Comparative State Systems

Javed Ahmad


The following table in image form was posted on What Really Happened dot Com ( ) on December 6, 2011 under the heading “Corporations are destroying civilization”; although the message on the table is interesting, but as a Muslim, inclusion of the word “Koran” under “Theocratic State” on the second row caught my attention. It is a typical habit of the Western mind to blend Islam with rest of the religions as if they are all the same. Therefore, I could not help but refute the message by making some corrections. I have crossed out over the word Koran and have added another column on the right to show the difference between an Islamic State and others with explanations at the bottom of the table:


Islamic State

Allah (A confirmed being)

Qur’an and Sunnah













  1. At Center of System: Allah - A confirmed being; see “Faith, Logic and the Truth” at
  2. Foundation of Documents: The Holy Qur’an is the constitution of an Islamic State and Sunnah are the by-laws to run state affairs.
  3. Use of Torture: None. Not to be confused with state punishments as ordained in Shariah derived from the Qur’an and Sunnah.
  4. Literacy: Strongly encouraged for both men and women. The Holy Qur’an was revealed with the proclamation “Read”.
  5. Science: The Muslim world was way ahead in science and technology when the West was in “Dark Ages”. See “1001 Inventions: Discover The Muslim Heritage In Our World” at
  6. Human Rights: Excellent. Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) championed in all aspects of human life including human rights. See “The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History” at and and and
  7. Freedoms: Justice is ensured in Islam. Islam does not encourage crime, insanity and criminality in the society and deals with them strictly. However, mercy is often shown to those who repents and vows not to repeat the crime. Religious freedom is assured through recognition of existence of the pious, apostates, hypocrites, atheists, groups following other religions under the same rule of law.


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