The UFO's, Aliens, and what have you…

By Javed Ahmad

The street lights weren't enough, it was some what dark around. I was a bit ahead of others. With the help of instincts that developed due to my familiarity with the place, I was managing my way to the destination with accuracy even in the dark. Just jumped over a drain, and suddenly realized something is unusual above. So, I looked up. It was something I haven't seen before…a blazing cylindrical object standing still in the air emitting grayish or silver like light from it body. I looked at it with amazement trying to figure out what it was…suddenly, a voice called out "Javed!", distracted me. I looked at the person, it was my dad who was behind me, now ahead of me, is asking me to follow them. Again I jumped and ran towards him, and when I was close, I looked up again for a second look, but it was gone….

That was my first encounter with an UFO. It was in the late 60's, and I was only 6 or 7 years old. Bungladesh was still known as East Pakistan.

Second encounter, now early 80's. I developed a habit of going up on the roof every night to watch the sky for some time after dinner before going to bed. From my daily observations, I could easily tell which is a star, a planet, a satellite, and a meteor. I used to look out into the vastness of the universe and wonder many things, sometimes with joy, sometimes with fear…the vastness of the deep space and the fear of the unknown used to scare me at times. And often I used to call out to my Lord, and say, "O Allah ! Surely You didn't create all these out of sports…".

One night, as usual, I went up on the roof laying down on my back on a mat, looking up in the sky. The night was clear and a little breezy. We had a couple of coconut trees which were about the height of a three story building on one side, where the full moon was trying to hide…it was a beautiful night. Suddenly, I noticed something right over the trees…it was a bright orange colored curved spaced line (e.g., ----) with equal intervals appeared from nowhere and also ended up suddenly! Nothing else to be seen. The line stayed there for few seconds and then vanished in the air. It all happened in a tremendous speed and for only few seconds.

No I didn't see any object this time, just the line. I tried to explain this to myself with all the knowledge and information I had with me on astronomy, but failed to draw any conclusion.

It wasn't a meteor, as a meteor do not travel on a curve path, and they fall toward the ground on a straight line until they turn into ashes before hitting the ground. This was different, it was a line parallel to the ground and not moving toward the ground. And as if it was a geometrically done with precision and accuracy. I jumped up, and waited for it to happen again. But it didn't…that was it.

No, I have never met any alien being and never even seen one in real life . I haven't even seen any UFO long enough to describe it in anymore detail than I've already done above. But still, I think there is a mystery hidden somewhere.

I've studied about the UFO's in books, magazines, newspapers. Watched many documentaries on television and videos. And have come to know about many "theories" regarding them. But none of them are compelling nor convincing. Some of them are discussed below.

The Roswell Incident: Perhaps the most well known and most repeated incident regarding the UFO's and the Aliens is the supposed UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico in the USA. It is said to have happened sometime in late 40's.

Some of the eye witnesses of the crash and after crash scene are still surviving. Their determination and steadfastness on this matter is a reason strong enough to make believe that something did happen in Roswell. Soon after the retirement from the service, these armed forces personnel are repeatedly making headlines on the newspapers every year! And as per their version, an UFO did crash in the remote area of Roswell which was flown by Aliens. Three bodies of the injured Alien beings were recovered along with the bits and pieces of the crashed UFO. One of the Aliens were already dead, and the other two were alive for sometime. US Army has covered up the whole incident to hide the truth from the general public. And up to this day they are successful in doing so. Pretty interesting story, but there are no proofs as of yet.

After all these years, today's Roswell has no such traces or marks left to be investigated. It is believed that the US Army has very efficiently cleaned up the place totally. Therefore, there is no way of knowing what really happened there, or if it really happened.

I managed to see the so called "Alien Autopsy" video, and found it very convincing. Where as the other video "The Alien Interview" seemed to have been faked. They were the secret military video tapes somehow smuggled out of the area and made public. They are said to be the captured Aliens. The autopsy was of the dead alien recovered from the Roswell crash.

Area 51: A secret military aircraft research base, not too far from Roswell. It's a top secret area, and general public are not allowed to go near that area. No commercial and private airplanes are allowed to fly over that area either. This area is said to have been in existence since WWII, but the public didn't come to know about it until and after the Roswell incident. Many UFO's were said to have been sighted in and over this area. Even today the citizens of the US do not know what sort of secret activities are going on in that area. In the name of "National Security", they all have been dumb folded.

The Chariots of Gods: As per Von Daniken the author of "The Chariots of God", our world is being visited by the aliens for the past thousands of years. And as per his research and investigation, they left behind many traces for us to ponder upon. I've read the book and have also seen the video. And I was not really convinced. As I realized that most of the presentations could be explained or interpreted in many different ways and not necessarily just Daniken's way.

The Cosmic Conspiracy: After all these years of hide and seek game regarding the UFO's and the Aliens. Many now seem to believe that the secret governments have initiated a well planned secret conspiracy against all the religions of the world. Their intention is to show an extra-terrestrial connection of humankind to discredit the beliefs held by most religions about a divine connection of mankind. And that is why the atheistic governments are desperately trying to portray an image of aliens with small gray colored body with large dark eyes. To make believe that these aliens are our ancestors or gods.

And why all this? Well, as per their analysis, majority of the problems in today's world are due to our differences in language, culture, and religion. So, they figured that in order to make mankind to work as a unity, they need to eliminate all these differences. Thus, they have set out to work toward it to bring the entire mankind under one government, one language, and one faith and understanding. A very interesting concept, but will it work? In other words, they have chosen the way of falsification and deceit.

If they truly have proof and evidences, then why are they hiding them? If the truth is told, they say, then mankind will be in shock and will panic. What an excuse! Do you really think they would be so considerate on this matter if they really had proof? To put it simply, they are playing this game simply because they do not have any evidences. And that is why they are so desperately trying to find some evidences to show as a "proof". They have set up projects like the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) spending billions of dollars. NASA is sending space ships after space ships just to find some sign of life in the solar system and the universe. They even made weird stories of a "rock" (meteor) that jumped out of the surface of the planet Mars! What do they think we are? Some sort of monkeys?! And guess what, they didn't even stop there, they even found sign of life inside that rock! Amazing!

They will continue to spend billions of dollars in all these weird projects keeping the rest of the world starving. And they want to unite the world! They say.

Then what are these Unidentified Flying Objects that we are seeing? Well, we ARE seeing something alright. But they may not be of "extra-terrestrial" origin, they might be very well our own.

During WWII, German army were reported to have been experimenting with an oval shaped aircraft that would travel at a much higher speed and without any fuel. The technology was based on the theory of anti-gravity. Where an aircraft would simply slide or glide on anti-gravitational influence at any height and at high speed. But, their project failed. After the defeat in the war, the US Army began to work on the project. In the location which is now known as "Area 51".

Some like to believe a link of alien mastermind behind all this. Aliens? Well, who are these aliens?

The picture of the aliens that we are given are very much like us. Walking upright with two arms, two legs, has two large eyes, a nose, even a mouth! They said to be of gray color…I wonder…

As per the legends of the Pyramids, at one point in time, mankind got divided into two groups. One chose to remain on the surface, and the other went underground. And this same concept has been portrayed in the famous science fiction by H.G. Wells called "The Time Machine". And if it is true, then we are the "Eloi" and our other ancestors are the "Marlocks"!

Why they chose to go underground? I don't know…but it sure does make some sense. If several generations of our kind manage to live underground, what kind of appearance they are likely to have in the long run? Due to living in the dark, their eyes would grow bigger, due to not having sunlight, their skin color might turn gray. And not being able to find variety of nutritional foods, they might appear to be physically small and weak. Won't they?

If they are the Marlocks, our underground kin, then how did they become technologically advanced? Well, why not? We do dig out all those alloys and metals from underground, don't we? And they have them all readily available! Therefore, they have more advantages than we do to test and experiment with metals and alloys to create something more advanced artificially. Having been living underground, they would know and understand the theories of gravity and anti-gravity far better than we would! From that respect, it would be more appropriate and practical for them to build an flying object which works on anti-gravity, and which can just glide up from underground and float any directions. And due to this very technology, whenever they travel in space, they could manage to remain seated on their seats instead of floating around in the craft!

Or, are they really coming from an extra-terrestrial origin? Although probable, but not likely. From all the legends and stories, it is apparent that they are very much like us. They breathe the same air we do. And they have never been heard to have been wearing any mask or space suits. Which proves that they are comfortable with earth's atmosphere. And as far as I am concerned, none of the other planets within the solar system can come any closer to Earth. So. We can confidently say, there aren't any life in any other planets but earth. Forget about intelligent life.

Then they must be coming from another planetary system! Well, the nearest system from ours is several million or billion light years away! That is even if they travel at the speed of light.

Then what are the other alternatives left? Time travel, or dimensional travel. So, they must be our future generations! If not the past. Travelling through the time via time tunnel or reduced bindings. But, is time travel a practical concept? We can interfere with our "present", but can we do so with our "past" and "future"? How can we interfere with something where we do not really belong? We could be an observer in our past and future, but can we get involved in any action?

The aliens however, are involved in action with us, by showing up every now and then, by abducting us and other animals once in a while. Then are they from future or present?

No matter who they are. They are also mortal like us. They are born, they grow and they die. So we noticed among the captured aliens in Roswell, two were adults and the other was a child.

So, they are not "gods". Then do they believe in any religion? Do they believe in God?

End of doc.