Reader's Feedback on "Faith, Logic and the Truth"

> What an incredible article!

> Just wait till you see just how incredible it

> Well... i was reading the article (by the way, ur the man!) and I was 
> especially loving the part about that guys near death experience and how he 
heard "a-l-l-a-h-o-m".

> Well... i dont know if you know arabic... but I was reading Sura 
> Jonah (yunus), or chapter 10 verse 10...

> "Their cry therein (paradise) :'Glory to Thee, O God' "

> now... in english, its nothing special. But the actual wording in arabic 
made me drop to the floor and confirmed my faith all the more.

> It actually says "Their cry therein (paradise): 'Subahanka Allahom' "

> It actually says in The Qur'an "Allahom" for that certain part, and it is 
> very rarely seen in the entire Qur'an. I couldn't believe. It wasn't "subhan 
> Allah".... no, it was "Allahom" and it came at a time when God was talking 
about what the praises are in Paradise!!!

> Hope you liked this... I sure did. If you know arabic, man... you got to read 
> that. 

**All praise be to Allah, the Lord of the universe. Who created me out of dust and clay, moulded me into shape, and breathed in me His spirit. He is the One who taught me the use of pen and taught me the things I knew not. I can do nothing on my own.

Thank you for pointing out the matter to me. I wasn't aware of it. No, I'm not an Arab. Arabic is still a foreign language to me. But, I do intent to learn, if Allah is willing. 

After verification, I'll add this letter on the article page to let others know about your discovery. Peace be upon you. Thank you. :)