Re.: The Time Reversal Theory, to explain the coming of the Day of Judgement.

Dear Dr. Khan:

May Allah's Peace and Blessings be upon you. I read you article on Time Reversal Theory as it can be applied to the possibility of resurrection on the Day of Judgment. A brilliant approach indeed, but not without queries.

I read about Time Reversal theory a long time ago. And never could really agree with it and some other stuffs in Modern Physics, including some weird theories of Einstein.

I'm sure you know that as per Einstein, Time is the fourth dimension. But this "Time" only matters to the physical world. Where as it is irrelevant in heavenly terms. We find references in the Qur'an and many Hadiths that few moments in the Heavens is like many years in our worldly calculations. And that is why we never find any specific time and date of any event that took place or will take place. Again, our Islamic calendar is based on a lunar schedule instead of solar. Which allows this "time" to float through many seasons. The "times" of our prayers and fasts, again are based on floating time concept which is approximate and measured as "between", based on the position of the sun. No specific measurement is stressed. Which I find very interesting and unique. It makes us wonder, why has Islam allowed so much of flexibility on the matter of "time"?

Many of the future events which are to follow, have been kept as a matter of surprise for us. We are allowed to do our guess work, but there is no way we can be definitive on anything. Probably, it is done on purpose to allow flexibility in "time". Very intelligent concept. As if all the events have been noted down on a calendar like chart without putting any date and time on it.

But, it is also true that, we find many references in the Qur'an where Allah mentioned about time being "appointed". Which means, no matter how much of a flexibility is allowed, still there is a "limit" to it.

In regards to the incidents taking place in relation to time is entirely a different thing. It is like an audio and video recording of all the activities taking place in and around the universe. Which as science today believes, can be played back some day.

But, what does this playback means? Will it be not like a playing a video tape using a VCR? Which we will witness ourselves on what we did and used to do when we were alive in the physical world? Will it be anything more than that?

And the matter of Time Reversal is not supposed to be anything different than this! It will be just like playing the tape backward!! Which again we will just witness as a "viewer" only.

The concept of Time Travel and Time Dilation seems to me as "impractical" theories. Can we really travel through time physically? Einstein suggested that if we traveled at the speed greater than light then we could witness many things that has happened in the past provided we have such a device that could playback those "electro-magnetic waves" that are traveling away from us at the speed of light as "recorded messages". Yes, probably we could. But, all we will "see" is only the images from the past, and that's all!

Even if we manage to travel through the passage of time, it will only be a travel through the "images", either be the past or the future. Which we can just "witness", but won't be able to interfere with any effect. Simply because, we don't really belong there. We will not be able to interfere on any events other than that of our own time relations.

There had been an experimentation on time travel called the "Philadelphia Experiment", which was said to have been performed in front of live audiences. And the participants were sent to the future, where they witnessed some "terrible things" and came back totally exhausted and panicked. A video tape is available on this whole program which can be purchased. I never had a chance to look into it, have you?

The concepts of Multiple Time Dimensions, Parallel Universe- are all just theories, which really doesn't make much sense. Because, the Theory of Relativity says that if our speed of travel increases and reaches the speed of light, then we won't be in a physical form anymore, we will transform into "energy". As "light" or "electronic" waves and particles can only travel at such speed. Our physical bodies are not just fit for such speedy travel. Remember the preparation our Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) went through with the help of Angel Gibraeel (Peace be upon him) before the Meraj - the heavenly journey? It was a painful preparation as per his own detail.

So, I really don't think that the Time Reversal Theory has much appeal to explain the Resurrection theory. Instead, as I re-call reading a book not too long ago, which suggests the possibility of re-generating life from the "dead" embryo, the same way as it was done at the first place. Think of the movie "Jurassic Park"; how the dinosaurs were re-created from their dead ancestors. Can it be really done? Maybe, I would say. We've come as far as "Cloning" life quite successfully. Looks like we are not too far from it right now.

And how to explain the events of disasters just before the Day of Judgment? Well, I think the matter will be more of an astronomical phenomenon rather that something like Time Reversal. If the Sun comes closer to the earth for any reason, the rotation of the earth will gradually come to a halt, and this would cause increase in temperature on the planet. This will also cause volcanic eruptions due to increased gravitational pull by the Sun. And so on...

Thank you for provoking my thoughts which I allowed to run wild to write this letter/article. Looking forward to your input now. Thank you.

Waas salaam,