International Politics:


Blessing in disguise

By Javed Ahmad


After the demise of the Islamic government, all the Muslims disintegrated into independent nations influenced by the differences of their so called culture, language, sect, tribes, nationalism, etc. As a result, Islam got a blend of 'culture' on top of it and took new forms in different part of the world. Many of the practices of Islam got modified and re-modeled according to the tastes of the people. Altogether, that was the beginning of disunity of the Muslim Ummah. It was meant to be. As we find in one of the sayings of our beloved Prophet peace be upon him), "Allah will take away Khilafa, only to bring it back later."


The ideas of nationalism, sovereign nations, and independent countries are Western. They had to introduce these ideas on the Muslim minds in order to 'divide and conquer' them as well as their resources. Muslims totally forgot the advice of our Prophet (peace be upon him) when he was asked about nationalism, "Leave it, it stinks!"


Considering all of the above, I think it would be now easy for us to understand the saying of our Prophet (peace be upon him) when he said, "The Jews have 71 groups, the Christians 72, and my Ummah will have 73 groups. All of them will invite people to Islam, but only one group among them all will be on true path, the group that will follow the Qur'an and my Sunnah." Therefore, the divisions that we are witnessing among ourselves, was also predicted.


Even the persecution of Muslims by Dajjal was also predicted. Although the Muslims around the world are still unaware of this fact, but the process has actually already begun. What we're witnessing today is the 'system' of Dajjal. Soon the 'person' Dajjal will also appear. What the Muslims do not understand is that, the Dajjal system will stay longer than the person Dajjal. The person Dajjal will appear at the end of the trial and tribulation to call an end to the 'sorting process'. The Mehdi of Islam (Osama? Mulla Omar?) would be fighting the 'system' Dajjal already at the time the 'person' Dajjal will arrive. It is not Mehdi's job to finish off the Dajjal, but the responsibility lies to Prophet Isa (peace be upon him). He is the one who has been given the power over Dajjal; because, the dajjal is the anti-christ. Therefore, only the real christ has the right to deal with dajjal.


But what will dajjal do? Why is it necessary for us to face him? Ironically, dajjal will do a tremendous job for the true Muslims. He will 'sort out' the hypocrites from among us. He will roam around the world with his army/followers to challenge the faithful or believers, to test their true faith in Allah. Many will run away from him, and will seek refuge in Makkah and Medina, where dajjal will not be able to enter. Therefore, when we hear the threats of Israeli officers of nuking Makkah and Medina, we have no need to fear. Those two cities will continue to stand no matter what 'they' attempt to do. Many will fall victim of dajjal's tricks. Many so-called Muslims will leave Islam to join dajjal. At the end, when Prophet Isa (peace be upon him) will defeat dajjal and his army, destroy the cross, and kill all the pigs. No mercy will be shown to any of his followers. Even the trees and stones will cry out calling out loud to Muslims to finish off all the followers of dajjal.


It is necessary that all the evil is rooted out from the surface of the earth in order to re-establish peace- 'Khilafah' again. The 'Kingdom of God' cannot come into existence until all the predictions come to pass. The Kingdom of God will remain strong for about another 1000 years. Then gradually, it would begin to rot again. And then the signs and symptoms of the Last Days will begin to appear. Finally leading to the 'Dooms Day'.


I know, the whole thing sounds like a fairy tale. But, I guess, they will all come to pass no matter how much doubt we cast upon them. So, is this a 'blessing in disguise' for the true Muslims? Maybe.