Political Analysis:


Loss of American Credibility

By Javed Ahmad


Even before the emergency drama called "911", America was considered a great nation. But it is now all coming to an end.


People around the world used to dream to come to the USA to be an “American” someday, to be a part of a great nation, and feel great about it. But now, being an American is a matter of shame.


There was a time when people from around the world used to look up to the United States for intervention for peace, justice, freedom. But now, the same country has turned into a monster, oppressing its own people.


The secret government, CIA, FBI has become so big and powerful that it has now become totally unmanageable and out of control. And to top it of, the enormous military spending has resulted in a huge burden on the economy. Now the country is in huge deficit.


The secret agenda of the "New World Order" was always there. As such, the member of the secret governments around the world never fell short on their secret programs to prepare for it. Now it is finally here.


America never really had "democracy". All it had was a mere illusion of it. Americans thought they were in control under the representation of their elected government officials. But in most cases, it was always a bunch of selected officials represented them, not the elected ones. They made secret laws and by-laws from time to time and passed them secretly without people's opinion or knowledge. Gradually gave themselves enough power to manipulate things almost at will. And people thought they were living under democracy.


American people on the other hand are so naive that they didn't have a clue on what was actually going on. They were so happy with their sex, booze, and Hollywood dreams that they completely lost touch of reality. Nobody gave a damn about anything as long as they had money in their pockets to spend. Now, that the fantasy is over, they are paying the price of their ignorance.


Things would never be the same again. Too much of secret information has come out suddenly. People are now overwhelmed in amazement. They just can't believe what they are hearing and witnessing. It's just too much for them to grasp. Therefore, most of them are still very much in confusion.


As usual, all sort of news-media controlled by the secret government and the Zionists are actively propagating lies and deception, sending subliminal messages to brain wash people and to keep them confused.


America has lost its credibility. People around the world now look at America with doubts and suspicion. They no longer trust America or any American. Nor are they willing do deal with anything "American" anymore. As a result, the worldwide boycott of American products is taking further toll on the American economy.


In the name of Human Rights (Peace Corps, Red Cross Society, etc.), Missionaries, Embassies, Cultural Centers, Trade and Commerce, they sent in their secret service agents in different countries, sometimes under big corporate names (Coca-Cola, IBM, American Express, etc.), to interfere in the internal affairs and to cause disturbances in foreign countries. But, suspicion is no more; enemy has now been identified. American discriminatory foreign policies helped the world to understand the plots clearly.


America followed the footsteps of Israel. Like Hamas, which is actually run by Shinbet (Israeli internal secret service, like the FBI); CIA, with co-operation with the Mossad (Israeli external secret service, like CIA), established ‘sleepers cells’ in different countries around the globe and called them ‘The Base’ (Al-Qaeda). The name Al-Qaeda may have originated from Osama & Co., but they no longer run it. With the help of Arab looking Israelis along with defecting Arabs, Al-Qaeda is now a joint operation of CIA & Mossad. It is a dangerous liaison.


American people are beginning to realize that, America didn't really fall "because of 9-11", instead, it fell "because of Israel." Israel has already brought America on its knees. USA is now Usrael, controlled by the Zionists, pro-Israelis (Pat Robertson, Daniel Pipes, Falwell, Swaggart, et. al.) and the secret chapters of Illuminati (namely, Skulls & Bones). And they get what they demand.


"I want to tell you something very clear, don't worry about American pressure on Israel, we, the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it." (Ariel Sharon to Shimon Peres, October 3rd, 2001, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio).


Yes, majority of the Americans knew it all right, but they didn’t care. They didn’t care, because, their ignorance didn’t affect their pockets or lifestyle. Who ever tried to speak out on these matter (Paul Findley, Jessie Jackson, Cynthia McKinney et. al.), they booed at them, and discredited them. They continued to live under false pretension, as if everything was just fine, until “911”. Now deal with it.



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