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"O my Lord! Bestow wisdom on me, and join me with the righteous; …”
(  سورة الشعراء  , Ash-Shuara, Chapter #26, Verse #83)

Welcome ! As an independent researcher and freelance writer, I always wanted to share my ideas and thoughts in such a way which would be easy and direct. And keeping this in mind, I've created this home/web page to work as a media between me and my readers. Some of my articles were uploaded at AOL's "Islam Library". If you are an AOL member, you may still find some of those articles there. To access them, simply go to "Keyword: Islam". Click on "Libraries", then look under the "Articles" category.

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Just to say THANK YOU for your awesome website
This email have some interesting links. Therefore, I've decided to share it with you all.

Table of Contents with Preface

1. Faith, Logic and the Truth
Preface: A contemporary study of "Science, Religion & Philosophy". A challenging approach to understand God. (November, 1995)
Reader's feedback: A reader pointed out an interesting discovery that I've decided to share with you all here.
Report of a Netherlands Psychologist Van der Hoven: The news relates closely to the article "Faith, Logic and the Truth". That's why I've decided to share with you all. However, the news could not be verified nor I could trace the original source. One will find discussion about it at different forums on the net. Just do a Google search to find more of this.

Note: This is one of my articles that is in wide circulation on the net. Many have declared faith in Islam after reading this article alone. Last year (i.e., 2002), one of my friends forwarded a copy of this article to me! He didn't know that I was the author. :)

2. Sexual Behavior and our Society
Preface: How and why does the societies in the East (especially Islamic) differs from that of the West? An analytical approach based on personal experiences and understanding. (October, 1992)
Reader's feedback : This is one of the many feedbacks that managed to reach me, and moved me immensely.

3. In Search of the Anti-Christ
Preface: Believe it or not, like it or not, super powers of our time are actively setting up war grounds all around the world (preparation for the Armageddon) hoping to start a World War with the expectation that the situation will force Jesus Christ to return (second coming) to this world to initiate the millennium of peace and prosperity (The New World Order). And in order to make this happen, they are actively searching for the "Anti-Christ" who would push the world into war and destruction. Without even realizing for a single moment that they (the players) themselves are the Anti-Christ(s); and Jesus Christ himself will declare war against them. (February, 1998)

4. True Christianity
Preface: What was the original message of Christianity ? How and why did this one time magnificent monotheistic religion turned into a polytheist religion believing in "Trinity" ? Where are the Unitarian Christians today ?

5. Zulqarnain: The Story of Alexander
Preface: Read this article to find out what does the Qur'an say about Alexander the Great. (August, 1997)

6. Muhammad in Hindu Scriptures
Preface: Islam is not a new religion as people of other faith tends to believe. Instead, it is a culmination of the same message given by God to mankind through many of His Messengers or Prophets. The glad tidings of coming of a new Universal Prophet was predicted in every religion. Some retained the information, while others obliterated it. Regardless, the true message some how managed to remain in different forms and interpretations. In Judaism, in Christianity, even in Hinduism. This article particularly deals with the materials found in Hindu scriptures related to the prophecy of coming of Prophet Muhammad.

7. The Day of Judgment
Preface: This was the letter I wrote to Dr. Khan, author of the article called "The Physics of the Day of Judgment" to discuss few matter on his use of Time Reversal theory to explain the possibility of the Day of Judgment. His article is posted on the AOL's Islam library in files section. (July, 1999)

8. Honey: As a Medicine
Preface: Honey has numerous medicinal values. And is strongly recommended by the Qur'an and Sunnah.

9(a). Miracles still happens...a picture is worth a thousand words
Preface: I've witnessed and come to know of many miracles around the world. These are just some of them.

9(b). Miracles still happens...continued

9(c). The Miracle Boy!
Preface: Read the news article on Shariff the wonder boy! Born in a Christian family in Tanzania, but spoke in Arabic only after 4 months! At the age of 5, he was reciting the Qur'an and preaching Islam like an adult in 5 different languages!

Note: I've seen a video documentary on this boy. But it was poorly done. I think Muslims around the world should take this living miracle seriously and pay close attention to what he has to say. All miracles happens for a reason. We should prepare a professional quality documentary on this boy to show around the world TV stations. 

9(d). The Miraculous Zumzum Pond
Preface: Zumzum is a pond located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Which has a history of miraculous appearance in the desert. A miracle worth investigating.

Note: Another miracle that should have a TV or Video documentary.

10(a). Understanding a Believer
Preface: Why we (the Muslims) are the way we are? How and what shapes us? What are the philosophies and teachings behind us that manifests in our actions? Read to learn and understand.

10(b). Understanding a Believer...continued
Preface: It is the teachings of Islam that shapes a Muslim. After all, there is a proverb that says, "You are what you eat!"

10(c). Understanding a Believer...continued
Preface: Did you ever wonder why Europe in their Dark Ages tried heart and soul to discredit Islam? Did you ever wonder the reasons for Crusades? Did you ever care to know why it was a punishable crime to possess any Islamic materials during the Dark Ages? (The movie called "Nostradamus" (1994) is recommended). It was simply because the ruling powers of the West didn't want their people to know and learn about "Islam". And what was the Islamic Kingdom like at that time? This piece of article will tell you some of it.

11. Adhan: The Meaning of Muslim Call for Prayer
Preface: You might have heard the adhan when you lived or traveled in an Islamic country. But never really knew what that was all about. Never really understood the meaning of the "call" that you used to hear five times a day coming out of loud speaker of a nearby mosque. Well, now is an opportunity for you to know.

12. Salah: The Meaning of the Muslim Prayer
Preface: Ever seen a Muslim at prayer? Ever wondered what are they really doing? Are they saying some meaningless chants, mantra's, or maybe just complaining to God about something? Well, now is an opportunity for you know!

13. The Wonders of Poetry
Preface: Poem is a great tool to deliver a message. To avoid persecution by the Churches, Nostradamus wrote quadrants after quadrants of poetic lines to give the messages of the future as he had seen through visions. Many poets through out generations gave their insights very intelligently through poems. And here is an example.

14(a). Becoming a Muslim
Preface: "Islam" is a gift from Allah. Not everyone is eligible to receive it. Only the one who managed to enter it's fold, knows it's true value. This news article is an example of such a story.

14(b). Becoming a Muslim...continued
Preface: Many have accepted Islam in their heart already, just waiting manifestation.

14(c). Becoming a Muslim...continued
Preface: From Christianity to Islam...another story of conversion.

14(d). Hijab Makes a Woman Beautiful as an Angel!
Preface: This article was originally published on Al-Ameen, volume 1, issue 5, February 28, 2003. I liked the article and later decided to post it permanently on my web site. It is written by one Nakata Khaula, a Japanese sister who accepted Islam as her way of life. I did not make any change to the article, it is exactly the same as I received from Al-Ameen. The highlighted parts are my own emphasis. Those are the parts I liked best in her arguments. (March, 2003)

Note: Wearing a veil (hijab or burkha) is not just a religious requirement, but is also a personal choice. A woman who chooses to wear a veil do so on her own will, the will that we should honor and respect. In a free democratic society, no government or law should try to take this right away from her.

"024.031 And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty; that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what (must ordinarily) appear thereof; that they should draw their veils over their bosoms and not display their beauty except to their husbands, their fathers, their husband's fathers, their sons, their husbands' sons, their brothers or their brothers' sons, or their sisters' sons, or their women, or the slaves whom their right hands possess, or male servants free of physical needs, or small children who have no sense of the shame of sex; and that they should not strike their feet in order to draw attention to their hidden ornaments. And O ye Believers! turn ye all together towards God, that ye may attain Bliss." (Holy Qur'an).

14(e). Jermaine Jackson Discovers Islam
Preface: You know Michael Jackson, right? Jermaine Jackson is his brother. Read this article to find out how he came to Islam. This article was originally published on Al-Ameen, volume 1, issue 17, March 28, 2003. The highlighted parts are my own emphasis. (March, 2003)

Blessing in Disguise
Preface: There are many predictions in Islam about the WWIII, the battle between the Mehdi (the guided one) and Dajjal (Anti-Christ or the one-eyed Jewish Messiah), and return of Prophet Isa (Jesus Christ). Are we entering that phase? (December, 2002)

16. People of the Book
Preface: In this article I tried to draw a co-relation between the divine revelations to different prophets. How the divine books were revealed and how they were recorded. (December, 2002)

17. Qur'an allows, but...
Preface: In this article I tried to analyze the current situation of the People of the Book, and how that affects the effectiveness of the Quranic injunction in regards to marrying a Jew or a Christian. (December, 2002)

18. The Gospel of Jesus according to Saint Barnabas and Matthew
Preface: We cannot judge a book by the cover. We must read it carefully and analyze the contents before giving any opinion or judgment. "The Gospel of Barnabas", as it is commonly known, is one of the most neglected books in the Christian world. A copy of the book reached me sometime around 1985. But never really felt drawn to it, until 1998. Finally, when I began to read it, I was amazed with the contents and wisdom that contained in it. I was so sorry and angry with myself, I constantly said to myself, "Oh, why haven't I read the book before!", until I finished reading it.

I've learnt a lot from this book, and many of my questions were answered. Now I love this book so much that I don't hesitate to recommend it to others. Everyone should read this book regardless of ones religious background, or personal beliefs. This book should be read with an un-biased mind.

Personally, I think this book is probably the translation of the original "Injeel". Saint Barnabas and Matthew took turns in writing the gospels of Jesus as he explained and discussed different issues with his disciples who followed him during his ministry. Where as, the "Bible", the way we have it today, was written by non-disciples many centuries later. Considering the origin and history, I would say, comparatively, this Gospel is more reliable than the Bible. 

Note: One can search for more information on 'Gospel of Barnabas' at for more information on this topic. And I strongly suggest that one do so before or after reading the book. There are tons of research articles available about this book on the Internet, some are for it while some are against it. A thinking person with an un-biased mind should not hesitate to read both sides of the story before drawing a conclusion.

19. The First Muslim in Space!
Preface: Prince Sultan Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud of Saudi Arabia was the first Muslim to go in space. The news was reported on "Al-Burhaan" - a publication of Islamic Propagation Centre International in South Africa, dated June 1990, volume 1, and number 10. This NASA Space Shuttle Mission actually took place in 1988.


 20. Islamic Caliphate: Are We Ready Yet?
Preface: Our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has said, "Allah will take away Caliphate, only to bring it back later". Has the process already begun? Are we ready for it? (February, 2003)


21. When Religion is Just a Label
Preface: When it comes to science, arts, business, politics, sociology, or what have you, our curiosity runs wild, and we have no shortage of 'questions'. But, when it comes to 'religion', we're numb and dumb. (March, 2003)


22. Spoiled by Oil
Preface: Discovery of oil has made the Arabs lazy and unproductive. In fact, the glorious days of Islamic civilization have died after the discovery of oil. (March, 2003)


23. Prophet Muhammad’s Physical Ascension (Me’rãj) to the Heavens in the Light of Science and the Qur’ãn
Preface: For a long time I was thinking about writing an article on Meraj explaining the story in modern day scientific and technological terms. But when I came across with this piece of article, I've decided to add this on this web site as it deals with most of the things I was planning to cover.

The article is well written, and was originally targeted for Muslim audiences. As a result, a lot of Arabic terms have been used. To a Muslim reader many of the terms are familiar, but to an English reader they are all 'foreign words'. However, the author tried his best to give a translated meaning to those words used whenever he introduced such a word. It is a normal tendency of a Muslim scholar to use Arabic words in their writings even when they target English readers. This is also true for non-Arab Muslims scholars as well. The main reason for this is simple. The official language of Islam is Arabic. The Qur'an is in Arabic language, so are most of the original learning resources of Islam. Therefore, when a Muslim educates himself/herself on Islam they refer extensively to those original materials. As a result, they end up learning many commonly used Arabic terms, which they eventually use in their own writings. But that shouldn't turn one off from reading such materials. Because, many of those materials are filled with wisdom, just like this one. Find out yourself!


24. A Dialog on Ahmadiyya Movement
Preface: This article is a copy of the original email correspondence I had with and one of the followers of Ahmadiyya movement in Pakistan. He wanted my opinion on Ahmadiyya Movement of Islam. In reply I asked him to tell me why he is a follower of Ahmadiyya, then I would be able to tell him why I’m not. (April, 2003)


25. Ar-Raya: The Black Flag of the Army of Islam
Preface: Every religion has their own set of predictions. Jews have their 'Messiah', the Christians have their 'Armageddon', and the Muslims have 'Mehdi & Dajjal'. What we are witnessing today is the battle predictions. As if all religions are competing to see whose predictions are better and true. And all the life form around the planet is paying the price of this fanaticism. (May, 2003)


26. The Untold Story of Barakah
Preface: Barakah, better known as Hadhrat Umm Ayman (May Allah be pleased with her) was the slave mother of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). A little known story. While reading the story I found my tears rolling down my cheeks. She was one of the magnificent women of Islam. (May, 2003)


27. Woman in Religion: Misconceptions About Their Rights
Preface: I love it when Muslim women stand up to the Western feminists in defense of Islam. (May, 2003)

Note: Western feminists should not speak for Muslim women around the world before consulting with them first.


28. Turning the Tables
Preface: Beware of setups! There are certain individuals and organizations who are actively trying to setup innocent unsuspecting people into deceptive frame ups. They are acting as "terrorist catcher", while in reality, they are the real terrorists! (May, 2003)


Note: A day after posting this article on the net the alleged web site changed the contents of their web page. It used to be a list of email addresses when I wrote the article. Now it has been changed to something about "Jehad is Crap!" However, the old page is still available on google search under the 'cached' link. Not only that, they have also dedicated the bottom of the page thanking me for promoting their web sites! With a smiley sigh at the end! The new page now have a link to Daniel Pipes web site, a man who claims to be an expert on Islam and Muslim affairs, but actually knows nothing on those topics. It is very easy to say things, but hard to defend what is said. Pipes is one such man, who says many strange things, but can back up or defend nothing. He should return his PhD degree to the school he got it from and the school that gave him the PhD should be closed for good. He is a disgrace to the intellectual community.


29. An In-Depth Look at Zabiha
Preface: Zabiha or the rule of animal slaughter is an important and an interesting concept of Islamic practices. In two of his articles Mufti Ebrahim Desai explains the theory and practice of halal and haram meat.


Note: This article has been purposely added here to educate those ignorant who "thinks" that the method of animal slaughter in Islam is cruel. Thus, looking for a way to stop making halal meat available in the open market. What these "wise ass idiots" do not understand is, halal meat is fresh, without any preservatives, compared to that are available in the big and named grocery stores. Halal meat are for those who are required to maintain their dietary habits as per their religious laws. And these people are NOT forcing anyone to transform everything into "halal". Those who do not like halal food, they can continue to eat all the junk and rubbish as usual. But they have no right to interfere in the process and practice that has already been established just because of their baseless thoughts. In reality, the method of Islamic animal slaughter (i.e., Zabiha) is quick and pain free as the article above explains.


30. A Short Biography of Zayd-ibn-Thabit
Preface: Zayd-ibn-Thabit was one of the early Muslim scholars who worked closely with Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) helping to write the Qur'an. Later, he was given the responsibility to recompile the Qur'an into one single manuscript.


31. Traces of Mother Hawa (Eve)
Preface: Our forefathers were giants. Traces of their long tombs are found in many different places in the middle east. (January 2009)


32. Those Who Deny the Truth.
Preface: The Qur'anic chapter called Kafirun, which means "Those who deny the truth" is a small but a meaningful one. Here I tried to explain my personal understanding.


33. Kaaba: The House Without Any Windows.
Preface: My personal hajj experience in January, 2005. (Written in October, 2005. Updated in November, 2005)

34. 911 - The plotters and their plots
Preface: A grand secret plot was enacted on 9-11-2001 by destruction of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City in the USA that has changed the world we used to know. What will be the outcome of the monstrous plot? (March 2010).

35. The Five Questions of Angel Gabriel
Preface: The story
makes it clear that the angel came to ensure that we understood the meaning of the ‘five pillars of Islam’ through the five verification questions. No explanation is also required as the story is straight forward and the predictions have already been fulfilled. This particular story teaches us complete Islam in just one A4 sized page! And that’s all it takes to be a Muslim really. (March 2010).

36. Female Leadership in Islam
Preface: There appears to be an ongoing debate on this topic that is conveniently brought up by some so called scholars and experts who try to misinterpret the references from Islamic history, the Qur'an and the Hadith. I found this particular article quiet sound in their arguments establishing their logic with proper references and explanations. At the end of the paper I have also added another link on the same topic as that article too is nicely written and carries some more arguments and explanations. Please read both to acquire the needed knowledge to defend Islam if you ever find yourself in the midst of such a debate or discussion. (April 2010).

37. Inheritance law in Islam and women
Preface: There are a lot of misconception and misunderstanding on this subject among the Muslims. Kaniz Fatema has done a wonderful job in explaining the matter with examples thus making if easy to understand the associated matters. (April 2010).

38. Hijab, Nikab and Modesty of Women in Islam
Preface: Imposition of dress code is not possible in a secular system. It maybe possible in a Islamic State environment where majority of the citizens are Islamically motivated and there is a willingness to adopt Islamic principles and practices. However, if we apply the ‘freedom of religion’ concept as mentioned above, then the Western world should not ban the veil as they are doing today. (May 2010).

39. Greed and its consequences
Preface: Upon our death, all the wealth and fortune are left behind immediately that come to no avail to us anymore. The friends and family come to the grave yard to burry us in a grave and then leaves. What basically remains with us after death are the good deeds and rewards for the charities given. But alas! The amount is too small to count on as we never really bothered about it when we were alive. (May 2010).

40. The horrors of hypocrisy
Preface: Allah has warned the hypocrites over and over again about severe punishments that will befall them. A chapter (# 63) called “THE HYPOCRITES” exist in the Holy Qur’an where Allah Himself has revealed the nature of the hypocrites. (May 2010).

41. The freedom called 'Death'
Preface: When death befalls on us we get frightened because we are not confident enough if we are to see mercy or anger of Allah after death. It is basically a fear of unknown that works in us when we think of death. (June 2010).

42. Satan and his attempts to extinguish Islam
Preface: Islam is the last and final religion for mankind selected and completed by the Creator and Lord of the universe. Not mankind, but the Satan (Iblis) is the main opponent of Islam as this religion reminds mankind who they are and what is expected of them. Satan does not want mankind to accept Islam as their religion as a result he seeks to misguide people by attracting toward worldly matters drifting from the focus on the after life.. (June 2010).

43. Islam – The final religion for mankind
Preface: The final version of the religion Islam was revealed and completed in Arabia through Prophet Muhammad (S). Islam is a religion that developed throughout the ages and through many different prophets. Initially, all the past versions of Islam were regional in nature minding a part of mankind usually relating to the people who the prophet was representing. But later, the religion was re-compiled as a complete code of law for all of mankind encompassing the globe. (June 2010).

44. Politics, Secularism and Islam
Preface: Some say, “Islam is a political religion”. But the truth is, there is no room for politics in Islam. Politics is possible in a secular system where human minds run the affairs of a state with his or her best judgment. But in Islam, all state affairs are already outlined in the Qur’an and Sunnah, one just has to oversee that the matters are handled accordingly. There is seldom any chance for any human interference in any national decision. Even if there is any, it must comply with the constitution and by-laws of Islam, namely the Qur’an and Sunnah respectively. (June 2010).

45. Doubts on Shab-e-Barat: Refuting the concept
Preface: There is no such thing as Shab-e-Barat as we like to perceive and follow it. Evidences suggest that our Prophet (S) used to begin preparation for Ramadan from the middle of Shaban, but that does not imply any significance for the night before or after being special. There is no evidence in the Qur'an and Sunnah to support the claim that our luck and fate is re-written on the night of 14th Shaban. Rather, we find claims that Allah wrote our complete luck and fate before our birth and that does not change. He does not need to decide on a matter every year. (June 2010).

46. Zakat- Purification of wealth in Islam
Preface: Zakat can also be termed as the ‘wealth tax’ payable to Allah in His cause. It is similar to ‘income tax’ we pay to our governments. But there is a big difference in practice. Zakat is payable over a nisab amount at a fixed rate of 2.5% – that equals to one fortieth (or a quarter of a tenth) of the amount (i.e., 100/40 = 10/4 = 2.5%). In case of government taxes, we normally pay approximately 10% of our income and then again 15% on our expenditures in VAT on the same amount of money that has already been taxed once, which equates to a total of 25% in taxes! (August 2010).

47. Salat: The obligatory prayers in Islam
Preface: Salat is one of the five pillars of Islam. It means ‘worship by bowing and prostration submitting completely to Almighty Allah’. A Muslim submits to Allah by this physical and an open act. There are five obligatory prayers per day. It was originally fifty! (August 2010).

48. Arabic - the language of Islam
Preface: The Qur’an is in Arabic, the hadiths or sayings of the Prophet (S) are all recorded in Arabic, our Prophet (S) and his followers spoke Arabic; therefore, the language of Islam is Arabic. Then how come we are Muslims without Arabic? This question always haunts me. Without Arabic, we are incomplete Muslims. (August 2010).

49. The Lunar Lunacy
Preface: Every year we face a problem in determining the beginning of Ramadan and Eid days as the decision is subject to visibility of the new moon. Our Moon Sighting Committee could work together with our Astronomical Societies and Associations to come up with a feasible plan to get rid of the dilemma that we face every year. (September 2010).

50. 20 questions asked by non-Muslims about Islam
Preface: Dr. Zakir Naik of Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) in Mumbai, India ( ) has done a nice job by compiling a paper answering the most common questions about Islam by the non-Muslims. The paper is now available in a printed book format translated by Mustafa Oahidduzzaman into Bangla published by Nakib Publications in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I knew I would find the paper online somewhere, but none of them are complete. Luckily I found the doc format of the paper at Rapid Share that I converted into html to create this web page to make it a one page document for one stretch reading. An e-book in pdf with more answered questions is here. (October 2010).

51. Allowing 100% tax deductions for zakat
Preface: Our government does allow provision to deduct zakat and donations partially (i.e., 10% of the total amount spent). But I think in order to encourage people and in distributing their 2% of total wealth as zakat annually to the poor and to reduce the burden of individual tax (i.e., income tax plus zakat), the government should allow 100% tax deductions provided the distribution is acknowledged and verified by the National Board of Revenue (NBR) in cooperation with the National Zakat Board (if it still exist and operational) confirming the amount spent; so that the tax payer could add that document with their tax returns claiming credit or deductions. (October 2010).

52. Getting closer to Allah following the prayers of the Prophet (S)
Preface: Most of us in Bangladesh learn about Islam and its practices either from the books written by third parties, or from our masjid imams or from our family members who appears to be in practice of Islam. Seldom have we referred to the primary sources (meaning the original Arabic libraries) as we do not know Arabic, or even the second sources (meaning the direct translations form Arabic to Bangla or English). As a result we do not get to know the real teachings of Islam as per the Qur’an and Sunnah of our Prophet (S). (November 2010).

53. Difference between a believer and a disbeliever
Preface: The points mentioned in the table based article are based on the condition that the Muslims are living in an Islamic environment with freedom to practice Islam as per Shariah. Muslims living in a secular society may not realize or witness all the benefits and features of Islam mentioned. Similarly, the points on the disbeliever part are based on common observation of the Western societies as well as some non-Western non-Muslim societies. (December 2010).

54. Imagining our life in an Islamic State
Preface: Muslims today are divided into many different boundaries, nationalities, cultures, languages, environment, economies and political systems. Then how can we unify without a major global revolution? Who would lead the Muslims to such a magnitude? Why would the Muslims around the world support and join that leader even if we find one such person? Will he be an Arab or non Arab? Why would he be an Arab when majority of the Muslims (out of total Muslim population only 20% are Arabs) today are non Arabs? What would be the criteria for such a leader? How would we recognize him if an when a person claims to be a caliph? (January 2011).

55. Prayer according to our Prophet (S)
Preface: In this article I have identified and separated some hadiths that directly relates to prayers (salah or salat) in order to point out the mistakes we have in our practices among the Muslims living in the Indian sub-continent. We should make an effort to correct our errors so that our prayers get accepted and heard in the Kingdom of Allah. Otherwise all our prayer effort would go in vain. (January 2011).

56. Warnings and punishments for crimes and sins in Islam
Preface: There are many do’s and don’ts in Islam. Some are stricter than the others. On this table based article I have tried to show the comparison between the punishments of some sin and crimes in an Islamic society and a secular society. The Islamic references are taken directly from Qur’an and Hadith translations to convince the Muslims as many of them are not even aware of the punishments prescribed in Islam. (March 2011).

57. Tampering with Mother Nature
Preface: Planet Earth – which we lovingly refer to as “Mother Earth” is now facing extinction thus jeopardizing every form of living being, including humans. It is sad to note that the human species is ruining the only habitable planet on the solar system. (April 2011).

58. The basic differences between Islamic and non-Islamic state
Preface: It is becoming apparent day by day that our religious caretakers (i.e, imams and ulemas) and Muslim scholars got it all wrong about Islam. Partly due to their ignorance and partly due to their environmental situation they grew up in, they failed to understand and relay the true messages of Islam to the commoners. As a result, Islam today has become a ‘personalized religion’ rather than a global one, thus gradually losing the grip of the Islamic empire that once stood strongly upholding justice for all mankind. (April 2011).

59. Qur’an exposes the Secret Societies
Preface: The Qur’an tells us that Satan is our avowed enemy (عَدُوٌّ مُّبِينٌ). For centuries he has deceived man into false worship and deviant ways of life. As the society has matured in intellect, Satan too has changed his tact, and has sought human allegiance intellectually. He has formed various groups who serve his cause with dedication, knowingly and willfully. The foremost aim of these groups is to prepare the ground for the arrival of Dajjal, the greatest evil man is yet to face. (April 2011).

60. A quick Islamic lesson for the hypocritical secularist bigots
Preface: As far as my understanding goes, I see a plot of secular men to enslave secular women in the name of “freedom and empowerment”. Because I see no reason why would a woman in her right mind would prefer secular system over Islam. (April 2011).

61. Not “Women” but a “Men Policy” is needed for Bangladesh
Preface: Solutions to most of our social ills lie in implementation of Islamic principles, not destroying them. In order to solve the problem of our women in Bangladesh, we need to enforce a “Men Policy” and not a “Women Policy” as our secular citizens are suggesting. If the government and its people continue to lick secular boots abandoning Islam, soon Allah will also abandon this nation. Bangladesh cannot withstand another secular suffering like 1971. (May 2011).

62. State of Islam in Bangladesh
Preface: The situation proves that the myth of Bangladesh being a Muslim majority country is untrue; in fact it is a Muslim minority nation. If only 10% of Bangladeshis follow the real Islam then only 10% are real Muslims and the rest of us are hypocrites or disbelievers (kafirs) destined to go to hell, isn’t it? Can we call ourselves Muslims by grossly violating Islam? (May 2011).

63. The risk of belonging to a political party
Preface: The leaders of the world should take this as warning that Allah will one day call them out asking them about how they lead their people. Therefore, those who actively seek and take up leadership roles through polls and elections are not aware what they are getting into. They need to understand that “with power comes a great responsibility”. Allah will hold them responsible for all their actions and decisions. (June 2011).

64. Islamizing Bangladesh – Linking the thoughts
Preface: The secularists need to go back to the history books to find out how and why Bangladesh was created. Bangladesh was a part of Pakistan that was created for the Muslims majority with the intention to rule the nations by Islamic jurisprudence separating them from the British ruled Hindu dominant secular system. Later, Bangladesh was created on the ground of economical autonomy and not on secular ground; resulting in formation of another Muslim majority country with the same intention – a nation to be ruled by Islamic shariah (meaning divine Islamic laws), which is yet to happen. Secularists have now come up with a false claim that Bangladesh was always a secular nation since its inception. It was not, and still it is not, and should not be. (July 2011).

65. Ending the debate of Taraweeh (or Tarawih) being a bidat
Preface: Taraweeh prayer got started accidentally when our Prophet (s) offered the Tahajjud prayer publicly. Then he stopped it fearing that the prayer may become obligatory on the ummah. (August 2011).

66. Prohibition of some acts in Islam
Preface: Increasing sight of tattooing of men, women and children in Bangladesh on different festivals and occasion prompted me to look into the matter from an Islamic perspective. (September 2011).

67. The risks of being a secular Muslim
Preface: Secular Muslims are those who believe in Islam but do not practice the religion; and this is the bottom line definition. Islam teaches full obedience to Allah by following His rule and orders while secularism teaches rule by manmade laws ignoring the divine laws. Therefore, secularism is opposite to Islam. Following a secular lifestyle would mean going against Islam. There are some other terms used to indicate secularism of Muslims like “Liberal Muslim”, “Moderate Muslims”, etc which basically means the same. (September 2011).

68. Position of gifts & bribes in Islam
Preface: A Muslim is not permitted to accept a gift if it is attached with some expectations or return of some favors, nor can they demand any (like bokh’shish or cha-nash’tar taka). In that case, it would no longer be a ‘gift’ rather it would be a ‘bribe’ which is prohibited in Islam. Is there really any difference between begging and seeking gifts / bokh’shish and bribes? Comparatively, begging is better as one have a choice to give or not to give; but bribe seeker leaves the victim with no choice! (September 2011).

69. Freedom vs. Control
Preface: Sometimes I wonder what do people really want? Freedom or control? The secular Western models or societies today are against all the attractive slogans and notions it once stood for – Freedom of Religion; Freedom of Speech; Economic freedom to choose residency through migration; Human Rights; Justice through Democracy; etc. They have made a total U turn on their own ideologies and philosophies betraying the world clamping down on freedom loving people in the name of New World Order with the vision to control the world under a single government with a single currency. Their ‘boom and bust’ model is now well known to the intellectual community around the world today naively accepting it as if there is no other way. But there is an alternative to this model that the Western intelligentsia constantly refuses to look at, and it is Islam. (October 2011).

70. বাংলাদেশের হ য ব র ল মুসলিম সমাজ
Preface: বাংলাদেশ মূলত একটি মুসলিম অধ্যুষিত দেশ হলেও এদেশের মুসলমানরা ইসলাম সম্পর্কে অজ্ঞ। কয়েক বংশধর ইসলাম বিমুখ থাকাতে এ পরিণতি হয়েছে যে কারণে  আগে থেকেই ইসলামের পূর্ণ চর্চা এ দেশ থেকে উঠে গিয়েছে। ইসলামের নামে নামকাওআস্থে কিছু চর্চা চলছে কিছু কিছু লোকের মধ্যে যার পুনঃপরযালোচনার প্রয়োজন রয়েছে। এই প্রবন্ধে তার চেষ্টা হয়েছে। (নভেম্বর ২০১১).

71. Comparative State Systems
Preface: It is a typical habit of the Western mind to blend Islam with rest of the religions as if they are all the same. Therefore, I could not help but refute the message by making some corrections. (December 2011).

72. Straight forward approach to religion
Preface: In my study of comparative religion I therefore drew my conclusion that all religions have come from the same God whose name is Allah. All His messages were revealed through His nominated or appointed prophets for different people at different location or region of their time and place which is essentially the same, but people gradually moved away from the true messages and practices and lost their true identity as a common bond of mankind. Unlike any other religion, Islam is a complete way of life. And this fact alone makes Islam distinctly separate from other religions. Therefore, those who say that all religions are the same are dead wrong. From concept of god to rituals and governance philosophy, nothing is similar to Islam when it comes to comparative religion. In all respect Islam is unique. (January 2012).

73. A brief biography of Abdullah Yusuf Ali
Preface: Abdullah Yusuf Ali was born in India in 1872. The colorful academic life of this rare genius started at Wilson College, Mumbai. From there he went to Cambridge University where he got the degrees of Master of Arts and Master of Law. Then he got his Barrister-at-Law degree from Lincoln’s Inn, London. He learnt the Arabic language from his father and with singular attention devoted all his life to the study of the commentary of the Holy Qur’an written by the renowned commentators of both past and present. (February 2012).

74. Identifying a Muslim
Preface: I got motivated to write this paper due to the present world wide hype and rumors on ‘Obama being a Muslim’, ‘Prayer room open to Muslims at the Pentagon’, ‘A masjid to be build at ground zero’, ‘Muslim prayer led by female imam in NY’, etc. So you see, Islam is now in a hot bed, especially in the USA. (August 2010).

75. Settling the debate on Mother Aisha (ra)’s age of marriage
Preface: The modern day disbelievers are bringing in an accusation against the Prophet (s) calling him a pedophile or lustful or whatever. The bottom line is, they are trying to create a fitnah and confusion in the mind of the believers by making this a big issue. Where as, in Islam, and in many civilized society, consideration of marriage comes when one reaches “puberty”. (March 2012).

76. Sura Ibrahim: The Foundation of Faith Explained
Preface: All the translators and interpreters of the Holy Qur’an missed to notice that the words “كلمة طيبة “ (Kalemat Taiyebat) are actually referring to the same Kalema Taiyeba which is the foundation or the declaration of faith in Islam. Unnoticeably, all the named and famed scholars translated these words as goodly word, pure word, পবিত্র বাক্য, etc thus overlooking the fact that this ayat or verse is actually talking about the first condition of becoming a Muslim. In Arabic “كلمة” means “word”; and “طيبة” means “good”. Therefore, when they translated the words they just simply translated these words as well over looking the fact that these two words in particular were not to be translated without making it clear that this is referring to same kalema we recite to become a Muslim. As a result, when they did their tafsir or interpretations they missed it as well. But not Moulana Rahim! (March 2012).

77. Trouble with translations
Preface: We must be in error in our faith and practices that need to be corrected while we have the chance. I now have a lot reasons to believe that the actual number of believers (Muslims) is probably very small. Our only hope is Allah. If He forgives then maybe we will enter His bliss. Is that why He is holding 99% of His blessings for the Day of Judgment? (April 2012).

78. আল্লাহ্‌র অস্তিত্বঃ একটি বৈজ্ঞানিক বিশ্লেষণ
Preface: এই লেখার মূল রচনাকাল ১৯৮৫ সাল; এখন ২০১২ সাল চলছে। কিছপুরনকাগজ-পত্রের মধ্য থেকবেরিয়এল ২৭ বছর আগের এই লেখাটি। ভাবলাম, লেখাটকম্পিউটারতুলফেলি। লেখাটি যেমন ছিল তেমনি রেখদিলামএর প্রায় ১০ বছর পর ১৯৯৫ সালআমি নিউ ইয়র্কবসFaith, Logic and the Truth লেখাটি লিখেছিলাম এরই বিষয় বস্তথেকে, যা আমি আজও অনুসন্ধান করচলেছি। (April 2012).

79. কুর'আনের সহজ সরল বাংলা অনুবাদ
Preface: মরহুম মউলানা মুহাম্মাদ আব্দুর রাহিম এর কুর'আনের বাংলা অনুবাদের পর হাফেজ মুনির উদ্দীন আহমদ এর কুর'আনের সহজ সরল বাংলা অনুবাদ উল্লেখযোগ্য। বাজারে অনেক অনুবাদই আছে কিন্তু সব অনুবাদ নির্ভুল এবং মানসম্মত নয়। এটি ভাল অনুবাদের একটি। (May 2012).

80. Satan is laughing
Preface: Satan has fooled majority of the world human population in making them submit to him either directly or indirectly. By setting up man made secular governments Satan have replaced the authority of One true God (i.e., Caliphate) by empowering disbelieving human beings who does not believe in existence of God and obeys Satan by establishing so called democratic systems that hinders people from worshiping Allah. Even the Muslim majority nations have done the same following the model of the disbelieving world denouncing Islam and its governance systems; thus falling out of grace of Allah. (June 2012).

81. Prophet (s)’s prayer as recorded in Sunnah (Ahadiths) in English and in Bangla
Preface: Noticing a demand and requirement for explaining Prophet (s)'s method of prayer with illustrations and authentic references, I have compiled this short e-book for quick reference. Hope one would find it useful. (October 2012).

82. From Secularism to Islam
Preface: The discoveries I have made from my reading opened my eyes and made me to understand what it says and what we actually do and believe. There is a huge contrast between the true Islam and the Islam we understand and practice today. So, allow me to shed some light briefly in your dark ignorant world of faith to shake you a little in the comfort zone you are currently living in. Trust me; you need this for your own good. (January 2013).

Note: None of the articles (that are written by me) are copyrighted. You are free to copy and distribute them without any alteration and manipulation.

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