Bangladesh 2004-2010

The purpose of this site is to share my experiences, observations and research with the interested quarters from around the world. Hope you would find my work interesting and enjoyable, yet educational to some degree. Thank you!

Table of Contents with Preface

1. Hello Bangladesh! An Analytical Guide for True Bangladeshi Patriots.

Preface: This article was written few months after my arrival in Bangladesh. It mostly deals with my personal observation and understanding in comparison to what it was like about 20 years ago. (December, 2004)

2. Vacationing on the Saint Martinís Island.

Preface: In this article I've shared my first time experiences on the Saint Martin islands. (November, 2004)

3. What is love? (A poem).

Preface: People say, I'm philosophical. Well, I'm poetic too! This poem was written before I got married. See if you like it.

6. An Analysis of Political Failure in Bangladesh.

Preface: Many of you may think why have I gone out of my way leaving my Information Technology (IT) field to venture into politics. It is mainly due to the fact that our present day world is run by scumbags. Their selfish and deceptive policies and greed for power is leading the world to chaos and destruction. As such, as a peaceful and concerned citizen of the world I felt I need to look into the root causes of this problem and address the issues with my best abilities before its too late. The ideas presented here are tuned with the current situation in Bangladesh, but in theory the ideas are adaptable anywhere in the world. (March 2008).

7. The Ahmad Family Tree.

Preface: Curious about my family background? Here you will find some information. The contents are in Bangla language, and the part will be translated into English soon.

8. Salary, Wages and Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA)

Preface: This is an ongoing struggle between the public and private organizations where the government tries to compel the private businesses to comply with some rules and regulation that sometimes becomes impossible to comply with. This wage issue is one such case. (May 2010).

9. Simplifying admission at the PhD level and allowing flexibility

Preface: Applying for admission at a university for a Masterís or PhD program is not same like applying for admission at an undergraduate program. At the undergraduate level all one is required to do is fill out an application add requested documents and send the application package to the admissions office at the targeted university. But in case of graduate admission, especially if it is a research based program one would have to first look for a supervisor who is willing to supervise the planned research work by the student.. (June 2010).