people (even Muslims!) of other countries. They didn't even hesitate to call a foreign Muslim worker from third world countries a "Miskeen" (meaning poor or beggar). Their pride and arrogance didn't stop them from insulting and hurting a foreign Muslim brother who went to their countries to contribute in economical and social development. They give false hope of respectable employment to the women of third world countries, and then compel them in prostitution.


The Arab elites deprived their own people from the share of the oil wealth and they themselves live in luxury. In privacy, they drink alcohols, watch porn movies, and womanize. Some of them even maintain concubines, mistresses around the world to enjoy their holidays with. They steal national wealth and maintain foreign bank accounts. With that money, they send their children to Europe and America for higher education.


Because of greed and power thirst, they are now divided among themselves, calling one another 'monkeys' and 'donkeys'. They totally forgot that under the Islamic rule, they are all brothers and belong to a single family of Islam. They have disgraced Islam. They are no longer Muslims.


The American aggression against the Arabs is not an accident. It is a planned aggression. They know very well that these Arabs are hopeless, worthless, and unable to make a stand. According to them, these Arabs do not deserve the benefits of oil; therefore, they deserve to be removed. One by one, they will change the regimes and bring the oil resources under their control. Chances are, the Americans will manager the oil resources better than the Arabs. In fact, they are managing almost half of it already!


By the way, what’s up with those large portraits and statutes all over Middle East? We see huge portraits of Saddam in all over Iraq, Abdullah in Jordan, Assad in Syria, Mubarak in Egypt. What are those? Self-glorifications? Or, are they meant to be the signs of “Big Brother” watching all times? How do you know about the concept of “Big Brother”? Have you read “1984”? Do you know what I’m talking about? Which of the Islamic principles allows you folks to show off your images, portraits, and statues? Don’t you know that the use of images of living being is prohibited in Islam? Or is it the first time you are hearing this?


So, you have truly forgotten Islam, eh? You no longer raise your hands to Allah for mercy. You are so fulfilled, self-sufficient and proud that you feel ashamed to raise your hands for mercy of Allah. You have everything! So have got nothing to ask from Him? At the time of prayer, you just move your head right and left for salaam, and then just get up and leave! You don’t have time or need for supplications and munajat. You have become so arrogant.


The situation of the Arab world will not change, until they make an effort to change and revert to Islam, sooner the better. No wonder, why the Israelis call the Arabs "Dogs". Israel too knows their enemies well. They have no problem bulldozing the homes in Palestine, and all the Palestinians can do is throw rocks! And they have been throwing rocks for over 50 years now with no change of their situation. But the borders of Israel are expanding. They don’t even know that their armed fighters called “Hamas” are actually an Israeli funded group. Israeli spies hiding their faces under balaclava’s to avoid detection and suspicion. This is the group that encourages and organizes suicide missions inside Israel. An act that is totally contrary to Islamic teaching. The whole world knows, except for the Palestinians. Then again, they rally behind Arafat who hasn’t been able to anything for Palestine. A man who married a Jew (an Israeli!) who didn’t even become a Muslim! Amazing. Tell me something, where do you keep your brains?



“Behold, ye are those invited to spend (of your substance) in the Way of God: But among you are some that are niggardly. But any who are niggardly are so at the expense of their own souls. But God is free of all wants, and it is ye that are needy. If ye turn back (from the Path), He will substitute in your stead another people; then they would not be like you!” (Holy Qur’an, 47: 38).


I’m afraid the process of ‘substitution’ has already begun. The choice is clear ‘you are either with Allah, or against Allah’, so decide while there is still time.