Not “Women” but a “Men Policy” is needed for Bangladesh

Javed Ahmad


What we need is a “Men Policy” and not a “Women Policy” in Bangladesh. Secular Muslim men are so ignorant of their duties to their fellow women folks that they are now trying to create a women policy to liberate themselves from their own accountability so that they can relax neglecting their duties ordained by Allah Himself. If one is not aware of those imposed duties and responsibilities may refer to the article “A quick Islamic lesson for the hypocritical secularist bigots” posted at the bottom of the list of references below.


The problem is, majority of the so called Muslims in Bangladesh are just Muslims by name. They never study Islam at home not does our school curriculum cover the study of it for them. As a result they grow up totally ignorant about the religion they ‘think’ they believe. What ever Islam they learn, they learn it from their respective families and / or the society whatever practices is remaining – like giving salaams, observing eid days, etc but lazy in offering prayers and fasting, etc. Therefore, this hotchpotch situation of Muslims in the country is creating a hotchpotch situation in the over all society as well.


On the other hand, another group of so called Muslims who are being groomed under the madrassa system with ‘memorized’ version of Islam but with no complete understanding of the religion (deen). As a result, all they have is passion for Islam without understanding any meanings. Therefore, none of the two groups are helping our nation or Islam nor are they worshipping Allah properly. Instead, they are pointing fingers at each other trying to blame one another in an attempt to prove who is more Islamic or modern than the other.


In absence of exposure to Islamic ideologies Muslims in this country look forward to secular Western ideologies and philosophies to find solutions to their growing problems; forgetting totally that Western models are basically anti-Islamic and therefore prohibited for Muslims to follow. See the article “Difference between a believer and a disbeliever” listed below.


Bangladeshi men seem to lack sense of responsibility as a result they do not mind when women runs national affairs as the head of state, and our Islamic political parties approves of it submitting to their leadership. Islam prohibits Muslim women to play leadership roles on national affairs. There is no reference in the Qur’an, Sunnah and the History of Islam of women playing leadership roles in a Muslim majority nation. But we have seen our Jamaat-e-Islami party approved BNP leader Begum Khaleda Zia to be the Prime Minister which is the most active leadership position in the country while they shared power with that party actively as a joint-governance system. By doing so they have bluffed the nation by exposing their hypocrisy that –


  1. It is okay for Muslim majority accept female leadership.
  2. It is okay to share power with a secular party supporting secular government.
  3. Thus they have betrayed the common Muslims of the country by hiding the real Islam from them.


Therefore, the misery continues under the hypocritical secular system. The citizens of the country are so aloof about Islam that they have become an easy prey for the political parties’ manipulations. Other political parties are no better; see the article “Economic crisis, crime and insecurity” below.


By cutting them off from their Islamic roots, the Bangladeshis have become a bunch of fools having no clues on what is going on and what to do about the decaying system around them. Bangladesh has portrayed themselves as a nation that calls themselves Muslims but do not know Islam. Making things even worse, we are now calling for ‘secularism’ denouncing ‘Islam’ openly; where as, solution to most of our problems lies in Islam and the reason we are finding ourselves in more and more problems is because of abandonment of our religion.


I too grew up as ‘educated secular Muslim’ learning basic Islamic practices from family members and the society. The difference is however, at one point in time of my life I was curious enough to go to the ‘books’ to search for the real meaning of Islam ending up discovering what I know and understand today. Since then I have been trying to be more Islamic in rectifying my personal lifestyle accommodating more Islam and canceling more of secular habits. For instance, I now try to offer my prayers on time in congregations, fast in the month of Ramadan, observe eid days and abhor cultural events, pay zakat calculating the correct amount, etc. In family life, I try to encourage my family members to adopt Islamic way of life; and as a result my wife left her job at a bank as it deals with interest (riba) which is prohibited in Islam; and adopted hijab willingly. I have admitted my son in an English medium Islamic school with the hope that he will grow up in Islamic grooming that I missed in my childhood.


It is normal and expected of a Muslim to be more Islamic and abort secularism upon realization of Islamic values – which happened to me. Adaptation of Islamic principles in our personal and social life would only ensure happier and secure lifestyle for us. For that an environment favorable for Islamic practices is needed, and hence some call for an Islamic state system. If a Muslim do not call for Islam then who will? See article “Rise of social ills in absence of Islam” below.


It is unfortunate to see that we are debating whether to keep the Islamic references like “Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim” (meaning, In the name of Allah, most Gracious, most Merciful), “State religion of Bangladesh is Islam”, etc in the secular constitution that we do not follow anyways! Our ignorance toward Islam has grown so much that we can now dare to show our audacity to Allah denouncing Islam without any fear of retribution! See article “Politics, Secularism and Islam” below.


Instead of being the Master of the world, the Muslims today have become the slaves of the Western models without any success. How can these models sustain when they are collapsing in the West itself? There were times when we looked up to the Western models with amazement and hoped to be like them as they looked so successful and prosperous, which is not the case anymore. Today, the Western world is embroiled in many faceted problems that they cannot solve anymore. See the article “Tampering with Mother Nature” below.


There is no freedom for women when they are invited into an unfair competition with men calling them ‘equals’, when they are not. Allah has purposely made the males and females different segregating duties and responsibilities for each group. It is the duty of the Muslim males is to look after their women folks – mother, wife, daughters, etc. Muslim men are to arrange for their room and board as long as they live. They are not supposed to go out of their homes work and support their families. See article “Hijab, Nikab and Modesty of Women in Islam” below. Neglecting this duty would call for accountability and punishments in the Kingdom of Allah in the life hereafter.


The secularists attempt to trick women to come out of their homes removing their veils would result in dire consequences as we are witnessing in the Western secular societies today. In the name of liberating women, what has actually happened is that the women folks are now prone to exploits in a secular society and treated as products to be bought and sold. Some women may like it and call it self freedom, but the reality is there is no freedom when it comes down to exploitation.


In our secular society, we find our Muslim women are being murdered for dowry, which is prohibited in Islam. We see them committing suicide, which is prohibited in Islam; we find them in brothels engaged in prostitution that is prohibited in Islam; we find them going out of their homes without any veil which is prohibited in Islam; we find them showing off tattoos on their body parts in cultural festivals that is prohibited in Islam; we find them mixing freely with opposite sex at the academic institutions some engaging in fornication that is prohibited in Islam, etc, etc, etc. And what is the cost of all these acts of liberation? The result for this is, destruction of social family life, rise of promiscuity and illegal relationships; a sure deal of burning in hell fire in the afterlife including their male members who allowed them to have those freedoms. I am sure none of you secular Muslims are even aware of it. Are you?


It is foolish for Muslims to adopt anything but Islam as a way of life. Allah did not give Muslims any choice on this matter. As the Lord of the entire universe He demands that we fully submit to His will when we declared our faith in Islam by reciting – “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.” This means, we are supposed to obey no one but Allah and His messenger. Prophet Muhammad (s) was sent to us as a clear warner and a guide to follow his sunnah as he was the ‘living Qur’an’. So, what is it going to be? Would you not still revert? Would you still press for your Women Policy and secularism that is doomed to fail?


Solutions to most of our social ills lie in implementation of Islamic principles, not destroying them. Therefore, in order to solve the problem of our women in Bangladesh, we need to enforce a “Men Policy” and not a “Women Policy” as our secular citizens are suggesting. If the government and its people continue to lick secular boots abandoning Islam, soon Allah will also abandon this nation. Just pay close attention to other secular nations around the world including the middle-eastern monarchies (which is also secular) and the fate they are facing to realize the matter. Bangladesh cannot withstand another secular suffering like 1971.




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